Life Is Simple and Easy, Enjoy Life

Posted on January 12, 2009
Life Is Simple and Easy, Enjoy Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Life is not a problem nor a solution

It simply life, an easy way to enjoy things at your disposal. Thinking about logic and philosophy don’t make it easy to live. Life is what it is, it doesn’t makes any difference whether we discuss life as a philosophy or logic, it is what it has to be. Life is cute, an object which is readily available to each one of us, some of us think and therefore disturb that festive mood of life, while others who don’t have the logic or time to think, simply enjoy every moment of life, win.Life isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. Its simple and easy. Learn to enjoy life with simplicity and all problems get solved automatically.

Thoughts and Logic Kill Taste of Life

When we think, we loose some precious moments of happiness that we could have enjoyed. When we try to drive some conclusion we are again loosing more precious moments in unnecessary arguments that only satisfy our ego. Life doesn’t consider whether we consider anything about it or not. It is always there for us to enjoy, only if we have some time to stop thinking and enjoy life.

Life isn’t A Theory but It’s Practical

Life isn’t about any theory but the practical consequences of our deeds. What we do is what we get, there is a reaction to every action, simplicity is returned with simplicity and complexity with complexity. Intelligence is only a socially acceptable object of life and is not responsible for enjoying the simplicity of life, but is responsible for perceiving that enjoyment.

All this boils down to ‘Life is simple, Life is easy, Enjoy Life‘, the best philosophy of life that one can have.