Online Virtual Society On Internet

Posted on March 18, 2010
Online Virtual Society On Internet - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Internet and Its Philosophy

It feels great to be online, share views and visions of people across the globe, learn about the local issues and how they are impacting global issues. An electronic society which is not backed by humanoids or robots but real human beings like you and me. We may not know each other but we are familiar with one another. We have something in common, even though we live apart may have vast differences in our economic and social background, internet is a platform which brings us together to share and care for our vision, our views. A unique philosophy visible on internet.

Internet or web is today a society, a virtual community, it’s not a tool or a technology but its an integral part of  modern life, more and more people are getting accustomed to this new form of society, an online society. There are many benefits of being a part of this society but this is also threatening a number of traditional and modern social structures.

Online Society is Unnatural Society

Man is a social animal he/she isn’t an electronic gadget which can be powered on and used for as many hours as one wishes. Initially internet was a medium which was invented and developed to make things easier for a man. Today a man is a medium and internet (the technology and its environment) is the boss. It is crossing all limits of human society, it is interfering in our social life, our lifestyle, our relations, health and wellness.

It is good to use the internet, take advantage of facilities available on the web but it is not so, I think the word ‘web‘ is the right word for internet and its online world. We do not leave the internet, that space after using those facilities we get absorbed in that environment to such an extent that it starts interfering in our normal life initially and later on it overtakes our life completely.

I’ve seen a number of internet addicts, the right and comfort of expression, availability of vast choices which can cater to our every need at any time is making it an unnaturally dangerous place for human society. A whimsical person can do and behave normally on internet or we can say any one who is addicted to web can become whimsical in normal life and can still feel normal online.

This is a nice place to show our hidden abilities but this is also a place to hide our disabilities or laziness in our normal life. This is a community which always maintains a distance. We never know whether the person we are talking to is a male or female, a teenager or a senior, whether he/she have had bath in days or not and other normal things that are common in a natural society.

Online Society is A Dangerous Society

This online world is actually giving birth to mood swings, people who work online work during the odd hours which are not common or normal. They work when they feel energetic, enthusiastic they don’t care about the day of week or time of the day. It is meaning less here the only thing that counts on web is results, the outcome.

We can start dating whenever we feel fresh, inclined to love, there are a number of online dating sites. We can discover love or start looking for one only for the moments this feeling is on our mind. The moment its gone, we can simply log-off move to another site for which we have developed interest now.

One cannot judge the depth of emotions or feelings, as everybody is not well versed in replicating a true picture of his/her inner feelings with words. Those who can draw such picture may not actually have that dept. A number of such imitators of feeling and emotions are flourishing on internet, they are known as internet-marketers.

No community or social networking site is free from these spammers of feelings, they try to study these online patterns and then use them for a profitable business. A percentage of people who are genuine and even unaware of these online marketers are either scammed or there hard work takes a long time to prove. Most things have a shade of illusion on web and a perfect illusionist is a successful webmaster, a philosophy of internet.

Online Society is A Virtual Community

According to Wikipaedia a virtual society or community is a place where its members or individuals interact with each other through a specific media, in order to pursue mutual interests or common goal.

It is virtual because it depends on some media element, if that media is absent then there is no interaction and thus no community exists. These virtual communities are actually helping our society as a global community works for the purpose of human welfare, its a common human tendency to help each other and take up issues of mutual interests.
The real threat to online virtual societies is from anti social mentality (negative thinkers) and elements, they too can use this space to spread there negative mentality, to organize themselves to get there purpose solved.
In every mainstream society, people with negative mentality are very rare, although most of us do temporarily go through such extreme negative mental phase but its only momentary but when such a moment get support from a community of hard line negative thinkers and anti social elements it can get stabilized, a momentary impulse can have a long lasting effect on our life, career as internet is a collection of vast communities, represents every thought and feelings and a simple search can connect to a any society on internet.