Attaining Essential Spiritual Knowledge

Posted on November 22, 2007
Attaining Essential Spiritual Knowledge - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Ashwin Shukla Trayodashi , Vikram Samvat 2064, Guruvar

Attaining essential spiritual knowledge is a set of questions and answers based on “Gita Madhurya” published by Gita Press in Hindi.

Question & Answers on Attaining Spiritual Knowledge

Of all the sacrifices, which sacrifice is superior, O Lord?

Sacrifice of knowledge, is superior to the sacrifice born of actions; because all actions and objects end in the sacrifice of knowledge. (Gita 4:33)

How to attain this knowledge?

Attain this knowledge by prostrating yourself at the feet of great Souls (seers of truth), by rendering service to them and with reverence and eagerness inquire and question about the essence of Truth. Then those wise seers will unfold that knowledge to you. (Gita 4:34)

What will be the result of that knowledge?

On acquiring that knowledge, you will no more be subjected to delusion and by this knowledge you will see all beings first in your own self and then in Me, i.e. you will perceive That Supreme Essence, That Supreme Reality only everywhere (Gita 4:35)

Is there any other significance or glory of this knowledge?

Yes, even if you are the most sinful orf all sinners, you will undoubtedly cross over all sins by the raft of knowledge (Gita 4:36)

When one crosses the ocean on a raft, the ocean still remains, similarly, when when swimming across the sins, the sins must surely be remaining?

No, Arjuna, as the blazing fire reduces the wood to ashes, so does the fire of knowledge reduce all actions to ashes. Therefore there is no purifier like knowledge. He who attains that knowledge through the Yoga of Action, by himself realizes this knowledge in himself on his own. (Gita 4:37-38)

The above post is from “Gita Madhurya” in Hindi pg 49 and English pg 56 by Swami Ramsukhdasji, which was published in Sadhaka, a Yahoo Group for spiritual progress.