Questions About God

Posted on August 5, 2006
Questions About God - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

: Shree Hari :

Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Shanivar

Gist: God IS. He is ever present, ever existent and devoid of all activity. Where is God, what is God like, can God be be perceived, all these are unnecessary. God cannot be described, but He can be realized by the Self. Our inclination towards this body and world prevents us from realizing God. The quest for Real (God), devours the unreal (world / body).

Questions About God

Question: Where is God?

Swamiji? God IS. There is no where, here, there, that is, God is completely beyond a country, time, thing, individual, etc. There is no deficiency of God anywhere, but there is a shortage of ardent seekers who long to see Him. One whose attention goes on this world, he says that “Where is God“? and the one whose sight remains on God, he says “Where is God not present?

Question: If He is everywhere why is He not perceived ?

Swamiji: God IS everywhere, however a storekeeper needs a shopper. Just like there are many pillars but one needs a Prahlad to manisfest God from a pillar. Until there is influence of the world on the inner faculties, till then it is difficult to understand or percieve God. God is known not by the mind, intellect and senses, but by the Self. The mistake we make is that instead of considering “Is-ness” (Existence) which is our true essence, to be that of God’s, we consider it to be of this Nature, this World. Believing in the ever changing (world), is the main reason why we do not believe or perceive God.

This body is even more distant than all those things that we believe to be very far away from us. Whereas God is even more closer than all those things that we consider closest to us.

Just like the Sun is not really covered by clouds, but the clouds are covering our sight or view of the Sun, similarly, God is never concealed, it is our intellect that is concealed. God exists, such acknowledgement is sufficient. What is God like and whether He can be perceived is unnecessary. God cannot be described, but He can be realized.

Question: What happens in the process of realizing God?

Swamiji: A spiritual aspirant initially sees God as distant, then he sees God close by, then he sees God in himself, and finally he sees only God, the only reality.

Question: Why do you say that the world is unreal and only God is real?

Swamiji: Yes! God (the Universal Soul) is real, and the rest is all unreal. God is devoid of all activity and is ever Existent. We attribute the “Is-ness” to the world, not to God and that is a mistake. Real is not opposed to the unreal, rather Real is what gives existence to the unreal. It is the quest for Real, which devours the unreal.

Ram Ram

From “Drops of Nectar” in English by Swami Ramuskhdasji

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