Every Problem in Life Has Some Solution

Posted on February 22, 2009
Every Problem in Life Has Some Solution - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Every problem of life can be solved if we are really willing to solve the problem and look for the right solutions. Solutions exist because problems exist, solutions depend on problems for there survival and we can easily find a  mitigable solution for every problem that may exist in our life.

Do you have a problem? There are some solutions. Virtually there is a solution for every problem. Life is full of solutions for problem that we have created for our self. When we find no solution for any problem, then it does not mean that solution does not exists it is only an indication of our failure to find it. May be we are overlooking the solution or may be we are not seriously willing to solve the problem.

Solutions are meant for Problems

Whatever we do or is done on this planet is a part of a solution package. If we work, we work to provide a specific solution to a specific problem (for our organization or office). When we work to solve there problem they too are working simultaneously to solve our problem (reason which makes us work for them).

Real Marketing is targeting the Right Problems

We see advertisement and marketing of products and services everywhere whether its a movie, a magazine, newspaper, website or mail. What are these marketers trying to do? Marketers try to target persons with a specific problem (for which they have a ready made solution). Those who know the problem and how to target it are successful marketers.

Solutions are Visible with Positive Approach

If we need solution, then we must be willing to search for it. Positive approach are glasses through which solutions are easy to discover. A person who is trying to find solution for a problem with negative approach is like trying to see things with a nil eye sight.

Now, what is the positive approach, after all no one of us will like to carry our problems without trying the solutions that exist. Yes, it is true, we hope to solve our problems, our difficulties but we hardly work on them. A positive approach here means an honest search, most of us loose a number of opportunities in our life because we are not honest in our approach we want them but we hardly work to get them, even when they are passing through our head.

Every Problem Has Its Solution

To every problem there exists a solution. May be we are ignoring the solution. There are times when we know the solution but we do not want to consider it as a solution.  We leave it in search of a better, more amicable way and thus the problem remains unresolved . This is again a common human perception to maintain problem for which solutions exists, else if we look at things with a positive attitude we’ll find that every problem in life has some solution, which can help us to control it even if we are not willing to eliminate it.

Difficulties and problems of life not only shape our life, improve it but there is also a hidden meaning that they carry.

Now, do you still have a problem? Read more in a relevant post imaginations lead to realization.