Philosophy of Honesty

Posted on August 11, 2009
Philosophy of Honesty - Philosophy of Happiness in Life


Honesty Is Our Natural Choice

The truth needs so little rehearsal.  ~Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Honesty is a natural choice, its natural to be honest. We love to be honest and praise those who love honesty. Even today nothing has changed when it comes to natural human choice, we try to suppress this natural inclination by giving a number of justification to our own self and to those who ask us why?

Today when nature is distancing itself from us, we have a number of issues with nature such as global warming, protection from Sunshine (we have teared the Natural Protecting System called Ozone), endangered species, pollution in air, water and food. Along with these we have also polluted or natural thinking process, we no more believe in nature the way we used to, today we love (or pretend to love) artificial, processed, covered things, whether its new, views, water, food or even air.

We can’t drink untreated water as we fear pollutants, so is the case with other things including honesty. Today we feel that to be honest is like standing barely under the sunshine, we feel that its dangerous and may not be good for us. We don’t think that honesty is a natural tendency, a natural choice, we think its foolish, its childish to be honest in today’s world.

Philosophy of Honesty Our Natural Choice


No Honesty No Peace of Mind


We can’t think of a peaceful life, if we can’t appreciate honesty in everyday life. Our natural inclination towards honesty can’t tolerate dishonesty our own system starts malfunctioning if we are dishonest.

If we want peace then we must take this seriously, if we want health then we must think about effects of this aspect of life on our body and mind, we want happiness in life then we must try this rule of nature.

We can’t trick the nature with Dishonesty

Even if we have several reasons to satisfy our own logic we cannot trick the nature, our own human nature, nature of our body system, philosophy of our own mind and thinking. Logic is better suited for machines then men.

If we are dishonest in some of our dealing then its effect can be seen in a number of things that happen in our life, it can be mood swing, irritation or failures.


Honesty Is The Best Policy


Overall honesty is the best policy and this is a fact. This is the easiest and most convenient option that we can have. Its better to be honest and face the truth then to be dishonest, inviting a number of problems and at last confessing after a long period of unrest. Read more on why honesty is the best policy?

In order to appreciate honesty, we must learn this from our own experience, from our own trials in everyday life. Sooner we realize its benefits on our own the better it will be for life and life of this mankind on this planet.

Discover Philosophy of Honesty & Enjoy A Happy and Peaceful Life
May be most of us think ourselves to be honest, may be it is true from our own perspective but is it really true. There is one way to know whether its true or not, either we can delve deep in philosophy of honesty or we can take a simple test.

Honesty is a lifestyle of a winner, someone who is not afraid of truth and its consequences. He/she is not honest because its the best policy or because he is aware of its benefits but because its honesty, a single path which is the right path.

A person who is really honest always enjoys happiness, peace of mind, tranquility as he has nothing to process in his/her mind, there is nothing that can get uncovered. Whatever is there is there because it has to be there. He has neither added nor subtracted anything anywhere. This is a simple test (as per my knowledge/information/experience) which I feel can be used to reposition our own strategy on honesty.