Life, its Philosophy and Views

Posted on April 17, 2006
Life, its Philosophy and Views - Philosophy of Happiness in Life
Everybody struggles to survive with his views. There is nothing more important than our views. Whatever we see, like or dislike is an outcome of our views. The problems we face or the happiness we get is directly related to our views. These views make our philosophy of life, basis of how we act and react in day to day situations.

Our Views or Personal Philosophy in Life Make Our Life

Views make our circumstances, may be we blame someone else for these but we are responsible for most of what happens to us and our environment. A change in view means a change in environment, our surrounding. It is just like clicking Refresh button on your computer after making some changes. A positive approach to life leads to positive consequences, a negative approach to life leads to negative consequences. So, whatever is on our mind even a slightest doubt has a higher probability of coming true then something we didn’t have had thought about because our views make our life.

A philosophical view on different aspects of life only makes things easier for us to correlate. Life is an infinite loop that keeps rotating, its a game of pleasure and pain and we can get most of it with a positive thinking, dealing everything with a positive approach. We get a more valuable outcome from the same thing which we were considering garbage. Intricacies in everyday life always result in a better, healthier and happier life.

Life isn’t a predefined set of objects and objectives, it is a sum of infinite possibilities, each one of us only discovers a part of that infinite universe called life. This blog is an attempt to understand life, its processes and everything that can help us to make it more enjoyable, more rewarding.
There are many ways to define destination of our life, it can mean achievements, success, progress, discoveries and many other things. Our destinations represent our thinking, our views on where we hope to find meaning of life, our philosophical interpretation of life, a real happiness and our views are projection of our thoughts, how do we perceive things that happen in our life, whether we draw a positive picture which gives hope or negative one which says things are not going well and can become worse.  In general terms its called positive or negative thinking and people are often told to be positive but when a person is mentally down he/she isn’t in a mental frame which can let him/her make changes easily, such tips become useless, until he/she overcomes this mentality with his/her own will.