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Honesty Is A Keyword

Philosophy  & Honesty On Internet

Honesty is a word which can be used and abused for a number of reasons, to be honest this word “honesty” is often misused on internet as a powerful keyword. A word which has accumulated lot of energy which can emotionally drag anyone to the contents where it is used on top, in headlines.

On most websites on internet which are influenced by psychological marketing words do not have any meaning attached to them, they are only a series of letters which have certain value (attached to them) like cheap, honest, best etc. These words are used as a supporting material which can help a marketing campaign succeed.

Words are used as if they are lifeless objects which do not actually convey a meaning, an intention, they are mere like collection of characters which have different emotional value for the market. We can use any word (without looking at its meaning and whether we actually mean what it conveys) anywhere to get the desired results. We can use the word ‘honest‘ to add an element of authenticity.

The words are not actually misused by everyone as some people do understand there meaning in addition to its value and therefore also understand the risk associated in misusing this word by using it at a wrong place for a small one time profit.

Honesty Is Only A Keyword Today

People who understand marketing and know how it works, often overlook words (for there attached meaning), they do not give any weight-age to traditional meaning of a word (I’ve to use ‘traditional‘ as our modern life today is insecure life, marketers have access to every nook and corner of our life and therefore we may not be aware that we are already under there influence and actually misunderstand words and there meaning or may be somehow support this (mis)use).

Soon, more and more people will become blind to the words and there actual meaning and will try to understand the meaning based on its new context and thus words will have a new classification based on the theory of  marketers i.e. demand and supply, words which can be associated with a product or emotion will get new makeover frequently.

Good will cease to be good and best will convey a new meaning, a pitch to sell something, this is internet and its philosophy which is more or less controlled by its e-commerce nature. Just like the word sex has been replaced (and conveys) porn and adult on internet, soon more words will also take a new shape a new form to convey a new meaning for society on internet.

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Online Virtual Society On Internet

Internet and Its Philosophy

It feels great to be online, share views and visions of people across the globe, learn about the local issues and how they are impacting global issues. An electronic society which is not backed by humanoids or robots but real human beings like you and me. We may not know each other but we are familiar with one another. We have something in common, even though we live apart may have vast differences in our economic and social background, internet is a platform which brings us together to share and care for our vision, our views. A unique philosophy visible on internet.

Internet or web is today a society, a virtual community, it’s not a tool or a technology but its an integral part of  modern life, more and more people are getting accustomed to this new form of society, an online society. There are many benefits of being a part of this society but this is also threatening a number of traditional and modern social structures.

Online Society is Unnatural Society

Man is a social animal he/she isn’t an electronic gadget which can be powered on and used for as many hours as one wishes. Initially internet was a medium which was invented and developed to make things easier for a man. Today a man is a medium and internet (the technology and its environment) is the boss. It is crossing all limits of human society, it is interfering in our social life, our lifestyle, our relations, health and wellness.

It is good to use the internet, take advantage of facilities available on the web but it is not so, I think the word ‘web‘ is the right word for internet and its online world. We do not leave the internet, that space after using those facilities we get absorbed in that environment to such an extent that it starts interfering in our normal life initially and later on it overtakes our life completely.

I’ve seen a number of internet addicts, the right and comfort of expression, availability of vast choices which can cater to our every need at any time is making it an unnaturally dangerous place for human society. A whimsical person can do and behave normally on internet or we can say any one who is addicted to web can become whimsical in normal life and can still feel normal online.

This is a nice place to show our hidden abilities but this is also a place to hide our disabilities or laziness in our normal life. This is a community which always maintains a distance. We never know whether the person we are talking to is a male or female, a teenager or a senior, whether he/she have had bath in days or not and other normal things that are common in a natural society.

Online Society is A Dangerous Society

This online world is actually giving birth to mood swings, people who work online work during the odd hours which are not common or normal. They work when they feel energetic, enthusiastic they don’t care about the day of week or time of the day. It is meaning less here the only thing that counts on web is results, the outcome.

We can start dating whenever we feel fresh, inclined to love, there are a number of online dating sites. We can discover love or start looking for one only for the moments this feeling is on our mind. The moment its gone, we can simply log-off move to another site for which we have developed interest now.

One cannot judge the depth of emotions or feelings, as everybody is not well versed in replicating a true picture of his/her inner feelings with words. Those who can draw such picture may not actually have that dept. A number of such imitators of feeling and emotions are flourishing on internet, they are known as internet-marketers.

No community or social networking site is free from these spammers of feelings, they try to study these online patterns and then use them for a profitable business. A percentage of people who are genuine and even unaware of these online marketers are either scammed or there hard work takes a long time to prove. Most things have a shade of illusion on web and a perfect illusionist is a successful webmaster, a philosophy of internet.

Online Society is A Virtual Community

According to Wikipaedia a virtual society or community is a place where its members or individuals interact with each other through a specific media, in order to pursue mutual interests or common goal.

It is virtual because it depends on some media element, if that media is absent then there is no interaction and thus no community exists. These virtual communities are actually helping our society as a global community works for the purpose of human welfare, its a common human tendency to help each other and take up issues of mutual interests.
The real threat to online virtual societies is from anti social mentality (negative thinkers) and elements, they too can use this space to spread there negative mentality, to organize themselves to get there purpose solved.
In every mainstream society, people with negative mentality are very rare, although most of us do temporarily go through such extreme negative mental phase but its only momentary but when such a moment get support from a community of hard line negative thinkers and anti social elements it can get stabilized, a momentary impulse can have a long lasting effect on our life, career as internet is a collection of vast communities, represents every thought and feelings and a simple search can connect to a any society on internet.

Internet and Philosophy

Internet is a formless object, a virtual world with a number of concurrent philosophies surviving on it. Its impacting our society in more then one way which is giving birth to a new philosophy ‘A Philosophy of Internet‘.  Today internet is a necessity, tomorrow it can become a vital part of our society, as it will be a home to a number of societies, views, practices which will exist online but will have no existence in real world.

Internet or web can have a number of definitions. Its a technological innovation, its a communication technology, its a workplace, a place of entertainment, a place to relax, a place to find solutions, a place where community interacts, a place of research, a place to flirt, a place to earn living. Internet today is a complex place, it has many followers most of them are internet addicts who cannot leave even a day or hour without it.

Internet is a convenient medium to fulfill our desires, its a virtual reality with connections to real world. We can be happy or sad with what we see, read or hear right now in front of us but the moment any of the medium in between fails we are immediately thrown back to real world, real circumstances. There are so many intermediaries which are not controlled by anyone.

Philosophy on internet
There is no philosophy of internet itself as its just a medium, a connection between two or more, a view, an instance. We can use internet to make advances in our personal, social and professional life and if we are not careful we can loose our existing personal connections, loose contact with society, deform our professional life because so much exists here that anyone can get lost in this labyrinth in any direction which can be a either positive or negative.
Our basic personality, views on life do help us to understand right and wrong directions but for those who are yet to develop these foundations are likely to get lost in wrong directions.
Sam Harris in his latest blog post “Wrestling the Trollwrote these lines which underline philosophy on internet “The Internet powerfully enables the spread of good ideas, but it works the same magic for bad ones—and it allows distortions of fact and opinion to become permanent features of our intellectual landscape”.

Internet and Philosophy

Real world Vs Virtual Online World provides a glimpse of philosophy on internet

We cannot explore all the places on internet even in our lifetime due to several reasons like
  1. We cannot visit all places on web as there is a huge number of websites and webpages which is increasing day by day.
  2. Our lifestyle is also a reason which decides how and where we visit, we only explore that are part of our life.
  3. Our individual interests and hobbies too limit our online exploration, we hardly go beyond that even in our dreams.
  4. Internet is also grouped for people who fall in a group based on there surrounding and backgrounds, people with a difference find it difficult to interact in an online environment with which they are not familiar.
  5. How we search and what we search is also limited to our personal vocabulary and a number of factors which sometimes helps us to find something we are looking for in few steps while in most cases we are never able to reach our intentionally most desired places which do exist online because we never know the ‘words‘ under which it exists. Internet marketers and salesmen keep working on this to find these words which people are using to find something related to there business product.
Internet is a useful tool, an ethical philosophy and so many good things are happening and are possible today with it. Its a democracy without any authority or political boundaries, things exists because there is someone who is looking for it, someone who is close to it.

You can read more on the philosophy of internet, a lecture by Hubert Dreyfus at University of Tasmania which is published online. Your feedback is important for me and this blog, so please do inscribe your reaction on the post Internet and Philosophy by commenting.