Happiness Is A Decision

Posted on September 22, 2009
Happiness Is A Decision - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Happiness Is A Choice, A Decision, Will You Choose Happiness

Is happiness a decision, something that we have to decide or is it just pure fate. Is this something that we have to decide i.e., whether we want to accept our present situation and circumstances as they are without doing anything or even looking for a solution or we accept each one of them and decide to work on them and then start working on some solution.

Anything that happens or will happen depends on our current decisions to some extent. If we are serious with our life then we can make some changes now and then whenever we feel something is not going right. This can be applied to every sphere of our life whether its our personal life, home, family, job, career, studies, business. A positive decision always brings a positive result which means an everlasting happiness.

Happiness is A Decision A Choice

We all know what is good or bad for us, we read, we watch, we hear and we learn more ways, better options which can be included in our life, to add a new dimension to our life, to further improve quality of our life. We all get quality information and useful tips from a number of sources, which can even include solitude (listening to inner voice) but do we really decide anything, do we take these little decisions or at least write them, read them or keep them for future reference so that we may explore the idea and then make some decision for its inclusion or acceptance. </div>

Decision to Be Happy

Anyway if you have decided to be happy then there are so many resources both online as well as offline which can help you find true happiness in your life. I feel the decision to enjoy happiness in life is a part of positive approach to life also called positive thinking. A strong decision is always supported by everyone in our surrounding whether animate or inanimate because a decision is a decision and is therefore only possible destination and things is therefore acceptable to us.

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