Infinite Loop of Life

Posted on April 30, 2006
Infinite Loop of Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Infinite Loop of Life

Life is an infinite sow and reap loop. It is not something that I say but is evident for every one of us. It is just like a malfunctioning computer program which gets stuck in an infinite loop and requires immediate debugging. Most of us never realize that there is some problem with our program and it requires immediate debugging. People who are ignorant of this fact often wonder on the typical results that we continue to receive for a given set of inputs. Its dramatic.

We keep changing quality and quantity of our inputs every now and then, in hope that we’ll see some improved results. After all we have studied GIGO i.e., Garbage In Garbage Out theory of Computer Science, but we seldom get our expected results in our life.

A further analysis of this procedure leads us to the conclusion that we are not a skilled programmer or may be we lack proficiency in this particular coding language. In reality most of us are not even programmer leave aside skilled programmers. The few of us who know how to code, can’t find anything wrong with the coding or the algorithm as the algorithm in question is well-known and followed the world over.

Most of us lead our life in this sow & reap cycle and some of us don’t even know that there is something like sow & reap. But ignorance isn’t a right to commit blunders.

A few of us know ways to escape this vicious sow & reap cycle and of course are able to overcome from this vicious cycle of pleasure and pain. Such understanding does make life more peaceful and enjoyable.
Those who enjoy happiness, stay calm in every situation are people who know this art, others use various methodologies like spirituality, meditation, social service to overcome this.
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