Man The Undisputed Leader On Planet Earth

Posted on August 16, 2006
Man The Undisputed Leader On Planet Earth - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Man is the undisputed Leader of this planet earth and anything beyond control of his leadership is shunned. In last two centuries man has established his credentials on this planet and is now an undisputed leader. When we talk about the dangers to this planet what we actually mean is dangers faced by men on this planet earth.

God or Nature created various forms of life on this planet and man has proved that he is the best. He now controls the other forms of lives on this planet, in one form or other. These lives now need his permission in order to survive on this planet and man decides who will survive and who will not depending on his mood and preferences.

Few centuries ago every form of life had a right to survive. They followed there natural instinct. Every form of life had freedom and permission to do and act as per their wish, nobody actually controlled this land, sea or air. There was a healthy combination supporting coexistence of various forms of life. Nature was supreme and had sole authority.

Then suddenly one form of life called man started destroying other forms of lives unnaturally and slowly he extended his empire not only on land but mountains, forests, deserts, sea, air and other places that were beyond imagination. Nobody had any rights under his jurisdiction but duties, assigned by man. Violation of his order meant elimination of life.

Man continued to do this until one day he noticed that his rules were actually endangering his own survival. In order to continue his survival he required all these forms of lives in their natural form. He immediately started studying nature, helping other forms of life i.e. wild life, ecosystem, environment etc. Looking at the gravity of situation he even started forcing himself to obey his new rules and guidelines but can a mentality which took years to develop can be changed in a day or two.

Man is a terrorist for all forms of lives on this planet. His modus operandi is that of an organized crime. He has destroyed peace and harmony on this planet to such an extent that many forms of lives have ceased to exist and have become extinct and many others are on this way.

All this means that man isn’t an undisputed leader on earth but a terrorist organization who has taken the whole world in his grip unethically and now the whole planet is paying for his deeds.

No one can challenge the nature, as it is over and above everything, nobody can harm or do anything against the nature (also called supreme power). Nature is nature because it only reacts to our actions, we destroyed trees it started reacting accordingly, we destroyed ecosystem it started working accordingly, we have interfered with foods, plants, domestic animals to increase yield, improve self life, reduce unwanted stuff.

All this has lead to a global chaos, those who are advanced and developed are facing more problems then those who think they are poor and still far from development. Today food that we eat is junk food, even leafy vegetables, fruits fail to provide the traditional health benefits as our scientific cultivation technology has failed to keep the nutrients intact, we must remember our knowledge is limited and whenever we think that we can do something better then nature, we are taking chances, risking our existence not that of the nature, nature has been there and will always be there, it is only human race in present form that will have to undergo a change according to its own actions and over-confidence.