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Expectations In Life Result In Errors

Our subconscious expectations from life play a crucial role in determining our mood, things that can make us happy or sad. How do we react, it looks similar to behaviour of websites on internet, they too expect a certain phrase or else return a 404 Page Not Found Error. There is a philosophical analogy between how our life and technologies are interlinked.
Life is a process, a series of activities, an ongoing process and like any other process, life too produces a number of intermediary results one after the other in many time frames.
Results pertaining to shorter time span processes do not actually play any major in our life, they only give a hue, an effect to that time frame. These flavors, taste for the time beings are often called ups and downs of life. The taste or result that we see is actually related to our expectations with those events and there resulting consequences which are often similar to a 404-Error Page i.e. Page Not Found or Expectations are not met.

The results that we get or the trend formation we see is immediately compared with what we expect, something we already have on our mind (an arbitrary image is already there) and if there is a difference (results are better then our expectation or worse because we never get a 100% exact result in anything otherwise that event will loose its importance because of our no profit no loss psychology) it will effect our mood slightly or to a great degree depending upon the importance of that event in our life. This mood swing is reflected in our day to day activities.

There is a branch of science cum arts called predictions which forecasts events for the day, week, month or year based on several factors but astrological predictions i.e. predictions based on our date of birth, place, time etc. and 12 zodiac signs. These predictions or forecast are really very interesting, they aren’t only interesting because we can get an exact picture of a future event but there is another subconscious reason i.e. we compare the predictions with out expectations. Predicted events aren’t good or bad it is there image which can be either distorted or improved.

Even if an astrologer provides us with predictions related to various aspects of our life, we’ll only be interested in only those aspects which are already there on our mind, events for which we have already drawn a picture in our mind subconsciously. A prediction which is close to our subconscious image gives pleasure, it makes us happy and enthusiastic but if it is not so, it can make us sad.

Expectations Vs 404-Error Results

Expectations In Life Result in 404 Error PageToday we are all living in a cyber world and our life is also influenced by the way it works, I often thinkĀ  and compare events taking place in our lives in terms of computer programs, coding errors and latest hardware because they are part of my life. I do often draw an analogy between these two worlds, one is physical (real) while another is virtual and exists in the form of electronic pulses only if they flow of electrons stops, this world will cease to exist, all the web and websites will become a virtual memory.

When we search a website or try to reach a page on a portal, we often get a 404 Error page. This page is displayed when such a page doesn’t exists. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to a 404 Error page including typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, wrong sequence of words etc. Even a mistake of single corrector will take you to 404 error page instead of the original page if that single character mistake is ignored. In most cases this page is shown to visitor who try to visit a page which used to exist or is still there but they can’t find that page because they can’t see there little mistake.

This is also true for our life, there are several things that are already there, that are readily available but we do not have enough time to look at them, think of them, we are busy in searching them, working hard to get them, our goals are straight. This happens frequently in our everyday life and in every sphere of our life, we make mistakes without realizing them and then blame others. We develop expectation before taking a look at the reality, our mind is always engaged in drawing new images, creating new expectations.

Things that we get in life and things that we expect from life can be well expressed with the example of a 404 error page.

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Logic and Philosophy

Logic and Philosophy are two sides of a coin, philosophy is a logical reasoning of ethical behavior or we can say logically interpreted moral values create a philosophy. Philosophy exists because it is based on the firm ground of logic. Philosophy is appreciated because it teaches moral values logically in a form which is easily grasped by most of us.

What is a logical philosophy? What is the importance of philosophy and its logical answers?

A life based on a logical philosophy is far more better than a life with no philosophy or logic. Philosophy tries to answer, common questions that often come to our mind. These questions can be very disturbing and need to be immediately answered. If these questions remain unanswered then our overall efficiency in life will decrease to some extent, our energy level will decrease, our charm for life will head downward. Answer to all such questions that exist in our mind, these questions have no real meaning and are practically of no real value but these questions play very important role in society, they have role in family, in health and wellness of a person.

All this questions are answered by philosophy, a logical reasoning for our behavior. Philosophy is not a indigestible hard fact, something which is like concrete, hard and unaccommodating. Philosophy is soft easily digestible, logical answer to our most common question. More information on theoretical aspect of Philosophy of Logic can be read at wiki.

Can philosophy exist without logic?

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Modern Life & Energy Contradiction

Modern Life : An Energetic Life

Life is energy, power, decreasing energy and power are a symbol of stagnation, a move towards lifelessness. Modern life is vibrant, filled with energy and power. Modern urban areas are more energetic and vibrant then rural area. Bigger cities are more vibrant and energetic then smaller cities. Rich have more energy and power then poor. Todays energy, power and vibrancy has one more characteristic i.e. modern machines, comforting zones, latest equipments. Man enjoys the power and energy of these machines and equipments. He is a consumer of the service they provide and in order to get this he feed these machines with energy sources.

Now when most of the countries on this planet are moving from under developed to developing, developing to developed, the requirement of energy for these machines have increased. Today it has increased to such a level that demand and supply have reached a critical point. Most of the energy resources are already destroyed or used. They are hardly enough to meet the ever growing demands in future.

In spite of this things are brighter as new discoveries with new necessities in mind will take care of energy requirement in future. Man can continue to enjoy the comforts and luxury of this new environment.

Modern Man : Tired of being Served, over Energized with Modern Comfort

On one hand machines and equipments are replacing traditional tools (operated manually by man) and therefore need more and more energy for there jobs. On the other hand man is served, in every field of his everyday life, latest technology provides everything to keep him in a comfortable position at one place, a room corner. He can now save energy in every manual task, now most of his jobs are served by equipments which are either automatic or semi automatic. Although man isn’t satisfied with current level of comfort as it isn’t enough to meet his requirement of comfort and still there are a number of necessities which are urgent in nature.

Unfortunately man still has all his senses working, his tongue still likes to have delicious dishes, mouth watering preparation. He loves to have more and more. This isn’t enough even other senses are in working condition and enjoy modernity. Now, there is only one odd thing here, his energy requirements have decreased and the energy he has stored is in excess of what he actually needs. This extra energy is causing all sort of discomfort and problems to him, even health problems and sometimes even life.

Modern science has the solution, now he can enjoy same delicious dishes with low calories or energy. This has solved the excess energy problem to some extent but there is another problem attached to it. Energy requirement of the man may have decreased but he still needs some vital ingredients in small quantity that were earlier available in his traditional foods in order to keep his body functional and healthy. Modern processed foods and the products from modern production techniques either don’t have those or doesn’t have it in optimum quantity.

Another addition to the problem is that sources of traditional food production are decreasing, fertile agriculture land is decreasing, natural sources of water are decreasing, fresh air is decreasing and this is the condition when most countries on the earth are yet to develop, yet to adopt modern lifestyle. Another contradiction is that energy sources that he provides to his gadgets, machines to keep them energetic, vibrant can’t be used by him.

Modern Life & Energy Contradiction

All the discussion above point to an energy contradiction in modern life. Man wants to loose energy, machines want more and more energy. One point is that extra energy with man can’t be used by machines, another point is if man uses his extra energy to do some tasks then he won’t need the machines and the purpose of modern life and comfort of modern science will be defeated.

These two points make a inversely proportional relationship between energy requirement and use of the man and the machine. When one increases another decreases and when one decreases another increases.

Currently available solutions to man are doing some physical work everyday like exercise, jogging, walking etc. Keeping his tongue under control. Don’t you think these are contradictory and ridiculous, man is ready to jump like a monkey (even if he is not interested) but he isn’t ready to do work manually. The extra time he save with machines is actually used by man for his own destruction, watching TV, movies, clubs, shopping malls to mention some.

Modern Life & Energy Contradiction : Necessity of A Modern Scientific Solution

Modern science urgently needs a solution to this modern life and energy contradiction. One solution in my mind which can be implemented scientifically with some more researches in virtual reality. Virtual reality can help satiate the senses of a man. Currently virtual reality works for eyes and ears but it can be extended for other sense too.

Another ultimate obvious solution to this problem that I can currently think of is that human body is more a source of problem then a creative solution. It has created a number of problems like problem with body and health, problem with relationships, social issues, political issues and a number of other problems. Human body plays a significant role in all these problems.

Modern science has solution to almost all problems and tasks and with the invention of next generation of intelligent computers, every single task can be automated, no manual intervention will be required at all. Can’t we combine the benefits of virtual reality and intelligent computers to eliminate the problems associated with man. Can’t we simple eliminate the physical existence of man so that he can live in a virtual world and enjoy all comforts of modern science trouble free. I think this is possible with further developments and integration of virtual reality and next series of intelligent computers in fully automated modern world.

A simple solution to modern life and energy contradiction and all problems associated with man.