Money Important or Omnipotent

Posted on April 3, 2012
Money Important or Omnipotent - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

We cannot deny the role and importance of money in our modern society, it is responsible for shaping every sphere of our life today, in a way which is unprecedented which has led me to believe that money isn’t only important its omnipotent.

Money is involved in everything that is happening or taking place, its a form of energy which transforms itself from one form to another, from one hand to another, from one profession to another.

Today role of money has changed rapidly from being important to omnipotent, it is more or less a source and destination of almost everything taking place in modern societies.

All the major problems that are making survival of living being on this planet difficult if not impossible today like pollution, global warming, physical and mental health problems, extintion of some species etc. Money itself isn’t bad, its a necessity of life, helps life but the way its misused for apparently selfish motives is distroying peace and harmony of this planet. Its distrubing the natural balance which is forcing nature to take action and reinstate the balance on its own, which is leading to disasters and natural calamities including changing climate.

The way in which money is influencing our life is dangerous, which can lead to a blind society.

Most of our modern problems can be attributed to money and the way it is being used and misused. In the name of economic development we are somewhere getting too much influenced by money, it is creating a number of problems whether its environment problem like global warming, wild life or social problems, health problems. Each and every problem is somewhere connected to money.