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Philosophy of Life Video

Life is about happiness, its about living our life to our entire satisfaction, without disturbing peace and harmony of the surrounding. A right philosophy can make life easier, there is nothing good or bad that only effects our life, everybody faces something in one form or other and still we find that some people blame circumstances by giving some explanation while others enjoy life without even a single sign of trouble.

I’ve seen this video at Youtube and it touched me somewhere, I don’t believe in reproducing anything (trying to reinvent wheel) people have already worked to prove some point which I’m also trying to say. So, go through this video, may be you too will find something useful to retain for life or an encouragement to face present circumstances. This video is actually a series of still presentation and background music is really good.

This video was uploaded by user Tenaj1969 and Music in background is by Enya. If you cannot watch this video due to any reason then here is the text of each slide:-

  • A man with One watch knows what time it is; A man with two watches is never quite sure.
  • Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped.
  • Look at life through the wind-shield, not the rear-view mirror.
  • Nothing brings you peace but yourself.
  • People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.
  • Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll need them on your way down.
  • Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.
  • Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe it.
  • While seeking revenge dig two graves, one for yourself.
  • Courage is not a lack of fear, but the ability to act while facing fear.
  • You’ve got to do your own growing no matter how tall your father was.

Each one of us can read but until and unless we stop and spend some time we cannot remember anything after few moments. Philosophy of life lies in simplicity, natural movements, keeping our activities close to nature. We must always keep in mind that we are not machines but human beings and emotions and feeling are important to us in whatever we do.

Happiness is A Social Virtue

If we are happy, we’ll contribute happiness to the society, if we are distressed we’ll surely inflict others in one way or other. Happiness is a social virtue, it is not an isolated state of mind which only surrounds an individual.

Some of us often think that happiness can sometimes act selfishly, which I think and feel isn’t right. We cannot enjoy a real happiness, a long lasting pleasure in our life if everything is not well around us. This state of mind can’t be reached by fooling others, snatching there rights, bunking our duties.

A society which tends to be happy with whatever resources it has, will definitely have a large number of individuals enjoying happiness. It doesn’t means that they do not have problems or they get satisfactory results from everything they do. It only means that these common problems of life do not interfere with the quality of life they can have.

Happiness is A Social Virtue

We cannot drive happiness by making others unhappy. It is not a physical object that can be snatched or stolen, its a sign of peace, an indication of wellness and when something or someone isn’t right we can not get that frame of mind. May be it can lead to temporary enjoyment, a temporary feeling of pleasure but it will not last long into that state of mind which is often called bliss.

Helping others without any personal interest can bring such thing. On internet this is often a marketing strategy, a way to promote a business goal, that is why we find so many well-wishers and helping hands most of which are doing nothing but promoting there own business. Online marketing has changed the way we read and perceive words and there meaning. You can read more about this trend in post ‘Honesty is a Keyword‘.

We can understand social virtue angle of this post by looking at our own life, by watching our own life. In modern world many things have changed and with that definition of the word love has also changed, now it can be misunderstood if it is used in its true pretext. Love’s philosophy has intermingled with lust’s philosophy but still we can find that a real, true example of love still exists in its natural state and it is the relation that exists between parents and children. In today’s atmosphere where a large number of single mothers are a part of society it is relation between a mother and child.

Can a mother enjoy-happiness by keeping her child unhappy. Can she sleep peacefully when her child is not feeling well or is ill. Technically she has no problem, she is ok and so she can sleep in peace, but it is not true she cannot enjoy anything until her child is also ok.
The above example is also applicable to us and our society, we may or may not understand this because they bond between a child and a mother is very very strong because of which this phenomenon also becomes visible. The relationship between individuals in a society is not that strong, it exists but it isn’t visible to such extent, but it does matters, it effects our mood, our lifestyle, our mood swings.

Do you know that existence of wild life is important for existence of life on this planet. Do you know that plants, animals and jungles play a key role in our life, something that we have only realized after we looked into climate change and natural disasters. We are all connected somewhere in every aspect physically, mentally and emotionally and if we destroy a portion we will get similar results on another.

We do not want to learn from simple things, we think philosophy and moral values as theoretical object with negligible practical value. Economic development and higher living standards are good for society but we cannot deny other aspects of life. Life is not a competition, its not a scale of achievements its a simple process which can be enjoyed by everyone. If a large part of society is engaged and involved in life (not fight) then its a social virtue, a boon for society.

Another view on the above subject with details can be had in What Should I do? in Selfishness, Happiness and Benefiting others by David Edwards and Media Lens at Dissident Voice.

Happiness Spreads in Waves

Happiness SpreadsA study report published in December 2008 in CosmosMagazine.com confirms the infectious nature of happiness and how it has a ripple effect in society. This study researcHappiness Spreads Itselfh was conducted between 1971 and 2003 and involved 5124 people in 21-70 age group.  Here are some excerpts from this report

“Changes in individual happiness can ripple through social networks and generate large scale structure in the network, giving rise to clusters of happy and unhappy individuals,” said the study’s authors.

“Most important from our perspective is the recognition that people are embedded in social networks and that the health and well-being of one person affects the health and well-being of others.

“Human happiness is not merely the province of isolated individuals,” added the study, by Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School and James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego, both in the USA.

You can read more about this study in Happiness Spreads Waves.

This is all for today in Happiness is a social virtue, I hope this post was able to communicate some meaning which are often left with me and only words get across.

Honesty leads to Happiness

Can honesty lead to happiness, will it help us in un-cluttering our problems and tensions. Well, yest… honesty means transparency and thus nothing to hold or left for worries.

Do you think honesty is related to success and happiness in life. Understanding a simple principle can lead to more comfortable life.

Our environment today is more polluted then it was a year ago, our food chain is more vulnerable today then it was some time back.

Today we are not actually enjoying life but we are only surviving, the physical environment is actually getting more and more polluted day by day which can be measured by our modern instruments but what about our mental environment our growing negative tendency, which has also deviated towards negative zone.

We cannot lead a calm life, a peaceful life because it is counter productive, our modern lifestyle has turned each one of us to a defensive mentality.
We have to think before anything we do because nothing is natural, close to reality, water which was earlier a sign of life, a gift of nature is now a sign of pollutant illness and disease, we will not like to drink water directly from a natural source before processing or testing it.


Honesty Leads to Happiness
Honesty to Happiness

Walking in sunshine is no more safe, we have to use our own artificial protection to protect us from the natural gift sun rays.

Sun is the primary source of light, energy and food. It is responsible for protecting all forms of life on this planet.

It is responsible for light, air and wind, takes care of bio-diversity on this planet.

Today, the same sun and its sunshine which is still the primary source of energy on this planet on one hand is also a threat or dangerous to our skin, our health on other. Why?

We have our-self destroyed peace on this planet, our happiness, we are no more truthful and honest to ourselves, may be we have developed our mental powers, our ability to see and provide reasons/logical conclusion for anything that happens or we attempt, but this frequent processing, frequent thinking has snatched our peace, our happiness. We can cannot switch off our mind temporarily and then enjoy life.

The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold.  ~Aristotle

Aristotle’s above quote tells us the whole story in few words, we have actually deviated from nature and now we are fighting back to protect ourselves, we know more believe in honesty because honesty is natural, unabridged edition which doesn’t need any alteration, any addition or subtraction. It is what it really was. If we are honest then we do not need any thinking we can only remember things and then replay the series.

Truth fears no questions.  ~Unknown
We have developed a fear due to existing negative environment around us, a symptom similar to dishonesty. We are today surviving by reading and learning advantages and benefits of doing this and using that. We have to take care of everything actively, we cannot close our eyes and be ourselves for even some moments. We fear that we will lag behind, we will loose something.
We have developed our power of explanations and facts, world is more developed today then it was a century ago but world is also more dangerous today then it was a century ago, world needs more artificial protection today then before, everything seems to be on the brink of collapsing.

This is not all, today we have developed a wrong concept about honesty, we do not think of it as a natural tendency to enjoy happiness, we think it to be a difficult path, a way which can lead to unnecessary problems in our life. May be this is true today because our definition today has also shifted, now honesty is not a representation of natural outcomes (because nature is itself not natural anymore) but a presentation of the fact from our modern thinking.

Simple things makes a simple life, creating unnecessary twists can lead to unnecessary twists in life. Life is easy and we should enjoy life. Honest is a tool to keep things simple and manageable. Today honesty is a literary word, a keyword to be used to add more weight-age, there is no need to understand real philosophy of honesty and its positive consequences on our life.