Everything is God

Posted on August 24, 2006
Everything is God - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

: Shree Hari :

Bhadrapad Shukla Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2063, Guruvar

  • Everything is God and whatever is happening is God’s divine play ! Face it and naturally experience it.
  • Only thing required is the feeling, the inner expression (bhava).
  • God is Everything, therefore even the modes of nature (prakriti) are evolved from God. But by being affected by the modes of nature and considering them to be real and permanent, we become distant from God and the Truth.
  • Accept that there is no one else besides God, that it is God alone that has taken these various forms and it is He alone that is manifesting Himself in infinite forms.

Everything is God – Gita

Yo maam pashyati sarvatra, sarvanch mayi pachyati
tasyaaham na pranashyaami, sa cha mein ne pranashyati. ” (Gita 6:30)

“He who sees Me in all, and sees all in Me, from him, I am never out of sight, and he is never out of sight, for Me.” (Gita 6:30)

Everything is God,” whether we see it or don’t see it; whether we understand it or don’t understand it; whether we experience it or not; but we must with firm conviction accept that in essence this is the absolute Truth. If there is any thing lacking, by far it is a shortcoming in our belief.

To realize that everything is God, one does not need to practice anything at all, nor is any object or thing required. The only thing that is required is feeling, a deep seated inner expression (bhava). We have to only change that expression, that feeling from within. When a spiritual aspirant is guided from within, then he sees that there is no one else besides God, and when the aspirant sees the external world (baahyuvritti) then whatever is happening is God’s divine play !

When facing and seeing the external forms of God’s creation, i.e. the world, the nature, we have become distant and away from God. But if we face away from the world, or face the creator of the world (God), then what IS, that which is existent, will be naturally experienced – “Maameva ye prapadhyante maayametaam taranti te.” (Gita 7:14)

God also says in the Gita – “Ye chaiva saatvikaa bhavaa raajasaa taamasaasch ye. mat evati taanviddhi ne tvaham teshu te mayi.” (Gita 7:12)
“Whatever entities born of modes of goodness or purity (sattvika), of activity or passion (rajas) and mode of inertia or ignorance (tamas), know them all, as evolved from Me; yet still neither I am in them, nor are they, in Me.” (Gita 7:12)

God is everything. God is also in the modes of nature. The significance of “Ne tvaham teshu te mayi,” is that we must not become influenced or affected by the modes of nature. But by being affected by the modes of nature, we become distant from God.

If we give importance, consider the modes of nature to be real and permanent and if we disregard God and the Truth, then we will be caught in the cycle of birth and death – “Kaaranam gunasangodasya sadsadhyonijanmasu” (Gita 13-21)

“Everything is only God,” Just like when there is snow everywhere, then where can the snow hide? Even if there is snow hidden behind snow, only snow will be seen. Similarly when everything is a manifestation of God’s divine form, then how can God hide? Where will God hide? Who will He hide from? The point here is that it is only God that pervades this entire Universe.

In that God, there is neither me, nor You, nor this, nor that. There is neither the past, nor the future, nor the present. There is neither heaven, nor hell, nor beyond the two, nor demi-gods, nor humans, nor demons, nor ghosts. There are neither animals, nor birds, nor inert, nor consciousness. Rather, besides God there is nothing else. It is He alone that has taken these various forms. It is He alone that is manifesting Himself in infinite forms.

Ram Ram

From “Tu Hi Tu” in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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