Philosophy of Work Part-II

Posted on October 20, 2008
Philosophy of Work Part-II - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Why do we work?

Just like philosophy of money, there is a philosophy of work too. We work for money and get money for our work. This is true when we glance at the picture casually. We all think and know that we have to work because it is the only source for earning money, but it isn’t always true. Money can’t always be the reason for working, doing jobs. This can be easily understood when we look further into this issue.

We Are Naturally Inclined to Work

Actually we are naturally inclined to work, to do something which is physical or mental. We always need to engage our-self, if we are unable to find something to get hooked to, we will try to run away from that situation, place or time. We have a natural built-in tendency to work, we cannot survive without work. Even a child who has nothing to do with money tries to do some work. We like to engage our self in something to such an extent that we can even pay or spend our hard earned money to keep our self busy or involved. So, I think and feel that it is wrong to think that we have to work because we need money and money is the only factor for which we have to work.

Confusion of Money and Work

There is a confusion between working, working for money, money for work. Most of us get dissatisfied and unhappy because we are occasionally trapped in this confusion. We have our-self turned a simple natural phenomenon into a complex unmanageable problem. We think we need money and therefore we have to work i.e., we give more importance to money then to work. We decide a work in terms of money, what we do and how we do depends on how much money it will make. Isn’t it necessary to give more importance to work then to money, which will automatically solve most of our problems. This may look like a theory with no practical consequence but it isn’t so.

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