Logic and Philosophy

Posted on December 4, 2008
Logic and Philosophy - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Logic and Philosophy are two sides of a coin, philosophy is a logical reasoning of ethical behavior or we can say logically interpreted moral values create a philosophy. Philosophy exists because it is based on the firm ground of logic. Philosophy is appreciated because it teaches moral values logically in a form which is easily grasped by most of us.

What is a logical philosophy? What is the importance of philosophy and its logical answers?

A life based on a logical philosophy is far more better than a life with no philosophy or logic. Philosophy tries to answer, common questions that often come to our mind. These questions can be very disturbing and need to be immediately answered. If these questions remain unanswered then our overall efficiency in life will decrease to some extent, our energy level will decrease, our charm for life will head downward. Answer to all such questions that exist in our mind, these questions have no real meaning and are practically of no real value but these questions play very important role in society, they have role in family, in health and wellness of a person.

All this questions are answered by philosophy, a logical reasoning for our behavior. Philosophy is not a indigestible hard fact, something which is like concrete, hard and unaccommodating. Philosophy is soft easily digestible, logical answer to our most common question. More information on theoretical aspect of Philosophy of Logic can be read at wiki.

Can philosophy exist without logic?

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