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Philosophy of staying positive in life.

Philosophy in Law of Attraction Vs Positive Thinking

Philosophy Behind Law of Attraction

Today our environment, lifestyle and surrounding is reflected in how we are today interpreting laws of nature, we are looking for shortcuts and easy ways to fulfill our artificial needs and desires, we are not actually willing to understand and work on basics, we simply want to apply those advanced natural laws to get results fast.

It is true that nothing is impossible, but it is also a fact that everything isn’t possible. Today we are trying to do things which will not solve our problem, they will simply add more problems to our life. We are trying to use natural laws to fulfill our selfish desires, we are getting motivated for wrong reasons, which will not result in any real happiness or transformation except making us more greedy and selfish.

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction states that we get what is on our mind. Our thoughts make up our mind and things that exist there, also appear in real world in near future. So, in order to get things that we appreciate in real world we must start thinking about it, start concentrating on them.

According to law of attraction, our dreams, imaginations, views turn to reality, our present situation, circumstances are a result of what we have been talking about, thinking in our mind, doing in our life. When we make a image in our mind and then preserve it using our actions, its likely to be realized in real world. It is like saying imaginations leads to realization.

Positive Thinking Vs Law of Attraction

Positive or negative thinking is actually what works behind the principle of law of attraction, our positive views in life help us to achieve higher goals while negative views create problem and obstacles in every sphere of our life. Thinking in right direction has always helped everyone.

We cannot develop positive thinking by simply looking at its benefits and trying to adopt it to get some results in our life. Thoughts and views cannot be altered or modified to fulfill our dreams or to satisfy our personal desires and we think we are able to do so or if we are aware and still use some shortcuts to modify our thoughts or views artificially then what we get isn’t a positive view or positive thought its an outcome of a negative mentality and thus a negative thought or view, which means that even if we are somehow able to manage the outcome or results, we won’t be able to get the ultimate results, the true happiness as either positive thinking or law or attraction isn’t about material gains (although they are achieved as a byproduct), reaching our personal goals, its more then that.

Honesty Vs Positive Thinking Vs Law of Attraction

Honesty is a real path to develop positive thinking, to achieve results that are today listed under law of attraction. Today we are more or less influenced by market and marketing forces we are so much under there influence that we try to think in terms of pros and cons, benefits and advantages.

If I tell you that whether its positive thinking or law of attraction or hypnotism, we can find each one of them, get benefits of each of them by simply trying to be honest to ourself and our surrounding. I know that we are today so much influenced by negative thoughts that honesty seems to be something which is impossible to follow in modern world, which is in fact wrong and a negative approach of negative thoughts.

Honesty isn’t a difficult thing to follow, its one of the easiest tasks to achieve, where you don’t have to process anything in your mind (in terms of computer science its like an output device, a monitor which simply displays everything that is typed, keyed in via the keyboard, there is no processing or CPU usage).

If we think it is not possible for us to even try to be honesty as it is sure to result in some bad experiences, then how can we develop positive thinking (when we find it difficult to be truthful) and if we are not able to develop a positive attitude, do you think we can get results from law of attraction. Goals which are only limited to our personal welfare will have similar results, goals which are limited to family welfare will show similar results, goals with a broader perspective will have similar results. It is important for each one of us to find success in our life, to reach ideal conditions to fulfill our personal philosophy of life but why should we adopt a path which is materialistic, cumbersome when we have get better results by following a positive, honest way which will not only insure our personal well being but also consider our environment, our surrounding, our planet.

Philosophy of Manifestation Vs Law of Attraction

Today both terms philosophy of manifestation as well as law of attraction are used to convey the same message, that there is a secret, an alternative approach to find success in life, to get better results in life, without actually explaining the basics of these laws on which the nature works.

Trying to fulfill wild desires without actually attaching it to a social cause can never result in real satisfaction (true happiness). It is true that we can change our life by simply changing our views, our beliefs, our thoughts and it takes time to change them, it requires lot of patience and hard work.

We cannot change our self easily as we are not living in isolation, most of our time is spend in environment which is not conducive to such thoughts, we watch tv, movies, browse web, work in an office, talk to our friends and all these things push and pull our views, our thoughts and if we really want to make them positive, try things discussed about power of manifestation or law of attraction then we must first learn the tricks which can help us to keep our mind isolated from negative views and thoughts as and when we confront them (its like developing an immunity system, and most great saints, yogis master this only after years of practice).

Spirituality is The Basis for Happiness

When you do not need Anything, you have Everything.  – Lord Buddha

In the present times of gloom and doom, when values are declining and morals are reclining and the celebrated values like honesty, integrity, nobility, morals, ethics, virtues, justice and righteousness are proving hollow giving way to corruption that has impoverished the whole societal set up, solace lies in spirituality.

Spirituality brings out the divinity in every individual. Spirituality is a love affair with God. It focuses a person’s attention to the divine effulgence radiating from one’s own heart. God is not something external, he is inside us. The mind is the key instrument in a human being’s body, a proper regulation of which, with meditation and spiritual guidance, can help one evolve spiritually to the highest.

Only spirituality can initiate the process of inner expansion and eventual freedom from finite existence and supreme self realization. True spirituality could be achieved through selfless service to humanity and leading a life of righteousness.

The core message of the Vedas is for man to strive for liberation from the perpetual cycle of birth and death. This is achieved when the living being realises its true self, the soul and re-establishes its forgotten relationship with Super-soul or God.

Manifest Infinity with Spirituality

When we liberate ourselves from the limitations of phenomenal existence and obtain oneness with the absolute, we attain infinite freedom, power, peace, joy and perfection. Transformation of our entire inner nature, of our thoughts, emotions, energies is a wonderful way of acquiring tremendous spiritual powers.

Problems & Set-backs Are Lessons from Life

Spiritually, all our problems and set-backs are merely lessons for us from life, acted out through people, events and places and leading our self evolution. There are no full stops in life, only commas. And sooner we learn our lessons, the faster our life moves forward in a more harmonious manner. Treat life not as an imposition but as a gift from God to be loved and to be cherished.  Move on the pathway of life with faith and courage, and the confidence that He is with you. Accept life with all its trials and tribulations. Acceptance of whatever is, will solve half of your problems.

Love, mercy, forgiveness, peace, compassion etc., are the essence of the Sattavic path. It is important to use them to attain the ultimate goal -salvation.

The Four-fold principles of human existence are

  1. The body is for benevolent living,
  2. The mind for contemplating on God,
  3. Discriminative intellect for distinguishing between right and wrong and
  4. Life itself for acquisition of divine knowledge leading to self-realization.

Being spiritual minded is practical, as it helps a person develop a proper mental attitude towards the changing circumstances and problems of life. Through science deals with energy and matter, there is a spiritual science which deals with the ‘beyond mind’ state of a human being. While material science enhances ego, spiritual science annihilates it.

“Enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest. Live the ‘present moment’ with zest and not worry about the past or future.”

Peace of mind arises out of spiritual growth. It is true that spiritual growth is an inward process, that spiritual life is an inward life. But it is equally true that such inward growth is greatly aided by external support and greatly marred by external incompatibles. Hence, importance of Sattvic diet, Sattvic dress, Sattvic reading, Sattvic company, Sattvic habits and Sattvic environment.

We rise above darkness and sin to see the eternal light and realize the presence of the Most Enlightened one. Rise higher and see brighter light; a step still higher and realize omnipresent God who is the pristine source of Enlightenment.

As the new age dawns, materialism will automatically lag behind Spirituality and people will live the Vedanta in their daily lives.

“Faith in God, faith in religion and faith in one’s self make a man an enlightened being. Faith in holy scriptures helps a man rise above darkness and see the Light. Faith is a source of inspiration too. Many a time in life, one feels that one is down in the dumps. Morale sags. One sees and feels darkness all around. It is here that faith in God and the Vedas helps one see light at the end of the tunnel. Faith gives one a breather when it is needed most. Faith can even bring a man back from the fallows.”

Considering its importance, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in a striking contrast organized a Millennium All Faith Summit, which was attended by 1000 religious and spiritual leaders of the world to achieve the objective of coordinating the religious leadership for building tolerance, fostering peace and encouraging inter religious dialogue among all religions. This remarkable gathering was without precedent in its 50 years history of UNGA. Now, with nearly 83% of the world’s population adhering to some religious or spiritual belief system, religion and spirituality would be the dynamic force that the World Peace Summit wanted to seek to develop for peace, advocacy and resolution.

An individual or a nation must strive for material growth and scientific advances but material prosperity can lead to true happiness only if there is a base of spirituality. Secular spirituality helps one to progress in the worldly affairs and still helps one realize at the experiential level that material comforts, worldly pleasures, fame and power are fragile and ephemeral and they alone cannot give lasting happiness. Happiness is present in our life yet because we think that happiness comes from outside we constantly loose touch with it.

Social studies reveal that high spiritual and emotional quotient are normally associated with high degree of integrity, honesty, responsibility and care and concern for others and accounts for nearly 70% of over all rating.

Spirituality is the Basis for Happiness” is written by Dr. B. L. Tekriwal which was published in Kalyan Kalpataru in July 2009.

You can read similar views in Philosophy of eternal bliss-fullness and Role of Difficulties & Problems in Our Life.

Adopting Positive Approach In Life Can Improve Positive Thoughts

Positive or Negative thoughts play an important role in every human life. If we have natural or self improved positive thinking we can expect more positive changes in our life while negative thinking will make even good things bad.

I cannot describe its importance in words, as it plays a role in every sphere of life. Definitely we all want to develop positive thinking and improve the existing thought power but is it possible and how long will it last. We all learn new things everyday, but nothing stays for more then a few hours or days. Why?

Well, its depends on the intensity of realization, if we feel strongly about something then it will stay with us, in our memory and actions for a longer duration and if something only touches us lightly then it will soon fade away. Understanding some basic principles of life can help us to adopt positive approach in life, that will last longer and will considerably improve our positive thinking over the time.

Positive Thinking Is An Art of Living

A single negative thought can play a havoc in our life, its like a rotten apple which spoils all other apples in the basket. If we can adopt a positive approach in life we can cross almost all hurdles of life more conveniently. Positive thinking is actually an art of living, a strong support of mutual co-existence on this planet.

We can look at nature, is it positive or negative, does nature help everyone on this planet, is it helping survival on this planet. Are animals, plants and other forms of lives surviving on this planet, spreading a positive signal of peaceful co-existence.

We never knew the answer, nor did we cared about it until we faced sudden issues that are disturbing our comfortable lifestyle on this planet right now and with a higher intensity in future, if they remain unresolved. The issue were global warming, health problems, social issues, mental problems, unrest in society, pointed to our negative approach, our negative tendency to do things by keeping our welfare in mind without looking at the welfare of our planet, its nature, diversified lives.

Problems we face today have roots in our past actions, our approach at that point of time, positive thinking is not a personal welfare scheme its about global wellness. How can we think of developing a positive approach in life for personal welfare with a narrow mindedness. “Live and let live” is the basic principle of life and if do not understand it, we should not expect development of a permanent real positive thinking.

Peaceful Co-existence Is Possible

We must understand and learn that peaceful coexistence is possible and necessary for survival of this planet and its living beings in its existing form. If we have some doubt (about this) then we may not be able to proceed any further as subconsciously our mind will try to create hurdles in one form or another. Peaceful coexistence is not a theory, its not a philosophical principle alone, its a fact and now we even have scientific proofs in its favor.

Our own personal happiness and well-being depends on others, our ecosystem is a natural society. A happy society creates a positive atmosphere which improve confidence and positive thinking, on the other hand if things are not well around us then it will effect our mentality and ultimately our own well-being.

Positive Thinking Develops by Adopting Positive Approach

Reading top 10 tips to a stronger positive thinking or listing to music and playing games will definitely help us to stay calm and positive but they will last soon as they are based on an activity which is not based on any lasting logic. A permanent, habitual positive thinking can only take place if we adopt a positive approach in life, understand things as they are. It will not only change our life but it will change life of our family and friends. A positive approach starts working subconsciously, we may not notice but it works and spreads itself to other nook and corners.

Modern Hypnosis is An Art of Developing Positive Thoughts

Today people are more interested in learning hypnosis as they see a number of immediate benefits from learning this art. There are a number of books, videos and other material which is commercially available everywhere teaching hypnosis for positive thinking, still people fail to reach anywhere after reading, watching and practicing those lessons. Most of them do not get anything they fail to develop any positive approach, instead they get a negative feeling, that it was just a marketing trap.

We must understand that hypnosis is a art of developing positive views, positive thoughts because they are very important to discover a successful life. Learning hypnosis with a narrow mindedness without adopting a universal approach will not work, because its against the basic principle of life, its principle of peaceful co-existence. We cannot think about personal progress at the cost of others.

These were some basic principles to improve positive thinking and adopt a positive approach in life. This article is not about any product or service but about life, our lives. Understanding and appreciation of these basic principles can develop a magnetic personality, an attractive personality as everyone votes for the success of a positive thinker.

This article on Self Improvement with Positive Attitude was published by me in some article directories and ezine and now I’ve republished it here on this philosophy blog.