Philosophy of Chakras – A Brief Introduction

Posted on November 17, 2010
Philosophy of Chakras – A Brief Introduction - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Chakras are part of Yogic philosophy, traditionally they were explored by Yogis who used to explore secrets of nature in a place away from society. Today Chakra healing is available in market from several vendors some of which do not even know or understand the depth of this process.

Philosophy in life isn’t a blog which provides a commercial solution which are hardly going to work for anyone, even though it is very much related to our philosophy of life.  Anyway, here is an article written by Paul White which I found to be interesting (in a number of ways) and throws some light on more philosophical alternatives to find love, peace and happiness in life.

Please note that it is only a path (there can be several) to reach a destination and none of these paths actually allow any shortcuts those who look for shortcuts keeping trying one path after the other and reach nowhere except where they were with a little frustration.

Reiki chakras are the seven energy centers placed in the human body in its subtle within. These are located vertically in a straight line which starts from the base of the spinal cord and ends at the crown of the head. The Reiki chakras are clusters or whorls of energy being the receiving and transmitting point for the same in link to the infinite energy source of the cosmos.

If we follow human anatomy, Reiki chakras are major nerve ganglia originating from the spinal cord and are associated to a number of important organs in a human\’s body. If the seven Reiki chakras open and working well, they keep a person healthy physically and emotionally. But if there is any blockage or the energy is misdirected or imbalanced, an individual may face a number of problems physically as well as psychologically.

The technique of Reiki in simple words may be termed palm healing. To control a blocked chakra or imbalanced energy flow, the Reiki master applies Reiki techniques on the sick person, so that the chakra is balanced or opened. The Reiki master receives infinite positive energy from the cosmos. He acts as a conduit and directs and channels this energy through his palms onto the sick person\’s body. In this way he balances the overactive and under-active Reiki chakras.

The seven Reiki chakras in a person\’s body are those of the base/root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown of the head chakras, each of which are connected to vital organs of the body as well as the endocrine system of the same. Starting with the base or root Reiki chakra, located at the bottom of the pelvis, at the last bone of the spinal cord, it can be said to be connected to the organs of rectum, large intestine, leg bones, spine, kidney and the adrenal gland.

The second and third of the chakras are those of sacral and solar plexus chakras respectively. While the sacral chakra is all about the reproduction system of an individual, linked with the testicles, ovaries, urinary bladder and spleen, the solar plexus chakra is all about the metabolism system having under it the organs of pancreas, liver, stomach, gall bladder, and small intestine.

The fourth of the chakras is the central heart chakra in control of one\’s heart and the entire circulatory system of the body. Hence, any blockage here affects the all important organ of the heart and is thereby linked to the arms, lower lungs, skin and the thymus gland. The throat chakra located at the base of one\’s throat is directly linked to the thyroid gland and is thus responsible for the throat, upper lungs, jaw, as well as the vocal cords. Indirectly it may also affect the digestive system as well.

The two final Reiki chakras are those of the third eye, located between one\’s eye brows and the ultimate crown of the head one, which though not directly linked to any physical organ, but is the final seat of spiritual power and thus corresponds to the person\’s whole being. The highly important third eye chakra is related to the face, eyes, nose and most importantly the brain and the pituitary gland.

The Reiki chakras are not only important physically but are the sole reason behind a person\’s emotional, psychological and spiritual well being as well. Starting with the base chakra which grounds a person\’s existence, one by one the Reiki chakras stand for a person\’s relations with others, personal power, his emotions mainly that of love through his heart chakra, his expression, communication and mental creativity through the throat chakra, thereafter his intuition, ability to meditate, visualize and manifest through the third eye and finally the attainment of eternal peace via spiritual wisdom at the crown of the head chakra.

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This was just a brief introduction to Chakras, may be we can discuss more on philosophy of chakras in this blog in future when this blog gets a little mature and starts moving in some direction.