Role of Difficulties and Problems in Our Life

Posted on October 29, 2009
Role of Difficulties and Problems in Our Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Face Difficulties & Problems in Life to Reap Success

Difficulties and problems of Life lead to Success
Everything that happens in our life plays an important role in shaping our future and present. Difficulties and problems too have a positive as well as negative aspect on our life. They also act as a calibrating tool, a rating system of our life. Big players face bigger problems and small players face small problem but each one of them sees and treats them in somewhat similar fashion. Every difficult situation or problem that we solve or cross successfully increases our individual ranking in life and adds to our list of achievements in life besides boosting our confidence level and morale to tackle such situation in future.


Life is a continuous process, a journey. The moment we cease to move with life is the moment life ceases to exist. Look at non-living objects, life less things around us, they don’t react to anything, they are not perturbed with changing environment, degrading situations because life isn’t supported within them.

Things that seem to be difficulties or problems of our life are actually milestones of our life, we have to cross them one after the other. We can look at these circumstances as a quality test (Quality Control of Life) or challenge. Whether we want to qualify a test or accept a challenge is a personal choice, we can also ignore such situations right from the start and look for other easier alternative ways to move in life. Although we are all human beings and are neither willing to work for qualifying a test or accepting a challenge and working on it. All we want is to somehow pass the test, win the challenge with our lazy lifestyle (improving lifestyle is actually the biggest difficulty we face, we want to but we can’t). We are not willing to ignore such situations as we cannot ignore the achievements it can bring in our life.

These problems and difficulties that we face in our day to day life are not forced on us but they are natural ingredients of life. A reaction for our wants, our greed or our willingness to get more from life in society, family, job, career, relationship, eduction, health, children, satisfaction etc.


The problem that a person faces or difficulty that he/she feels is always unique for him/her. Even similar looking circumstances do not produce same level of difficulties for two persons. They get and feel there own unique version of the problem which also gives some reflection of his/her own personality. Those who tend to think more will feel more perturbed then those who prefer to work more then to think. Have you seen a hurdle race and its participants, they all have same task to achieve but have slightly different physical and mental preparation.


How much we achieve in life indicates how well we performed our duties everyday. Sense of achievement isn’t a tangible object or a social status or a measurement of wealth its just a feeling, a view, a thought about our own self. It also indicates whether we looked at everyday tasks, difficulties and surrounding problems as a difficulty or problem only or as an opportunity to find a solution.

A small change in our mind-set, in our views and assumptions can bring a lot of change in how well we perform and how much we can achieve. Try to think about the solutions and you will loose tension of the problems.


It is easier to compare our conditions and circumstances with others who we think have had destiny on there side. We often think that others get easier tasks and better rewards. This is one of the easiest way to hide our failures, laziness from our own self. An excuse for under performance.

We create more problems and difficulties in our mind then what actually exists(read more in this blog at life is an illusion of mind and infinite loop called life) and then we tell our-self look its not me but the adverse circumstances, situations that are root cause of these difficulties and problems. Life spares none and we have to be prepared to keep progressing in our life in every aspect of life.

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Difficulties Are Source of Positive Thinking

We cannot learn to think in positive way if we have never been in negative situations. Difficulties and problems are a source from where we can easily drive positive thoughts, those who excel in life have seen all the difficulties and problems in there life.
Difficulties and problems always play a positive role in our life, they show the real face of life, the hidden picture. When you have nothing to loose, you have every thing to gain and our circumstances frequently provide us opportunity to raise our-self. This is a subtle philosophy of life, that we learn from a number of good and bad experiences at the end of life.