What Is the Real Purpose and Meaning of Life

Posted on February 14, 2011
What Is the Real Purpose and Meaning of Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Well, we cannot restrict meaning of life to our limited power of imagination, as life even exists there where we have no reach or have not reached yet, even beyond the level of our imagination, even beyond the reach of modern science and scientists.  Our knowledge is limited (although we always constantly expanding and improve it with our growing experience & learnings), we do not know everything about our surrounding, we do not know even about things we have with us or even about our own self (there is a branch of Yoga which tries to explore one’s own self and those who are successful on this path become self-realized).  So, under these circumstances it is not possible to give a universal definition of life, its meaning and its purpose as it needs to be customized, adapted & adopted as per our individual priorities, preferences, understanding as well as circumstances.

Can We All Have Similar Purpose or Meaning of Life

A single definition of life and its meaning cannot be applied for each one and everyone of us, cause we are all so different, so unique that even things that look similar in each one of us are actually different.

Something which is common (seems to be common feature) in each one of us, may not be as such, it may not hold the same importance or have similar use, have same structure or  attributes (in fact nothing is same or similar, even our own handwriting keeps changing, words or phrases that we speak or write too change over time). For example, each one of us normally has four fingers and one thumb but for each one of us they have slightly different characteristic (which is studied in a branch of astrology for predictions based on several factors).

Doesn’t Uniqueness of Evey Individual’s Thumb Impression Indicates Uniqueness of Our Meaning and Purpose

Now, if we leave other four fingers in our hand and even thumb to some extent and only consider thumb impression, we will be surprised to note that even thumb impression of every individual is unique, it is not possible for two individuals to have same thumb impression, leave alone thumb. Look at the vast ever expanding population and how nature is designing unique design for each one of them without even a single case of duplicate and look at the internet and how it is struggling with the menace of duplicate contents. This is the reason why thumb impression has importance in legal matters for establishing identities of individuals.

Just like the uniqueness of every thumb impression, our individual meaning of life is also very unique, even if we are not aware or have identified ways to express it. Our thoughts shape our life and its meaning for us. What life means to us depends on whether we have a positive or negative thinking, level of our confidence, our views about our own self and about the society, what is important to us, how do we measure success.

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