Philosophy of Happiness in Life was originally hosted at Google’s blogspot site for more then 6 years now (it is still there at http://philosophyinlife.blogspot.com/. I wanted more freedom of expression, more ways to express myself and therefore I required an independent platform. I hope it will do good with WordPress and its powerful community.

This independence isn’t actually free from risks, there are a number of security threats and technical problems which can not only make this blog inaccessible but can also result in loss of data and all those posts. Anyway I hope it will help to spread the real philosophy behind all philosophies. Life can have a number of meanings but we should not forget that life means live, a pleasing experience, something which is still visible in nature, in plants, animals.

Rest of the About pages is a copy of the previous version that existed on blogspot blog.

This blog and its posts are quiet close to my heart. I am not a philosopher by profession or have had any formal education in philosophy. These are my personal thoughts and views on life which have evolved over time.

All the posts in this blog are actually a result of an effort to copy thoughts that erupt and then die out in moments. It isn’t always possible to give exact and right meaning in words to all those thoughts and there conclusion. Sometimes they even start distracting from the reality, sometimes they aren’t able to give a clear picture they only provide a frame without any picture.

What is the Real Philosophy here

  1. Life is about loving and living, everything in nature loves and enjoys this natural life-cycle, but we have somewhere lost the way, we are using technology which works at a speed which is much more faster then the natural speed of life, in order to keep pace with this speed we are losing our peace of mind, our relations, health everything, yet we are hardly able to keep the pace for a longer duration of time.
  2. Money is somewhere related deeply in our lives today, it also tries its best to show its importance to us from time to time and in one way or another.
    Today our self respect, worth can also be measured in terms of our financial worth and how much we are earning, it also represents our ego. Doing useless things and wasting time are also a part of our lifestyle today, as many such useless activities, jobs and occupations threatening survival of not only life but also existence of this planet in present form, yet we are doing them as they are either good money making opportunities or we don’t have any choice as we have moved far off from the point where we have had an option, a choice. Today as a result of this new belief system, we are engaged in creating problems and finding solutions (and someone of us works at one of these ends to make money and enjoy life). Importance of money has increased tremendously to such an extent that it seems to be omnipotent now.
  3. Usually ( a large number of visitors) that reach this blog are actually looking for something else, they do not find the contents as per there expectation here, as they are looking for an immediate solution for there current problem (like text for school or college, material for thesis etc. etc.) and this blog is actually about something that goes far beyond that, something called eternity, eternal, manifestation, occult, meta physics, thought power.
  4. If we can realize some of these things taking some time off the real life, we’ll discover that we do not actually have that much problems, most of them exist/are visible because of our ignorance, misunderstanding, lack of communication, We must therefore look at the reality, work for things that are meant to make life beautiful for everyone of us, without wasting our time and energy in activities which naturally work against the nature.

This blog actually depicts a positive thinking, a positive approach to life. Currently it doesn’t have much posts, as time and condition has always been a obstacle but once the posts reach a considerable number, covering every aspect of life (or every aspect of philosophy of happiness), they will be able to draw a clear picture of the philosophy that this blog is talking about.

In brief this blog is about happiness, peaceful life, helping nature to help us, enjoying life in every circumstance, understanding problems and how they play a positive role in our life, right of every individual to survive, global and universal society and much much more.

Posts on this blog are not regular but they do appear from time to time, this blog is a journey of my soul, it gives me great satisfaction and I hope to draw eternal bliss from it in future.

Be Happy and Enjoy life,

(after all its the only purpose of our being here)

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