Everything In Universe Strive for Inertness – A Ceaseless State of Happiness

Posted on April 25, 2008
Everything In Universe Strive for Inertness – A Ceaseless State of Happiness - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Happiness is something we all strive to get, we are not alone in our endeavor to search for happiness. This whole universe, all forms of living and non living things in this universe strive for it. This is in fact a scientific universal truth.

Some of us may think of this happiness in other words, some of us may misunderstand this happiness in the form of an objective, a desire, a plan. Actually all the things we do, all objectives in our life, all objectives in our day have a propensity towards this happiness , the ETERNAL BLISS.

Even scientists will agree to the fact that all the atoms are always constantly trying to acquire an inert configuration. Inertness is said to be a stable state. All the forms of actions and reactions that take place regarding atoms is actually an endeavor to get that inertness. So, we see all these things happening around us, all the chemical industries on this globe are taking advantage from this inclination of atoms.

Now look at us, we the humans we think of happiness as a cheap commodity (like satisfactionsantosh‘ ) which is easily available just like air and water. Which one can easily get as and when he desires. We seldom understand that even though happiness and satisfaction seem to be much closer and within our reach it isn’t such an easy game to win. It requires a lot of practice and understanding. We like to reach it through another subconscious path, where one aims material goods one after the another (because subconsciously we thinks it will bring us close to success, bring more things in life, help him in leading a satisfied and content life).

If somehow we can understand this magic formula where you reach the destination through shortcut route, without wandering here and there. Although this is possible and some people do understand this hidden secret which makes them extraordinary, revered.

Magic formula for Inert Ceaseless State of Happiness

Well there is no direct way for me to open this secret, as it can’t be expressed in words, given in writing as our writing and explaining is limited to one dimensional expression.


… to be continued.