Mysteries of Life and Nature

Posted on April 2, 2008
Mysteries of Life and Nature - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Life is a mystery and nature is mysterious. The more we try to solve this mystery, more entangled this mystery becomes. One way to live with this mystery is to take a middle path i.e., although you known a subject well still you don’t known it that well.

This mystery has always been there for those who try to master (experiment with, try to explore more) a science or an art that exists in this nature in any form, as after a certain point of exploring truth one comes across evidence that point to mystery, something which isn’t in line with the fact that helped to reach this point of exploration.

Mysteries of Nature Supports Life

Mystery of nature isn’t bad for the nature or life on this planet or the universe. A life which is lead as per the normal natural route isn’t mysterious at all. All the things are well established and commonly known to everyone. Only when one tries to cross the barriers of natural limits one faces these mysteries of nature.

When we break one law of nature , we immediately find our-self in the jurisdiction of another law of nature, nature exists even beyond human imaginations, its a mystery because it exists there, at such places, places which do not exist for us, aren’t mentioned even in our fiction, our imagination, our dream and when we find/reach such places we find nature with its laws already existing there.

In terms of software programmers its like error handling, code that exists to handle exceptions and any software which fails to incorporate enough exception handling routines are said to be poor, unrefined, beta.

Mystery of nature is a mystery itself. Even nature whether its mysterious or not is always supportive of a common cause. All the mysterious acts of nature have a humane face.

Mysteries of Nature ultimately help the survival, welfare of the universe. These mysteries has provided a number of social traits, common understandings, rituals, culture which suit the environment and nature of the place. The best thing of nature’s mysterious nature is that nature itself follows its natural law and respects it.

Men today has been developing things some of which aren’t in connotation with the nature’s ways, these developments may look good today but the fact that they don’t follow a natural philosophy is an invitation to mysterious response from nature. These mysteries are problems with no clear cut solution.

Are you ready to take test of nature, even a little questionnaire of nature is puzzling our brains, look around and see what this can mean to us, our civilization.  Its all a part of Mysteries of Life and Nature, that we are just beginning to realize, that they do exist.