Philosophy In Philosopher’s Life

Posted on January 23, 2008
Philosophy In Philosopher’s Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

We think that it is philosophical to think of life from a different perspective. A perspective which isn’t commonly used in normal course of life, which if used and applied to the perspective of every active citizen will make a difference in there productivity and level of satisfaction in life. On the other hand people think of philosophy as a subject which is used for higher studies or a branch of art like sociology, history etc. They think it is good to study philosophy but in real life there isn’t much philosophy like the one provided in philosophical books.

They think philosophers or those who study philosophy as a hobby or interest aren’t from mainstream of society, but are people sitting ideal to read and interpret others who are participating in real activities of life besides being a subject of study for philosophers. May be they are right as one needs to keep some distance from his subject in order to give his verdict of his views in the given circumstances.

There is much philosophy and philosophical talk today then was there some time back, as today we have a more civilized society which is also qualified to talk on philosophy even if they don’t understand anything worthwhile in it. Today people read and learn from several sources and use that information to fit according to there own views. All of us today have our own stand on every subject whether its philosophy or science, we try to make it a point that whatever we have been just told was already visible from our stand, the conclusion isn’t dramatically something new from our stand. This makes philosophy of philosophy, a new philosophy for philosophers.

A philosopher is today helpless as everybody listens to what he has to say calmly but at last he explains a new philosophy on the subject from an angle that philosopher wasn’t aware of, does exists. There are even some outspoken persons who can even tell a philosopher to think positively and take interest in his own life, to find real happiness in real life and stop his search for happiness and well being in philosophy.

Todays philosophy in life is good for the society but for philosophers there is a change in the attitude of society as democracy and human rights are now an active issue and people are aware of there rights and intelligence.