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Philosophies in our life.

5 Facts that Help Us in Overcoming Difficult Times of Our Life

Simple Ways to Overcome Difficult Times in Our Life

Facing difficulties in life is very common, they are simply a part of everyday life but sometimes we are unable to bear there load, there are moments when we are mentally too weak to deal with them. In such difficult circumstances, which are not so common, where there seems to be no solution, we can take a look at simple philosophies of life, fundamental principles that make life of this planet possible, which can help us in overcoming such difficult times of life.

These simple tips will not change anything except the perception of person who is finding it difficult or may be impossible situation. A person who is able to see things in positive light, will definitely be able to change something, will get enough energy to overcome from mental anguish and pain which will give enough energy to feel a bit relaxed, find a clue to overcome these difficulties of life.

1.If there is no solution, there must be some reason behind it :

At such times when we make all possible efforts, yet nothing seems to work, we can think about this. We can call it a destiny (those who get easily perturbed or may have developed a negative thinking in such circumstances) or we can also think of it as a signal for change.

We may have seen news from stock and forex markets, when there is a rise i.e., an uptrend they start worrying about a fall and when there is a fall i.e., a downtrend, they look for signals of reversal or uptrend. Every investor in a stock market knows that a great uptrend is only possible after a great downtrend and when there is an uptrend, there is immense possibility of a downtrend. There cannot be any up if there are no downs.

2. Circumstances Change Continuously :

May be today we are in extreme pain and anguish but we can look back at our own life, is it for the first time that we are facing this. Did we have had enjoyed some good time after and before that bad time. Circumstances keep changing, things keep moving just like day and night. Life is full of shades, things move in a cycle again and again. Only way to succeed in life is to keep calm during difficult times, keeping our emotions under control so that we don’t have to face more difficulties, we do not make the situation even worse. Those who do not understand this develop symptoms of depression and if they still don’t try to understand this universal fact they are likely to seek counselings.

3. Something Exists Over & Above Everything :

Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are without worrying about them. There is something that exists over and above everything, we can call it anything nature, god, higher level energy etc. etc. No one can deny existence of some other power, which is often realized to be playing its role.

When we cannot do anything, we get exhausted with our attempts, we can leave it for some time on that external force to see what it’s trying to do.

It doesn’t mean that we should frequently leave our work after few attempts, we must try our best to make things work. Only when we get mentally frustrated, over stressed, feel extreme anguish and pain we should try this trick in order to avoid any worse circumstance, resulting from these mental problems.

There is a theory of “Karma Yoga”, which teaches us to do our best, without actually worrying about the results i.e. work without getting attached to fruit of actions. If we can practice this in everyday life, we can easily enjoy life, its inlying happiness as we’ll enjoy our work, our duties.

4. We too Have the Responsibility :

Things do not take place on its own, we actually initiate an action. Whatever happens, happens only when it was not well attended, may be the present circumstances have to do something with it. If we can realize this even now, we can still look ahead at future with new hope based on our own determination to prove ourself. When it is a matter of finance, career and stresses resulting from them, then we may have taken some wrong decision, misunderstood some situation, tried a wrong approach and if we can realize our mistake, we can easily overcome mental anguish, pain and stress. Nothing is wrong in admitting a mistake then bearing its pain as admission will help us to work wholeheartedly in future. It will help us to collect and use all our energy with determination to get things right in future.

5. Nothing Is Impossible :

What is possible and what is impossible is based on our own views in life, our personal philosophy of life, our personal belief system and attitude towards life. Have you read Reply’s Book “Believe It or Not” which contain unbelievable, amazing incidents that took place and fact that exist on this planet.

We actually draw a circle around our own life and think that anything that lies or exists within this circle is possible for us while things that seems to be outside this circle are thought to be something impossible to achieve. Parameter of our circle keeps changing with our experience, education and development of thoughts. Good times increase this parameter while bad times decrease this considerably.

Even the word Impossible contains I’m Possible which says what it means and can be used to overcome problems and difficulties of life using a positive attitude and right thinking.

Quick Ways to Overcome Extreme Mental Anguish

How to Overcome Extreme Mental Anguish & Pain in Difficult Times

Mental anguish and pain is something very common in every human life, there are times and circumstance when each one of us has to pass through it and as the time passes by we get out these difficult times, although we all know that it will be alright in future, yet we cannot understand this simple thing when we go through extreme mental anguish and pain.

There can be a number of reasons for going through such extreme feelings and emotions and we cannot blame anyone or anything as a cause of this situation as this world is full of examples where contrary things also happens to be true.

This post along with the following post contains some quick ways to get some mental relief during difficult time when someone faces bouts of extreme mental anguish and pain which is much stronger then everyday stress and seems to be impossible to control. I really feel very bad, when I have to pass through such difficulties, where life seems to be filled with darkness and there seems to be no way to get out of it.

Today when I find that someone is passing through such natural extremities but as a human I’m helpless, I cannot offer anything more then some advice, helpful tips which are used by me, time and again when I have to pass through such circumstances where there seems to be no way out, no solution seems to work, all sources of light and inspiration seem to have stopped functioning and these tips have proved to work every-time, have always changed all negativity into positivity, have shown a ray of light in the dark.

We must bear in mind that no individual can help us, we have to stand up on our own and face it, as in this situation we can hardly listen to anyone (we can only hear) and if we can take just a moment to think positively, understand reality we’ll overcome this mental pain and anguish immediately and slowly we’ll cross the ocean of sorrow without making the situation more difficult.

These tips are not just tips, these aren’t mechanical instruments, marketing strategies but they are what I believe to be a Universal Truth, something I strongly believe in and have strong faith for. You can think of it as if someone is revealing his heart, his soul and exposing himself for open criticism, his personal feelings for others to exploit (I really don’t like modern philosophy of money and markets as they are interfering everywhere and the way they use human emotions).

Enjoying Pains of Life and Falling in Love with Its Taste

Overcome Extreme Mental Anguish/Pain by Understanding Simple things of Life.If we face difficulties, problems and hardship frequently, we may even develop a taste for pain and may even start enjoying its taste. Medical science says that it is due to release of some hormones (well, hormones are nothing but a chemical phenomena representing our emotions and state of mind) which are released in some persons who face stress of this level frequently.

We can also start enjoying difficulties and problems of life, if we can develop a positive attitude. Developing a positive attitude towards hardships of life is only possible, if we are able to understand there nature and philosophy behind it.

There is always an opposite side of every picture, one universal fact and truth about frequent problems, difficulties and hardships is that it makes a man more capable of succeeding, all great men that we known today whether they were great philosophers, great saints, scientists or marketers have actually passed through such difficult times and that experience have helped them to get a better understanding of life, moving them closer to nature, learning minute details of human psychology and thus reaching a success state in life.

In other words we can say that such circumstances are meant to prepare a person for future journey of life, to reach higher goals and those who are facing them are chosen for some purpose (which purpose is a secret of nature, which is revealed only in future and sometimes only to the person who bears all such pains). Personally I feel that understanding the underlying philosophy requires a understanding mature mind which we develop as we accumulate experiences from life and grow old.

Now, lets move to some philosophical tips (to be published in next post), which are actually facts which when brought to mind genuinely help anyone and everyone to overcome extreme mental pain and anguish or stresses that results from circumstances that clearly seems to have no solution, there seems to be no hope, nothing seems to work for there reversal.

Life Is About Living

Life Is About Living It Isn’t Just Surviving

What is life, its the process of living and if we are unable to live a life, then there is no life for us. Living doesn’t mean what we think it to be or something that we’ve studied in our school about living things.

Anything that survives may have life and can be classified as living thing but it doesn’t means that it is really living. Life and living a life are both natural things, that take place in nature, move with nature and if this natural element of nature is missing, then there is life but no living.

Does Life Exist In Modern Environment

Today we have moved too far away from natural life or real living, we spend more time and resources on non-living then on living, yet we are clueless about it. We have changed everything, even nature isn’t allowed to get in touch with us.

Nature or natural isn’t allowed to enter our life directly, it has to pass through our system, where it has to adapt and adopt according to our requirements or current needs and if it can’t be adapted or adopted its entry is restricted in our life.

Is this life, can life exist without nature, is nature really causing more problems then it offer as solution. We are in the process of processing everything, as we think we are mightier then nature, we have studied nature minutely and now know what is it good for.

Who Is Living A Life Today

Today life still exist at places where men hasn’t yet been able to reach, ecosystem is still thriving in such places. Life is full of vibrant and every individual is living a life, completely immersed with nature without any problems.

Certainly there are problems even here, but they can identify the reason easily without much problem, without going through a deep analysis, investigations. Everything is simple, there are no complexities of any type as there are no intermediaries anywhere in the natural system.

Who is Pulling Life and Living Apart

Separating life as a lonely biological process and living as a resourceful life is pulling life away from living. Its true that in order to make life more fulfilled, some basic amenities and resources are required but our life doesn’t needs to be flooded with these amenities as they wash the life away, the convert its simplicity into complexity which is the root cause responsible for falling of life and living apart.

Life is about living and if we engage it in something else it simply becomes mere surviving or trying to survive and live. Our struggle in in every day life is an indication that things are not working as they are intended to work naturally.

How Can We Live A Life

Living isn’t something which refers to an individual, a person as we are a society and cannot live in isolation and if it is possible for someone then its not natural, its artificial, created (like astronauts surviving in space). Life and living are more broader terms, they are supposed to refer to a group, a location, an environment, where each one interacts with the others naturally without any unnatural intermediaries.

We cannot achieve anything from our personal efforts alone, our efforts must be backed by our community, our society, its individuals, all the unnatural forces working within it must also support this move in some way. It will definitely take more time then it took to move away from nature, as now we aren’t mentally and physically prepared to live a natural life, we are more inclined to love this artificial life, as it seems to be provide ease and convenience . We have actually started enjoying and living a lifeless life, a life that we live with unnatural support, a life which is too complex to understand and uncertainties often make it a great pain.

There is a need to draw a line, remove unnecessary complexities, permit nature to exist and survive with it, which can only be possible if we are able to understand what is going on, are able to realize the real source of problem and then make collective efforts to return to life as it is intended to be naturally.

Are We Living A Life Today