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Philosophy Happiness

Happiness seems to be an art of living. It is available to those who seek it. Today we have almost all forms of physical comforts at our disposal yet we are not able to enjoy them, because now we are a part of complex environment where things aren’t what they appear to be, the ease of life is actually coming to us at a heavy cost, the number of things that we have to mange in so called user friendly modern society is actually killing peace of mind.

Earlier before renaissance i.e. industrialization things were quiet simple to understand and follow, now a days things have become very complicated. This complication or uneasiness that we are feeling is actually a subconscious signal that something isn’t right or as its supposed to be, somewhere our steps are not harmonized with the nature.

Today we have good beds but we are not always able to enjoy sleep (a part of our society is today suffering from sleeping disorders). Today we have enough food but we don’t find it appetizing. We have 24 hours in a day but we can’t find even half an our to relax, to enjoy freedom.

Why has this happened, why are we unable to enjoy the way nature and wild animal, insects, plants and flowers enjoy life.

Philosophy of happiness seems to be independent of external factors, happiness is not dependent on resources or comforts in life, its beyond these factors.

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There are so many ways and streams to reach a common goal, to enjoy life, to lead a happy life and give a meaning to life. Principles of manifestation are based on hypnosis, hypnosis is based on positive thinking and positive thinking itself is both source and destination of happiness.

If we want to understand philosophy of happiness then there is no need to search for anything anywhere as things outside cannot bring that depth of pleasure or joy called happiness. Simply enjoying life in its natural form can lead each one of us to its definition and realization. (I know I’m not very clear but please give me some more time, more posts to clear my position).

Everybody Has a Right to Survive

Everything Has A Right to Survive

Nature not only protects every form of life but it also bestows the right to survive. We humans are humans and cannot think or act like nature we can only try imitating the nature as per our understanding.

Right to survive means right to exist and play its role good or bad as is naturally intended. Although today, we are more developed(in many aspects) but there are many other aspects of human psychology, human brain when may not be relevant, valuable in today’s environment which are actually shrinking. Most of our approaches today are counter-productive and some of them can be fatal in long run.

Right to exist means, that something is left untouched, unchanged as it naturally exists, even if it seems to be useless or waste to us or our modern thinking.

Whether I’m beautiful or ugly, if someone is interested in maintaining that state as it naturally is then he/she should have the option.

Everything Has A Right to Survive

May be we have forgot this message of the nature but environment problems, shrinking ozone layer, economic recession, ecological balance are all a clear indication that nature is not supporting our actions and in order to survive we must make some changes and improvements in our lifestyle.

What we think or know may not be correct? All our theories of life and happiness are based on our on interpretation of law of nature, we increased production using artificial techniques, we tried to add taste using artificial flavors, self life using preservatives. Now we are struggling with health problems, some dreaded disease.

We Cannot Escape from Nature

Some of us think that they can stay away from natural surrounding (that they have created) and protect themselves from its negative consequence. Well, it is not feasible, a man cannot survive in artificial environment, an environment which is surrounded by non-living things like air conditioner, water purifier, electronic communicator etc.

If we are living thing then its our natural tendency to enjoy natural surrounding. Artificial objects and surroundings are only non-living and suitable to store non-living things. If a living things is stored there (stays there) he/she is likely to develop some problem because its not his nature.

Enjoy the Right to Survive and Enjoy Life

Let everyone enjoy this life, whether its plants or animals, flora or fauna, insects and you too will enjoy this life. Nature knows how to maintain this balance of survival and maintain the right of survival for everyone. In other words ‘Live and Let others Live‘.

We cannot deny this right to anyone because 1) We are not above nature, if nature is supporting anything we cannot go against its wish completely. 2) Denying anything to anyone which is not directly supplied by us is not a positive approach, it is not our business to mind someone else business or survival. We can only control our own self, our own style.

Diversification Is Life

Life cannot be monotonous, predictable its diversified, uncertain and thus enjoyable. Things that happen aren’t always predetermined, even if an event is scheduled it can be canceled manually or due to circumstances, nevertheless we cannot predict this beforehand. It only becomes clear at the occasion.

All these thinks play some role, help people with a positive mindset, who adopt positive approach in life. These people don’t expect anything, they only take the right decision at the right time which we call a positive step, a positive approach.

The diversified, self-contradicting nature of life, opens doors for survival of everyone, it gives a chance for survival of everything (even rumors, predictions, principles, assumptions, theories etc., etc.).  Some people start worrying as they cannot bear uncertainty while other enjoy life and stay happy as they know and understand that circumstance do not have a direct role, they are only temporary situations which often changes frequently.

What Are We Doing Today

Today we are trying to snatch this right from everything including nature, plants, animals and life. Today we are not living life we are just surviving, we have tried to accumulate most efficient things in life, we try to get most out of 24 hours in a day, yet we are moving away from peace, harmony, nature and life. Now a days we are discriminating things as good and bad, things which are considered bad are not allowed to exist, we think we know more then what nature does.

Life Is Simple and Easy, Enjoy Life

Life is Neither A Problem Nor A Solution

It simply life, an easy way to enjoy things at your disposal. Thinking about logic and philosophy don’t make it easy to live. Life is what it is, it doesn’t makes any difference whether we discuss life as a philosophy or logic, it is what it has to be. Life is cute, an object which is readily available to each one of us, some of us think and therefore disturb that festive mood of life, while others who don’t have the logic or time to think, simply enjoy every moment of life, win.Life isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. Its simple and easy. Learn to enjoy life with simplicity and all problems get automatically resolved.

Thoughts and Logic Kill Taste of Life

When we think, we loose some precious moments of happiness that we could have otherwise enjoyed. When we try to drive some conclusion we are again loosing more precious moments in unnecessary arguments that only satisfies our ego. Life doesn’t consider whether we consider anything about it or not. It is what it really is. It is always there for us to enjoy, only if we have some time to stop thinking and enjoy life.

Life isn’t A Theory but It’s Practical

Life isn’t about any theory but the practical consequences of our deeds. What we do is what we get, there is a reaction to every action, simplicity is returned with simplicity and complexity with complexity. Intelligence is only a socially acceptable object of life and is not responsible for enjoying the simplicity of life, but is responsible for perceiving that enjoyment.

All this boils down to ‘Life is simple and easy, Enjoy Life‘, the best philosophy of life that one can have.