Posted on July 15, 2006
A GAME OF PLEASURE OR PAIN - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Life is definitely a game of pleasure for some and a game of pain for others.Usually people who expect more and get in details of everything are people who are often inflicted with pain. There some situations and circumstances, which can never bring pleasure to anyone, while other common situations and circumstances that we come across in everyday life can, bring joy to some and distress to others.

Approaching Life

I tried to observe some people in real life with different views on life, my first category was of the people who enjoyed life, they were happy and cheerful most of the time while second category of people were usually grim and were sad and pale most of the time. This second category usually considered themselves to be unfortunate, not that lucky and always at the receiving end for what they feel may be an outcome of there deeds in this life or previous one.

The 1st category or happy category never had a second view of anything they were simply enjoying everything they had and weren’t much worried about what others have or are getting. They never considered something like good luck or bad luck, they didn’t had time (or we can even call mind) to think on such matters. If they wished something they made all possible efforts without any embarrassment and usually ended up in fulfilling their wish.

One fact, which was really surprising, was that same circumstances and results were interpreted differently by both of these people for example when there child passed an exam the 2ndst category enjoyed the moment along with the child, after all he/she is the one who passed and turned the incident into celebration, they never cared about the scores, all that they knew was there child has been promoted to next class. The impact of such reaction (good or bad) was evident in the whole family.

Simple Concept of Life

All this seems to fit a mathematical concept where

Infinity+Anything =Infinity


We can replace “infinity” with the ‘nature of the person’ from any of the above categories and “anything” with any circumstance or situation or result, that exist for that person.

This means there is something in our personality which determines our actions as our actions are guided by our thoughts so are the result. Our personality acts as a calibration tool in our thinking which is adjusted towards our expectations. That is why positive thinking and personality development our important parts of psychology and makes a big difference in the life of a person.

A few of us do have this ability since birth which we may not be aware of but is integral to our personality and behavior. Most of us tend to change these categories frequently sometimes we belong to 1st category and sometimes to 2nd depending on our mood. This is something known as morale.

I hope you enjoyed reading life a game of pleasure or pain.