Maintaining Natural Health Unnaturally

Posted on December 2, 2006
Maintaining Natural Health Unnaturally - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Today health is a major concern in personal well-being. Whether we are student, professional, sportsman or any other human being, we are somewhere concerned about our health and state of our body.

More or less this health phobia is a part of a marketing gimmick. There are a number of products that we use in our everyday life that play with your health, and then there are some other products in market to restore this health swing. We are so much influenced by these marketing strategies that today we have actually forgot what health and healthy body stands for.

Health is no more a state of mind or body instead it is now look and feel of our body more to others than to our self. They tell us if our hair looks like this we should use this. If we feel tired after work take this. Although all of us know that it is natural to feel tired after hard work. But our suspicion that may be others don’t feel this tiredness the way we are feeling makes us a soft target.

Today we see a whole plethora of products to help our move against the nature. We haven’t left anything to nature, even so called natural food products get there natural look and feel using some artificial or man made method. That is today nature and natural aren’t beyond the shadow of doubt. Man has actually interfered in almost every path of nature’s natural process of doing things.

Natural health and fitness too arent’ beyond this shadow of doubt. If we look healthy and fit then this can be easily attributed to a number of artificial products and methods. An unhealthy state of body and mind is therefore a consequence of not using these so called useful products. Every problem today whether its related to health or great looks has a very simple solution available in market. So, don’t raise a question because may be you aren’t financially sound to take the answer.

All these health related problems and there solutions are man made. Actually we are no more interested in natural health or natural food and even if we are then our current situation or environment don’t permit us to do so.

Maintaining natural health and fitness isn’t a major issue and can be achieved by most of us if we take care of a few things right from the childhood like-

1. Eating meals at specified time.

2. Sticking strictly to three meals a day.

3. Waking up early.

4. Eating only when we are hungry.

5. Exercising regularly.

6. Viewing television in limit.

7. Using computers only for work and for fun to a certain limit.

8. Enjoying life with what we have.

If we’ll help nature in its natural process it will definitely help us to lead a more happy and peaceful life because Every Action Has An Equal & Opposite Reaction.

Health and fitness are actually an attribute of happy and peaceful life, if we are enjoying this happiness naturally then there is no need to ruin this peace with some clutter. There are also some natural food products like Ganoderma Lucidum which are know to induce health since long time. We should use any of these products only when we really need them or our current situation or nature of job doesn’t permit us to lead a natural life style.

Philosophy of Health

Our body is itself a fully functional automatic machine, it is more powerful then anything designed by a human being, still we don’t want to realize it. Most of the modern health problems, disease and illness that are visible everywhere around us are not an indication of a problem with our body system or its malfunctioning, it is only an indication of our own negligence and inability to feed our body and mind with what it naturally asks for.

Today we are more interested in looking for products which have scientifically proven nutritive elements, is processed in a healthy, state of the art conditions, is much more better then what nature can produce. It seems as if man knows more then nature, it can do better then nature. We have developed our own philosophy of health, we are overconfident with our little achievements.

One must understand nature is infinite, its resources are infinite, it doesn’t works on a short term goal (for whatever reason), it has nothing to do with name and fame. In spite of all the scientific discoveries man still need air, water and food to live, till date we cannot transfer a life which exists physically to a chip.

Although our endeavor in the world of robotics where humanoids are a reality today, we are slowly moving towards the age where we’ll slowly start to realize that our body is actually not required any more and it is better to invent something which can help us to move this life to a chip or something which doesn’t have to worry about physical wear and tears. (maybe someday I’ll post this in further details, to spill more of what I think of it and is in my mind).