Making A Meaningful Life

Posted on February 10, 2011
Making A Meaningful Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

How to Make Our Life More Meaningful

We can make our life meaningful, add vibrant colors to it, drive more satisfaction from life. All this is only possible if we are interested in doing something which is really useful, have some honest purpose, is actually required. We have enough motivation besides us, when we have imaginations and dreams of reaching somewhere, doing something in life.

Most of us are always busy in pursuing our personal goals, family matters, career, jobs and wealth creation, our modern lifestyle takes our personal goals beyond natural limits of necessities to artificial limit of ever changing and frequently modified desires.

Life becomes meaningful when we have some goal, we work for an objective, we strive to reach some destination. Our efforts are pointing towards a specific direction which isn’t actually solely for our personal welfare or our materialistic desires, gives life a meaning, makes life interesting, creates cordial relationship with life.

Strongly Selfish Motives In Every Action Make Life Meaningless

Make Life MeaningfulDoing same work that you already do, performing tasks similarly with a selfish motive, with greed will not give any meaning to life, as these things are quiet common, everyone of us works for a living, takes care of his/her personal welfare, always looking for ways to satisfy and calm down ego, making all possible efforts to maintain and upgrade social and living status.

On occasions these selfish efforts can get to any extent in order to insure the personal welfare, making some progress in things that help our personal interests and when intensity of such motives increases beyond normal social limits, one even starts overlooking that his/her personal interests are clashing with wide social interests or are threatening someone life. They behavior tends to be blind to other fellow human beings and even nature.   We are all a part of society and cannot blame others alone, as the difference is only in degrees, some people show such behavior by mistake, others occasionally and those that we call anti-social get in grip of such behavior frequently.

This post “Making a meaningful life” is a part of previous post, already published on this philosophy blog titled “What is the meaning of the life” and will be followed by some more posts, next post is “What is then the real purpose and meaning of life“.