Expectations In Life Result In Errors

Posted on June 30, 2010
Expectations In Life Result In Errors - Philosophy of Happiness in Life
Our subconscious expectations from life play a crucial role in determining our mood, things that can make us happy or sad. How do we react, it looks similar to behavior of websites on internet, they too expect a certain phrase or else return a 404 Page Not Found Error. There is a philosophical analogy between how our life and technologies are interlinked.
Life is a process, a series of activities, an ongoing process and like any other process, life too produces a number of intermediary results one after the other in many time frames.
Results pertaining to shorter time span processes do not actually play any major in our life, they only give a hue, an effect to that time frame. These flavors, taste for the time beings are often called ups and downs of life. The taste or result that we see is actually related to our expectations with those events and there resulting consequences which are often similar to a 404-Error Page i.e. Page Not Found or Expectations are not met.

The results that we get or the trend formation we see is immediately compared with what we expect, something we already have on our mind (an arbitrary image is already there) and if there is a difference (results are better then our expectation or worse because we never get a 100% exact result in anything otherwise that event will loose its importance because of our no profit no loss psychology) it will effect our mood slightly or to a great degree depending upon the importance of that event in our life. This mood swing is reflected in our day to day activities.

There is a branch of science cum arts called predictions which forecasts events for the day, week, month or year based on several factors but astrological predictions i.e. predictions based on our date of birth, place, time etc. and 12 zodiac signs. These predictions or forecast are really very interesting, they aren’t only interesting because we can get an exact picture of a future event but there is another subconscious reason i.e. we compare the predictions with out expectations. Predicted events aren’t good or bad it is there image which can be either distorted or improved.

Even if an astrologer provides us with predictions related to various aspects of our life, we’ll only be interested in only those aspects which are already there on our mind, events for which we have already drawn a picture in our mind subconsciously. A prediction which is close to our subconscious image gives pleasure, it makes us happy and enthusiastic but if it is not so, it can make us sad.

Expectations Vs 404-Error Results

Expectations In Life Result in 404 Error PageToday we are all living in a cyber world and our life is also influenced by the way it works, I often thinkĀ  and compare events taking place in our lives in terms of computer programs, coding errors and latest hardware because they are part of my life. I do often draw an analogy between these two worlds, one is physical (real) while another is virtual and exists in the form of electronic pulses only if they flow of electrons stops, this world will cease to exist, all the web and websites will become a virtual memory.

When we search a website or try to reach a page on a portal, we often get a 404 Error page. This page is displayed when such a page doesn’t exists. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to a 404 Error page including typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, wrong sequence of words etc. Even a mistake of single corrector will take you to 404 error page instead of the original page if that single character mistake is ignored. In most cases this page is shown to visitor who try to visit a page which used to exist or is still there but they can’t find that page because they can’t see there little mistake.

This is also true for our life, there are several things that are already there, that are readily available but we do not have enough time to look at them, think of them, we are busy in searching them, working hard to get them, our goals are straight. This happens frequently in our everyday life and in every sphere of our life, we make mistakes without realizing them and then blame others. We develop expectation before taking a look at the reality, our mind is always engaged in drawing new images, creating new expectations.

Things that we get in life and things that we expect from life can be well expressed with the example of a 404 error page.

to be continued with modification in present post………..Expectation in Life Result in Errors.