Philosophy of Happiness

Posted on March 31, 2009
Philosophy of Happiness - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Happiness Is The Life Blood of Survival

Philosophy of happiness is also an integral part of philosophy of life. It makes life more positive, more rewarding, a lovely place to be around. There are actually very common and easily adaptable principles to understand and retain happiness in our lives forever but in today’s complicated environment little, easily manageable things too look very complicated and thus difficult to follow and understand. If we can leave this modern, advanced, updated surrounding we can easily get relaxed and get a glimpse of happiness.

Here, I can give you 10 tips to be happy, 3 ways to maintain happiness (which can be a future post) etc., which I think most people look for in there online searches. This posts is not meant to provide a quick fix for happiness, this post is meant to use some processing power of your brain in meditation, in order to reach some conclusion on your own as conclusions that we reach after intro-inspections are more stable and effective in our life. I know providing any brief, easy steps to solution are not going to throw enough light or solve the problem in providing any happiness or its philosophy at all. I’ve already covered some brief topics on happiness in this blog, you can also read them if you like.

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In order to be happy and understand philosophy of happiness one must understand its background and environment in which it can be cultivated and survived. If we are able to grasp the basics of happiness we can ourselves search for tools which are most appropriate for us.

What is Happiness?

Happiness plays a major role in our lives. It can make or mar any life, any life means everything surviving on this planet whether its human beings, boys, girls, students, couple, children, teachers, engineers, doctors, or even wild animals, pet animals, sea animals, plants, trees, life within sea-beds and everywhere else.

We cannot get happiness in market for money (otherwise happiness would have been a private property of rich and famous), from other people with force or by playing little tricks of our mind.

Happiness is not a limited resource like bio fuel, money, success, beauty, power, luxury etc. It is available in abundance everywhere and anyone can enjoy as much as he/she likes to enjoy and retain.

Happiness is recession proof (so no need to worry on that end), its safety is guaranteed, its not taxable, there is no custom duty or local taxes on keeping and carrying this non-tangible commodity.

Happiness plays a major role in things that go in and around this world. It has a role in global politics, eco-system, environment issues, terrorist problems, malfunctioning of body system yet it is the most neglected and least discussed topic.

We all understand and realize importance of happiness in our life, in life of our family members, yet we are highly negligent when it comes to adopting simple principles of life and happiness in our life.

We think happiness to be a counter product of other things that we are busy doing. We think that things will change soon with our efforts which we assume will bring prosperity and happiness in our life.

We work day and night to accumulate more resources which we hope will lead more happiness in our life. We don’t realize that in doing so we are already breaking some laws of nature. Life isn’t about a single achievement or throwing all resources for a single task, life is enjoying a bit of everything whether its work, rest, family, music, children, society, nature or whatever comes to your mind. Everything has a role in our life and that role also leads to happiness, if you cannot find it now in present circumstances then what is the guarantee that you will find it tomorrow, with your present efforts.

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