Happy New Year 2011

Posted on December 30, 2010
Happy New Year 2011 - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Be Happy Don’t Worry its 2011

Same time during last year we welcomed 2010 and now after spending much time and accumulating new memories we are ready to say goodbye to it.

In our life things come and go and so is the case with difficulties, problems that we face every now and then, nothing stays for ever except our vision, our philosophy, our views on life.

So, be happy and don’t worry because most of the worries will get washed away with time.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2011 to everyone who loves life and its natural nature. May, we all adopt a more positive attitude in everything we do by understanding the simple philosophy of positive thinking i.e.,

  • Understand the ultimate reality of our being here i.e., everything that we do, things that happen to us whether they are good or bad, our struggle in life for whatever reason, our financial situation and whatever it is are only applicable to anyone who survives, who lives a life, these things are meaningless to those who cease to exist in this form called living being. Everything we do is only relevant until we survive and today we do not have enough time, enough resource to understand this simple thing, we are not machines but human beings and we must understand this and at least enjoy some part of our life.
  • Today technology is available at our doorstep, it now plays an important part in our life, in our family and relations, our habits and lifestyle because of which it is also creating problems (sometimes we don’t even understand) because we are not using it, we are misusing it. Don’t let technology take control of our life, we must control our life, the way we actually want it.
  • Our own pride or ego is one of our biggest enemy, it is very difficult to realize the influence of pride or ego, its a silent killer which spoils everything slowly, if we are cautious, spend some time in intro-inspection then we may get more chances to realize this.
  • Everybody gets a fair chance to survive, and this is law of nature, (read more in everybody has a right to survive)we are our self responsible for a number of things that happen in our life but this doesn’t mean that we should start blaming our self. Every difficulty and problem that we face has a role in shaping our life.  A solution to every problem is to work on some solutions and if we really start to work (or even take this seriously) we’ll notice a considerable improvement in our life and things that happen to it.
  • Stop thinking, start working and you’ll find 2011 to be a Happy 2011 because happiness is a personal decision.

Hope, to write more in next year i.e. 2011.

Philosophy to Be Happy in New Year 2011