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Happiness is A Social Virtue

If we are happy, we’ll contribute happiness to the society, if we are distressed we’ll surely inflict others in one way or other. Happiness is a social virtue, it is not an isolated state of mind which only surrounds an individual.

Some of us often think that happiness can sometimes act selfishly, which I think and feel isn’t right. We cannot enjoy a real happiness, a long lasting pleasure in our life if everything is not well around us. This state of mind can’t be reached by fooling others, snatching there rights, bunking our duties.

A society which tends to be happy with whatever resources it has, will definitely have a large number of individuals enjoying happiness. It doesn’t means that they do not have problems or they get satisfactory results from everything they do. It only means that these common problems of life do not interfere with the quality of life they can have.

Happiness is A Social Virtue

We cannot drive happiness by making others unhappy. It is not a physical object that can be snatched or stolen, its a sign of peace, an indication of wellness and when something or someone isn’t right we can not get that frame of mind. May be it can lead to temporary enjoyment, a temporary feeling of pleasure but it will not last long into that state of mind which is often called bliss.

Helping others without any personal interest can bring such thing. On internet this is often a marketing strategy, a way to promote a business goal, that is why we find so many well-wishers and helping hands most of which are doing nothing but promoting there own business. Online marketing has changed the way we read and perceive words and there meaning. You can read more about this trend in post ‘Honesty is a Keyword‘.

We can understand social virtue angle of this post by looking at our own life, by watching our own life. In modern world many things have changed and with that definition of the word love has also changed, now it can be misunderstood if it is used in its true pretext. Love’s philosophy has intermingled with lust’s philosophy but still we can find that a real, true example of love still exists in its natural state and it is the relation that exists between parents and children. In today’s atmosphere where a large number of single mothers are a part of society it is relation between a mother and child.

Can a mother enjoy-happiness by keeping her child unhappy. Can she sleep peacefully when her child is not feeling well or is ill. Technically she has no problem, she is ok and so she can sleep in peace, but it is not true she cannot enjoy anything until her child is also ok.
The above example is also applicable to us and our society, we may or may not understand this because they bond between a child and a mother is very very strong because of which this phenomenon also becomes visible. The relationship between individuals in a society is not that strong, it exists but it isn’t visible to such extent, but it does matters, it effects our mood, our lifestyle, our mood swings.

Do you know that existence of wild life is important for existence of life on this planet. Do you know that plants, animals and jungles play a key role in our life, something that we have only realized after we looked into climate change and natural disasters. We are all connected somewhere in every aspect physically, mentally and emotionally and if we destroy a portion we will get similar results on another.

We do not want to learn from simple things, we think philosophy and moral values as theoretical object with negligible practical value. Economic development and higher living standards are good for society but we cannot deny other aspects of life. Life is not a competition, its not a scale of achievements its a simple process which can be enjoyed by everyone. If a large part of society is engaged and involved in life (not fight) then its a social virtue, a boon for society.

Another view on the above subject with details can be had in What Should I do? in Selfishness, Happiness and Benefiting others by David Edwards and Media Lens at Dissident Voice.

Happiness Spreads in Waves

Happiness SpreadsA study report published in December 2008 in CosmosMagazine.com confirms the infectious nature of happiness and how it has a ripple effect in society. This study researcHappiness Spreads Itselfh was conducted between 1971 and 2003 and involved 5124 people in 21-70 age group.  Here are some excerpts from this report

“Changes in individual happiness can ripple through social networks and generate large scale structure in the network, giving rise to clusters of happy and unhappy individuals,” said the study’s authors.

“Most important from our perspective is the recognition that people are embedded in social networks and that the health and well-being of one person affects the health and well-being of others.

“Human happiness is not merely the province of isolated individuals,” added the study, by Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School and James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego, both in the USA.

You can read more about this study in Happiness Spreads Waves.

This is all for today in Happiness is a social virtue, I hope this post was able to communicate some meaning which are often left with me and only words get across.

Happiness Is A Decision

Happiness Is A Choice, A Decision, Will You Choose Happiness

Is happiness a decision, something that we have to decide or is it just pure fate. Is this something that we have to decide i.e., whether we want to accept our present situation and circumstances as they are without doing anything or even looking for a solution or we accept each one of them and decide to work on them and then start working on some solution.

Anything that happens or will happen depends on our current decisions to some extent. If we are serious with our life then we can make some changes now and then whenever we feel something is not going right. This can be applied to every sphere of our life whether its our personal life, home, family, job, career, studies, business. A positive decision always brings a positive result which means an everlasting happiness.

Happiness is A Decision A Choice

We all know what is good or bad for us, we read, we watch, we hear and we learn more ways, better options which can be included in our life, to add a new dimension to our life, to further improve quality of our life. We all get quality information and useful tips from a number of sources, which can even include solitude (listening to inner voice) but do we really decide anything, do we take these little decisions or at least write them, read them or keep them for future reference so that we may explore the idea and then make some decision for its inclusion or acceptance.

Decision to Be Happy

Anyway if you have decided to be happy then there are so many resources both online as well as offline which can help you find true happiness in your life. I feel the decision to enjoy happiness in life is a part of positive approach to life also called positive thinking. A strong decision is always supported by everyone in our surrounding whether animate or inanimate because a decision is a decision and is therefore only possible destination and things is therefore acceptable to us.

There is a good post on the above subject titled What is Happiness? Definition of happiness on the blog called Life Optimizer on Personal Growth and Effective. This is a good blog and an effective one too. I hope this to be a useful supplement for this post on happiness.

You can also read previous posts on the above subject in Role of Happiness in our life.

Role of Happiness in A Meaningful Life?

Meaning of Life

Every form of life on this planet is meaningful. Even if we don’t consider ourselves as an important part of this planet/universe, the environment that we live in, that supports our lives, this fact (whether we are important part or not) remains unperturbed.
Whether we consider ourselves to be very important or not important at all, things remain as they are. Just like an ocean filled with water, which is nothing but drops of water containing other minerals. Each drop of water in the ocean has some role to play and they are playing there role in there community called ocean. Each of them has characteristic similar to the ocean or we can say that ocean has characteristic similar to each drop of water it contains. If there is no water there is no ocean, and if there are no drops, there is no water.

Meaning of Life

Meaning of life for each one of us depends on the role we play in our life, in our family, in our society, at work. Even if we are not aware of our role we are still playing it, there is still a meaning of our life. Sometimes we are not aware of this meaning, our role; but our family, our society knows that and often makes us realize this. That is why we often get offended or excited on hearing there remarks that reaches us occasionally.

Life doesn’t attach a good or bad tag to anyone of us, as life is a creation of nature which is abundant and needs each one of us for one purpose or another. Good or bad are reactions bound to circumstances and situations. The judgment of good or bad also depends on several other factors. So, nobody has a right to say that he/she (for them self) is bad, as every behavior is guided by the surrounding atmosphere which culminates into our nature/behavior. More on meaning of life or life an illusion of mind.

Role of Happiness

Happiness is an indication of our level of satisfaction with our role in life (more in satisfaction an open secret to happiness). It also indicates our level of involvement in our role (our duties). If we are happy we are actually doing our work whole heartedly, if we are unhappy then definitely we are not involved in our work (physically or mentally) whole heartedly or at all. An unhappy state of mind isn’t just bad for a person, a single role or job, it effects every sphere of our life and of our surrounding in a positive or negative way.

A meaningful life is definitely a life which consists of happiness. Choice to be happy isn’t always a result of some external factor, it is more or less an individual choice. If I want to be happy I can be happy as now I see things in a different light for example I think of present circumstances, situations as ‘What we get is what we pay for‘ or an appropriate reaction to our actions or deeds (as every action is said to have an equal and opposite reaction).

If I want to be unhappy then I can try any of the many excuses lying around (by the way an unhappy person isn’t completely immersed in his/her duties/role and has therefore enough time to collect such excuses from different sources).


Life is Meaningful

Role of Happiness in A Meaningful Life

Human life isn’t anything but a biological cycle, we are all passing from one stage to another stage, whether we think our life as a meaningful life surrounded with happiness and happy people or we take our life as rubbish, unworthy of living, useless. Time is ticking and so is the life, our show is going on, we are already playing our role (of a happy or … person).

Life is a period of time, a collection of moments and its is up to us to waste these precious moments without enjoying them and being happy or be involved at every step in our work, with our role and improve our actions so as to attract better reactions. It is better to start playing a role which we consider to be a positive role for our family, our society and this planet instead of worrying and blaming something or someone.

We are all responsible for what happens to us, our life, our family and our planet and happiness in our heart, in our work, in our role can only make things better for all of us. Life is simple, enjoy.