Satisfaction- An Open Secret to Happiness in Life

Posted on February 2, 2007
Satisfaction- An Open Secret to Happiness in Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Satisfaction isn’t an state of inactivity and calmness, where you don’t perform any action and are reluctant towards your duties. If this is what you call satisfaction then what is lethargy?

The satisfaction I’m referring above as an open secret to happiness in life is the one which one drives when he gets completely immersed in his actions. He gives his 100% to the job he is doing and is physically and mentally involved in its successful completion. This is the only thing that matters most to him. Now, after the job is over he has nothing to worry on his part as he did what he ought to do and was in his control and now is satisfied with his role. Result may or may not be favorable to him but it doesn’t pinches him so hard. Why?

It is simply because it is something beyond his control. He doesn’t have any role in it and where he had a role to play he did everything that was possible for him to do. It isn’t always possible for everyone of us to do things with a 100% physical and mental involvement, because in order to get immersed in any action to such an extent one must be naturally interested in it, just like pursuing a hobby. In everyday life we put less than 100% of what was possible for us and don’t want to settle for anything less than 100% or more. We want money, we want a comfortable life because others have it, we don’t want to know how they reached here, what was there motive when they started was it comfort or money or something over and above it.

We can get a clear picture of persons who are working with a positive motive and others who are working for positive results by simply looking at the way they work and there expressions. One clear sign of this can be the way a person perceives obstacles and problems encountered during the processing of a job. Those who are interested and motivated don’t take these problems or obstacles as a major issue but a normal route, whereas those who have some reason to show interest in the task not only take these as a bottleneck but view any minute problem as a major issue and a routine obstacle as a major obstacle and if somehow he finishes the task well he expects rewards vis a vis obstacles and hurdles he managed to overcome.

It can be easily visualized in the story above that how each one of them will feel when they see the results. This attitude of working or doing things can seldom change if we are not serious towards improving it. Today when we don’t have time to take meals or sleep on time, then how can we manage such a major change in personality.

I’ll like to mention some current trends in Yoga now a days. Yoga today is treated as a form of physical exercise which is good for maintaining health and fitness. Today nobody mentions Yama & Niyama the vital ingredients of Yoga. There are five Yamas and five Niyamas. Santosh or Satisfaction is second Niyam. People who practice Yoga, don’t care about this because for them it doesn’t have any immediate benefit for them. Now a days these must have ingredients Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga hold only literary value, there isn’t much emphasis on philosophy of yoga.

Even in today’s environment if we somehow manage to learn the art of satisfaction which is truly an Easy Way to Happiness, right from our childhood, it will not only improve our personal well being but will also clean and improve social environment for the rest. In computer programming they often use a proverb informally ‘Keep it Simple Stupid‘ to keep a program light and efficient. This I feel denotes Satisfaction in work-style to make things easy and digestible.

If we think over these basic things in life for a moment I don’t thing Satisfaction as a secret to Happiness in Life won’t in fact prove to be one of the fact to everlasting happiness in life.