Imagination Leads to Realization

Posted on August 14, 2008
Imagination Leads to Realization - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Imagination followed by realization is in fact a fact. We are designed to follow this pseudocode subconsciously. We cannot work towards a goal without an image, this image can be either benefits and advantages that are showered on us with the realization of the image in our mind or the new commanding position that is bestowed on us or something else.

Role of Positive Thinking in Imagination and Realization
Positive thinking plays a crucial role in our imagination and realization process. Positive thinking can change the scene dramatically, it can make turn impossibility into possibility. There are many benefits of positive thinking which can pointed here like:-
  1. Positive Thinkingalways has a really high probability of success. 
  2. A positive image is spontaneously supported by a number of natural factors and forces which play an important role in realization of positive imagination. 
  3. Positive Thinking has so many low hanging fruits which provide a number of multi-facet benefits in wellness and well-being of image artist before hand. 
  4. Positive Thinking is a rare commodity, something not so common because those who have it may not retain it forever. It tries to slip away every-time we hold it.

This rare commodity of Positive Thinking gives a positive thrust to imagination and realization process right from the beginning.

Imagination is Always in Close Proximity of Reality

Why imaginations lead to realization? The answer to this question is quiet simple, because imagination is always in proximity of reality. Our imagination and thoughts surround real objects. We are inclined to think and imagine in this way. If there is an object then imaginations are obviously surrounding it. We are helpless when it comes to imagining something that does not exist in any form or not related to any existing object. Even craziest of crazy ideas on this planet are somewhere related to a real object.

Now, because our imaginations are related to an existing object, realizing or achieving them isn’t impossible as something related to it already exists i.e. foundation or background is already there. We can realize or achieve our imagined goal after moving a few steps towards it, may be one step, two steps or more steps.

Realization of An Imagination Impacts Atmosphere/Surrounding

When an object of imagination is realized it has some impact on the atmosphere, environment and surrounding. May be on personal atmosphere, social atmosphere, global atmosphere but if its realized it has some impact.

Impacts from imaginations and realizations cannot be ruled out and this infact is life, a processing of life, a process which is always taking place in some form, imaginations leading to realizations. This keeps this planet active, live and vibrant. More views on this topic can be had from the post intentions are powerful justifications.