Philosophy of Work, Money & Happiness Part-III

Posted on October 20, 2008
Philosophy of Work, Money & Happiness Part-III - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Are we confused?

Philosophy of Work, Money & Happiness

Yes, we are. I don’t know about you but I know about myself. Like each one of us, I too have seen many faces of life, I too have tried many tricks to solve puzzle of life, and at some point I realized that I was trying to solve the puzzle with a wrong mindset which was in turn puzzling me.

When I worked for money, I set the type (quality) and amount (tasks) I will actually do to justify the amount of money I will get. I wasn’t able to perform at work because I wasn’t able to get the money I wished to get from the work. My unsatisfied mind produced unsatisfactory work. I tried to find a work which justified quality of my work with money and facilities I deserved, but I didn’t find any. I had failed on both fronts either earing money or working. Soon, I was frustrated and depressed with the situation.

I felt so much humiliated that I didn’t wanted to work for money anywhere, now I had changed my strategy, I only wished to work or do things that I was able to perform well. Money wasn’t a consideration and stand nowhere in the scene. I only choose to work where I had opportunity to put my best. I followed this strategy and later adopted it for life, because then I discovered that money automatically followed the work. I enjoyed the work and was absorbed in it and I was getting money for this fun. I was well rewarded, without asking. Rewards weren’t limited to money but much more then that which can’t be described in words some of them are happiness, satisfaction, respect.

We Work for Money, Spend Money to Work

Money and work are both double edged swords. We work to make money and then spend money to work. Today basic necessities aren’t that important to us, they get easily fulfilled, we spend money in other luxuries which don’t make much difference except that we burn our precious time with them (and accumulate fat because of sedentary lifestyle). When we are not working and have spare time, we try to reduce this spare time and money is something that we all use for this purpose. We may read, write, travel, eat, drink, watch and do what ever is possible and within our reach with the money we have in hand, to spend that extra time in extra activities. We burn money to search for an activity which can draw our attention to fullest. We like those activities which are able to draw most of our attention and then it is our hobby, our interest.

Time & Money Are The Basic Building Blocks of Modern Lifestyle

Relation between Modern Lifestyle, Time and Money

Today we use all sort of gadgets and tools to save time, still we are more busy then ever in history. Why is this happening? Now, we are looking for gadgets that are automated, which don’t need any intervention anywhere. Still we find that now we are more busy and have less time even for our own activities.

The problem is again in the time, that we have in hand, a lot of spare time. We have today designed our society and lifestyle in such a way that we have a ready collection of time burning gadgets and activities. Whenever we get some spare time, we spend it in one of them, then other, then another. Now, after spending time in these unscheduled activities or scheduled activities to relax, we find that we don’t have enough time for our important tasks, most of which are naturally required for health and wellness.

Time and Money scene in Developed and Undeveloped Societies

We can understand this with life in city ( a developed society) and village (undeveloped or less developed then cities). We can see there lifestyle, requirement of money and work. We can also compare there satisfaction, happiness and quality of life. I have a opinion that when we move from places which are undeveloped or under developed to places which are highly developed or modernized there is always an increased urgency for money, lack of time, more dissatisfaction and less happiness.
Today our life is more money oriented, most of our decisions and things we do have something to do with money. What we do and how we do are somewhere inspired by how much money we’ll make from them. How can we drive happiness from doing something which is not very interesting for us, except the fact that it does makes good money. We often overlook the natural law that actions are followed by reactions and whatever we do (whether with interest or not) is going to yield something (money in small or big quantity will always follow our work).
Even if we do not work for money, we’ll definitely make money from what we do. The only thing that will change is our views about our work, our willingness to do the work, resulting happiness from the work, which will lead to a positive experience and more success in life.