Philosophy of Eternal Blissfulness- A Ceaseless State-II

Posted on May 17, 2008
Philosophy of Eternal Blissfulness- A Ceaseless State-II - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Understanding philosophy of eternal blissfulness which is a ceaseless state, isn’t unattainable. Its available to each one of us, without any physical hard work. This blissfulness is a super-set of all bliss-es and all forms of happiness-es known to man. It’s so much powerful that everything in the universe that we are aware of (existence) strives for it, tries to reach the state of eternal bliss, using multiple paths, multiple philosophies. May be we don’t known about it (consciously), but it is very much there and is a never ending trend.

Some of us know this or enjoy this eternal bliss partially and you can discover those who enjoys this blissful state. Actually they are all cool, peaceful, unbiased. Always ready to pass this on to others, who need this blissful state. There gentle gesture makes them a gentleman. Today this word ‘gentleman’ is commonly used without much stress on (meaning of) gentleness, but the word exists because it points towards those who stand out.

Lack of this inertness/eternal blissfulness is actually the reason behind all the universal affairs, within and outside this planet. In terms of computer science our subconscious search for eternal bliss is like the parent process of an operating system in a computer also known as process Id zero (0). This is the main process of the operating system and gives birth to other process and activities in the computer. If we stop this process with Zero Id (0), our computer system will automatically shut down because all the process that take place in the operating system of a computer are actually supported by this process Zero.

In this world all the process whether its business, development, politics, education, entertainment, charity or crime are actually caused by our inner thirst for inertness, eternal bliss.

We are constantly searching for better ways to lead a happy life, better ways to success. Everyone of us is doing this in his own way, for children its going to school, playing in the ground. For an adult its looking for job, career, love, sex etc. We do this because we think it will change quality of our life and we continue to do one thing after the other in search of that ultimate satisfaction.

Most of us complete our tenure on this planet before reaching any destination or conclusion.

Even on internet this quest is reflected in one way or other, we have numerous websites, groups, communities and themes each catering to interest, problems or solutions. This is a never ending process, a cycle of life and death, of creation and destruction for a little secret desire inertness, eternal blissfulness, that is often hidden from modern society, our modern lifestyle.

Today most of us who are not philosophical may not know about eternal bliss, amazing grace, inertness because today we are trying to formulate shortcuts to reach destinations using actually a longer route. We think (or our activities reflect) that philosophy of life is to make money and reach a state of financial freedom (which is never possible, without repairing or replacing our modern mentality).

We all know that we want peace and happiness, which we think is missing because of poor financial state, limited sources of income, living in a substandard place but we are wrong we are strive to perform well, we even put everything at stake that we already have (health, peace, wellness, family etc. etc.) to get something that is doubtful, unclear.

All these activities, take place because we have volatile state of mind, we are ready to act and react and with new developments this volatility has increased people are now more disturbed, they are now performing more tasks mentality then they used to perform because our mind (we) has somewhere moved away from the state of balance, peace and today subconsciously we are trying hard to perform well to reach somewhere near that state, increasing distance from that blissful state has actually increase the subconscious craving more. Something which is also experienced by lovers.