Why Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

Why Honesty Is Still The Best PolicyIs honesty really the best policy or it’s just a saying. I still strongly believe in this saying after trying to follow this saying with some initial confusion and doubts, I realized that it is not foolish but it’s a clever decision to follow this policy of Honesty wholeheartedly after understanding its basics, as it will save both time and money in the long run.

In modern world a number of things which are supposed to be well understood are actually misunderstood and truth or honesty is one such thing.

Today we use alternate ways and tricks to actually try to be what we really are i.e., honestly like in marketing on one hand marketers try to create a product which is in high demand and on the other hand they try to find people who actually require this product.

Role of Honesty in Marketing

A successful marketer actually knows the art of honestly revealing what its product or services stands for and who can benefit from them and how.

When a marketer targets the right group of people with right type of products and is able to state this, he immediately succeeds with his/her efforts while others who think that marketing is about selling without actually revealing the real facts to everyone (or else they are not likely to purchase) actually fail in there marketing efforts time and again until they get older and have enough experience to state things the way they are without actually referring to the word “honesty”.

So, all in all marketing is about honesty, providing the exact glimpse of the products or the services that they actually provide and that are actually required somewhere in the market and no other product or service is actually either providing these or is really capable of providing or may be the competitors products or services are really worthy of praise but there marketing strategy or team isn’t actually able to reflect its honest image in the marketing segment.

Anything which reflects a distorted image in market either by choice or mistake is likely to fail sooner or later.

Maybe today we teach and learn a number of complex marketing strategies and keeping aside simple things that are natural, make higher impact and are simply easy to understand, resulting in nothing new or even better.

Marketing is nothing but trying to abide with honesty and anything which is able to do this efficiently comes close to nature or super as a super-brand.

Role of Honesty in Our Personal Life

In our personal life we often reach this conclusion after experimenting with various policies and later coming back to conclude this.

For example, current debate on organic and inorganic foods can also be linked to this, as organic means natural which is also the truth or reality while inorganic means unnatural or man-made or artificial and is therefore not able to stand for a long period of time.

In our personal relations whether they are personal or professional we actually feel more secure, relaxed and calm when we share the relations with a greater degree of honesty.

to be updated so as to reflect real picture of honesty today ….

Realize God’s Essence in Complete Stillness

:Shree Hari:

Maagh Shukla Chaturdashi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Guruvar
1st February, 2007, Thursday

Ram Ram

Gist: God pervades everywhere, therefore wherever your mind is, become still right there. Wherever you are, there God is entirely there with you. Do not establish a relation with the thoughts that arise. You (Self) are different from your thoughts, therefore remain indifferent to these thoughts. Understand that inspite of doing all the work, there is nothing that you are doing. God IS. Realize this and experience eternal peace.

Wherever your mind is, become still right there

Aatmasamstham manah krtvaa, na kincidapi chintayet” (Gita 6:25) God pervades everywhere; He is present everywhere, therefore wherever your mind is, become still right there. By becoming still, you will become established in God. By thinking, you are in the world. But by not thinking about anything, you are naturally in God. Do not to think of anything at all, and where there are no thoughts, there God IS. Become still right there, because on becoming still, you will realize Him. Do not think even of God, as He is everywhere. If some other thoughts come to mind, do not be concerned about it. Let them be. Just like when you walk on a street, many things come your way, but it is of no concern to you. Similarly, do not let those thoughts concern you. By not thinking of anything, you will naturally be established in God.

God is everywhere, so wherever your mind becomes still, there God is hundred percent, completely. Do not think or do not worry about why you have these thoughts. Remain indifferent (udaasin). If the thoughts come on their own, do not be concerned. Whether these thoughts come, or they do not come, simply do not establish a relationship with them. Be silent, be peaceful. It is only through thoughts and thinking that one becomes aware of this world. If you do not do any thinking of anything, you will not be in this world. i.e. by not thinking, you will stay established in God.

You (Self) are different from your thoughts. Just like when you are thinking of a dog, what difference does it make to you? Do not think of it as good or bad. Do not concern yourself with why you are thinking about this? This is a great practice. Break the relationship with your thoughts, because by relating with the thoughts, we become established in the world. God is present everywhere. He is all pervading, and not even an eye of a needle is without His presence. If thoughts do arise, then too it is OK, as we have nothing at all to do with these thoughts. This is a very great spiritual practice and if you understand this, then you will understand that inspite of doing all the work, there is nothing that you are doing. “Ahankar vimudhaatma, karataa ni karomiti …” God is present everywhere. Rise above and become indifferent.

Don’t think of anything. Be aware of this at all times that I do not do anything. Realize that while doing all work, that all is happening in nature, let us simply not get caught up or pay attention to it. Just like in this world, there are many things that are going on, but we have no relation with anything that is happening. Chanting of God’s name, meditation, killing, riots, someone is getting married, someone is giving birth, someone is dying, someone is fighting, some one is loving, some are happy, some are is singing and dancing, but what have we to do with all this? I (Self) does nothing. We have nothing to do with all this. Wherever you are, there God is entirely there with you. God IS. Realize “I am doing nothing”, “nai kinchit karomi ti.” We have no relation with any work that is taking place. What is it to do with us? What have we to do with all of this. “Payo param vishraam” “Attain eternal peace” Just like after working an entire day, we become tired and go
to sleep, similarly become still, rest ! Vishraam! God’s essence is realized in complete stillness.

From discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi on May 22nd, 2004 at 5:00 am.

Ram Ram

5 Facts that Help Us in Overcoming Difficult Times of Our Life

Simple Ways to Overcome Difficult Times in Our Life

Facing difficulties in life is very common, they are simply a part of everyday life but sometimes we are unable to bear there load, there are moments when we are mentally too weak to deal with them. In such difficult circumstances, which are not so common, where there seems to be no solution, we can take a look at simple philosophies of life, fundamental principles that make life of this planet possible, which can help us in overcoming such difficult times of life.

These simple tips will not change anything except the perception of person who is finding it difficult or may be impossible situation. A person who is able to see things in positive light, will definitely be able to change something, will get enough energy to overcome from mental anguish and pain which will give enough energy to feel a bit relaxed, find a clue to overcome these difficulties of life.

1.If there is no solution, there must be some reason behind it :

At such times when we make all possible efforts, yet nothing seems to work, we can think about this. We can call it a destiny (those who get easily perturbed or may have developed a negative thinking in such circumstances) or we can also think of it as a signal for change.

We may have seen news from stock and forex markets, when there is a rise i.e., an uptrend they start worrying about a fall and when there is a fall i.e., a downtrend, they look for signals of reversal or uptrend. Every investor in a stock market knows that a great uptrend is only possible after a great downtrend and when there is an uptrend, there is immense possibility of a downtrend. There cannot be any up if there are no downs.

2. Circumstances Change Continuously :

May be today we are in extreme pain and anguish but we can look back at our own life, is it for the first time that we are facing this. Did we have had enjoyed some good time after and before that bad time. Circumstances keep changing, things keep moving just like day and night. Life is full of shades, things move in a cycle again and again. Only way to succeed in life is to keep calm during difficult times, keeping our emotions under control so that we don’t have to face more difficulties, we do not make the situation even worse. Those who do not understand this develop symptoms of depression and if they still don’t try to understand this universal fact they are likely to seek counselings.

3. Something Exists Over & Above Everything :

Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are without worrying about them. There is something that exists over and above everything, we can call it anything nature, god, higher level energy etc. etc. No one can deny existence of some other power, which is often realized to be playing its role.

When we cannot do anything, we get exhausted with our attempts, we can leave it for some time on that external force to see what it’s trying to do.

It doesn’t mean that we should frequently leave our work after few attempts, we must try our best to make things work. Only when we get mentally frustrated, over stressed, feel extreme anguish and pain we should try this trick in order to avoid any worse circumstance, resulting from these mental problems.

There is a theory of “Karma Yoga”, which teaches us to do our best, without actually worrying about the results i.e. work without getting attached to fruit of actions. If we can practice this in everyday life, we can easily enjoy life, its inlying happiness as we’ll enjoy our work, our duties.

4. We too Have the Responsibility :

Things do not take place on its own, we actually initiate an action. Whatever happens, happens only when it was not well attended, may be the present circumstances have to do something with it. If we can realize this even now, we can still look ahead at future with new hope based on our own determination to prove ourself. When it is a matter of finance, career and stresses resulting from them, then we may have taken some wrong decision, misunderstood some situation, tried a wrong approach and if we can realize our mistake, we can easily overcome mental anguish, pain and stress. Nothing is wrong in admitting a mistake then bearing its pain as admission will help us to work wholeheartedly in future. It will help us to collect and use all our energy with determination to get things right in future.

5. Nothing Is Impossible :

What is possible and what is impossible is based on our own views in life, our personal philosophy of life, our personal belief system and attitude towards life. Have you read Reply’s Book “Believe It or Not” which contain unbelievable, amazing incidents that took place and fact that exist on this planet.

We actually draw a circle around our own life and think that anything that lies or exists within this circle is possible for us while things that seems to be outside this circle are thought to be something impossible to achieve. Parameter of our circle keeps changing with our experience, education and development of thoughts. Good times increase this parameter while bad times decrease this considerably.

Even the word Impossible contains I’m Possible which says what it means and can be used to overcome problems and difficulties of life using a positive attitude and right thinking.

Happiness Is Integral Part of Life, Don't Ignore Happiness