Philosophy Happiness

Posted on May 22, 2009
Philosophy Happiness - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Happiness seems to be an art of living. It is available to those who seek it. Today we have all forms of comforts available at our disposal but we are not able to enjoy them, earlier before renaissance i.e. industrialization things were quiet simple to understand and follow, now a days things have become very complicated.

Today we have good beds but we are not always able to enjoy sleep (a part of our society is today suffering from sleeping disorders). Today we have enough food but we don’t find it appetizing. We have 24 hours in a day but we can’t find even half an our to relax, to enjoy freedom.

Why has this happened, why are we unable to enjoy the way nature and wild animal, insects, plants and flowers enjoy life.

Philosophy of happiness seems to be independent of external factors, happiness is not dependent on resources or comforts in life, its beyond these factors.

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There are so many ways and streams to reach a common goal, to enjoy life, to lead a happy life and give a meaning to life. Principles of manifestation are based on hypnosis, hypnosis is based on positive thinking and positive thinking itself is both source and destination of happiness.

If we want to understand philosophy of happiness then there is no need to search for anything anywhere as things outside cannot bring that depth of pleasure or joy called happiness. Simply enjoying life in its natural form can lead each one of us to its definition and realization. (I know I’m not very clear but please give me some more time, more posts to clear my position).