How to Avoid Unnecessary Thoughts

Posted on October 5, 2006
How to Avoid Unnecessary Thoughts - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

:Shree Hari:

Ashwin Shukla Trayodashi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Guruwar

Unnecessary Thoughts – How can they be Avoided?

Now let us think over the causes of useless thoughts and how to rectify this. When –

1. Important and Essential work does not get done

A spiritual aspirant should do the things that are important and essential to get done, that he is capable of doing, that are important and essential to get done in the present (now).

2. Non-essential and not important work gets gone

That work which should not be done, which cannot be done by you, and which has no connection with the present is considered non-essential work. A spiritual aspirant should not do such work.

3. A Sense of Mine prevails

That thing or person in which there is a sense of mine, which he regards as his and for him, it’s thoughts come to mind. A spiritual aspirant should think over, how can that which is acquired and lost, be his?

4. There is Desires

Whatever desires a spiritual aspirant has, it’s thoughts naturally prevail. He must therefore think that it is not just by desiring a thing that it is attained. Attainment of a thing depends on fate rather than desire. Whatever is acquired does not necessarily stay. Union changes to separation. A man is never satisfied with the thing desired. On satisfaction of a desire, a new desire is born. There is no end to desires.

5. There is identification of Self with the Body

This identification with the Body leads to useless thinking. To consider “this” body as “I” is lack of discrimination. Body and Self are mutually exclusive.

6. The Effect of Pleasures Enjoyed or Desired are in the Mind

Enjoyed or desired pleasures have an effect on the mind which is revealed in the form of useless thoughts. A spiritual aspirant should neither oppose, nor support these useless thoughts. He should neither assume it is in him, nor regard it as true.

Attachment and aversion to useless thinking gives existence to such thoughts. Become indifferent and the thought will naturally end. Useless thinking is unnatural, and is caused by ignorance or incorrect understanding.

These are some of the ways useless chattering of the mind can be avoided.

Ram Ram

From “Salvation of Mankind” in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji. “Manav Maatreke Kalyaan ke Liye” in Hindi – pages 119-120. Published in Yahoo Sadhaka Group, learn more about Sadhaka.