Philosophy of Love

Posted on March 18, 2009
Philosophy of Love - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Philosophy of Love depicted by Nature

Do We Really Love Anyone?

I hope you’ve already read the last post ‘Philosophy of Love Vs Philosophy of Lust‘. I know that it is easy to read but it is not always easy to study. Study requires attentive reading which further need calmness.

The love is actually a natural phenomenon, a formless object like happiness. We believe that love is guided by appearance and how we are treated but actually love is over and above these things. It is beyond any expectation or promise. I think we are at fault when we misunderstand lust as love.

Lust is a inferior quality of love, which has a number of limitations, and is frequently encountered in day to day life.

Do we really love anyone? Like nature. I don’t know who you love but if there is love (not lust) in any life, and it is really love then I don’t think there are any regrets left in this life, as love is the essence of life.

We can love anyone or anything it can be a purpose, a job, a work, a person, an activity or whatever it is you fall in love with. Love gives a meaning to life and this meaning is not temporary, time bound, its permanent, something which is forever to stay, at least in this life (IFF IT IS LOVE!).

Do you think we have this love in our life????

Understanding Love and Its Philosophies

There is no hard and fast rule that describe love, its a natural process but its not lust, it can’t come close to lust, lust is a desire, a hunger, an appetite. Love is pure, its natural, its pleasing and provides energy, positivity, calmness.

Love can’t be described in words because its a feeling, an intention, a true love is always over and above selfishness, its a sacrifice. There are very few instances of real love in real life, most feelings are only temporary and thus can’t be compared to this precious word.

Title song of famous movie ‘Titanic‘ also tries to depict the philosophy behind love, you can watch this song here.