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Life Is About Living

Life Is About Living It Isn’t Just Surviving

What is life, its the process of living and if we are unable to live a life, then there is no life for us. Living doesn’t mean what we think it to be or something that we’ve studied in our school about living things.

Anything that survives may have life and can be classified as living thing but it doesn’t means that it is really living. Life and living a life are both natural things, that take place in nature, move with nature and if this natural element of nature is missing, then there is life but no living.

Does Life Exist In Modern Environment

Today we have moved too far away from natural life or real living, we spend more time and resources on non-living then on living, yet we are clueless about it. We have changed everything, even nature isn’t allowed to get in touch with us.

Nature or natural isn’t allowed to enter our life directly, it has to pass through our system, where it has to adapt and adopt according to our requirements or current needs and if it can’t be adapted or adopted its entry is restricted in our life.

Is this life, can life exist without nature, is nature really causing more problems then it offer as solution. We are in the process of processing everything, as we think we are mightier then nature, we have studied nature minutely and now know what is it good for.

Who Is Living A Life Today

Today life still exist at places where men hasn’t yet been able to reach, ecosystem is still thriving in such places. Life is full of vibrant and every individual is living a life, completely immersed with nature without any problems.

Certainly there are problems even here, but they can identify the reason easily without much problem, without going through a deep analysis, investigations. Everything is simple, there are no complexities of any type as there are no intermediaries anywhere in the natural system.

Who is Pulling Life and Living Apart

Separating life as a lonely biological process and living as a resourceful life is pulling life away from living. Its true that in order to make life more fulfilled, some basic amenities and resources are required but our life doesn’t needs to be flooded with these amenities as they wash the life away, the convert its simplicity into complexity which is the root cause responsible for falling of life and living apart.

Life is about living and if we engage it in something else it simply becomes mere surviving or trying to survive and live. Our struggle in in every day life is an indication that things are not working as they are intended to work naturally.

How Can We Live A Life

Living isn’t something which refers to an individual, a person as we are a society and cannot live in isolation and if it is possible for someone then its not natural, its artificial, created (like astronauts surviving in space). Life and living are more broader terms, they are supposed to refer to a group, a location, an environment, where each one interacts with the others naturally without any unnatural intermediaries.

We cannot achieve anything from our personal efforts alone, our efforts must be backed by our community, our society, its individuals, all the unnatural forces working within it must also support this move in some way. It will definitely take more time then it took to move away from nature, as now we aren’t mentally and physically prepared to live a natural life, we are more inclined to love this artificial life, as it seems to be provide ease and convenience . We have actually started enjoying and living a lifeless life, a life that we live with unnatural support, a life which is too complex to understand and uncertainties often make it a great pain.

There is a need to draw a line, remove unnecessary complexities, permit nature to exist and survive with it, which can only be possible if we are able to understand what is going on, are able to realize the real source of problem and then make collective efforts to return to life as it is intended to be naturally.

Are We Living A Life Today

Everybody Has a Right to Survive

Everything Has A Right to Survive

Nature not only protects every form of life but it also bestows the right to survive. We humans are humans and cannot think or act like nature we can only try imitating the nature as per our understanding.

Right to survive means right to exist and play its role good or bad as is naturally intended. Although today, we are more developed(in many aspects) but there are many other aspects of human psychology, human brain when may not be relevant, valuable in today’s environment which are actually shrinking. Most of our approaches today are counter-productive and some of them can be fatal in long run.

Right to exist means, that something is left untouched, unchanged as it naturally exists, even if it seems to be useless or waste to us or our modern thinking.

Whether I’m beautiful or ugly, if someone is interested in maintaining that state as it naturally is then he/she should have the option.

Everything Has A Right to Survive

May be we have forgot this message of the nature but environment problems, shrinking ozone layer, economic recession, ecological balance are all a clear indication that nature is not supporting our actions and in order to survive we must make some changes and improvements in our lifestyle.

What we think or know may not be correct? All our theories of life and happiness are based on our on interpretation of law of nature, we increased production using artificial techniques, we tried to add taste using artificial flavors, self life using preservatives. Now we are struggling with health problems, some dreaded disease.

We Cannot Escape from Nature

Some of us think that they can stay away from natural surrounding (that they have created) and protect themselves from its negative consequence. Well, it is not feasible, a man cannot survive in artificial environment, an environment which is surrounded by non-living things like air conditioner, water purifier, electronic communicator etc.

If we are living thing then its our natural tendency to enjoy natural surrounding. Artificial objects and surroundings are only non-living and suitable to store non-living things. If a living things is stored there (stays there) he/she is likely to develop some problem because its not his nature.

Enjoy the Right to Survive and Enjoy Life

Let everyone enjoy this life, whether its plants or animals, flora or fauna, insects and you too will enjoy this life. Nature knows how to maintain this balance of survival and maintain the right of survival for everyone. In other words ‘Live and Let others Live‘.

We cannot deny this right to anyone because 1) We are not above nature, if nature is supporting anything we cannot go against its wish completely. 2) Denying anything to anyone which is not directly supplied by us is not a positive approach, it is not our business to mind someone else business or survival. We can only control our own self, our own style.

Diversification Is Life

Life cannot be monotonous, predictable its diversified, uncertain and thus enjoyable. Things that happen aren’t always predetermined, even if an event is scheduled it can be canceled manually or due to circumstances, nevertheless we cannot predict this beforehand. It only becomes clear at the occasion.

All these thinks play some role, help people with a positive mindset, who adopt positive approach in life. These people don’t expect anything, they only take the right decision at the right time which we call a positive step, a positive approach.

The diversified, self-contradicting nature of life, opens doors for survival of everyone, it gives a chance for survival of everything (even rumors, predictions, principles, assumptions, theories etc., etc.).  Some people start worrying as they cannot bear uncertainty while other enjoy life and stay happy as they know and understand that circumstance do not have a direct role, they are only temporary situations which often changes frequently.

What Are We Doing Today

Today we are trying to snatch this right from everything including nature, plants, animals and life. Today we are not living life we are just surviving, we have tried to accumulate most efficient things in life, we try to get most out of 24 hours in a day, yet we are moving away from peace, harmony, nature and life. Now a days we are discriminating things as good and bad, things which are considered bad are not allowed to exist, we think we know more then what nature does.

Philosophy of Love

Philosophy of Love depicted by Nature

Do We Really Love Anyone?

I hope you’ve already read the last post ‘Philosophy of Love Vs Philosophy of Lust‘. I know that it is easy to read but it is not always easy to study. Study requires attentive reading which further need calmness.

The love is actually a natural phenomenon, a formless object like happiness. We believe that love is guided by appearance and how we are treated but actually love is over and above these things. It is beyond any expectation or promise. I think we are at fault when we misunderstand lust as love.

Lust is a inferior quality of love, which has a number of limitations, and is frequently encountered in day to day life.

Do we really love anyone? Like nature. I don’t know who you love but if there is love (not lust) in any life, and it is really love then I don’t think there are any regrets left in this life, as love is the essence of life.

We can love anyone or anything it can be a purpose, a job, a work, a person, an activity or whatever it is you fall in love with. Love gives a meaning to life and this meaning is not temporary, time bound, its permanent, something which is forever to stay, at least in this life (IFF IT IS LOVE!).

Do you think we have this love in our life????

Understanding Love and Its Philosophies

There is no hard and fast rule that describe love, its a natural process but its not lust, it can’t come close to lust, lust is a desire, a hunger, an appetite. Love is pure, its natural, its pleasing and provides energy, positivity, calmness.

Love can’t be described in words because its a feeling, an intention, a true love is always over and above selfishness, its a sacrifice. There are very few instances of real love in real life, most feelings are only temporary and thus can’t be compared to this precious word.

Title song of famous movie ‘Titanic‘ also tries to depict the philosophy behind love, you can watch this song here.