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Philosophy of Money and Manifestation

Philosophy of Manifesting & Attracting Money

Today in this material world we know that there is only one solution to most of our problems and its money, huge disposable income which can fulfill all our needs and wants. That is why we see manifestation classes to attract more money more income based on the philosophy and law of attraction.
Philosophy of Manifestation and Attracting Money

May be it is good and even helpful to concentrate on money, creating more wealth but what are we doing, are we going towards peace, happiness or trying to get trapped in modern jungle of economics again. Accumulating money beyond our basic necessities, social necessities, family necessities is actually a sign of unrest in life. Money is actually a desire, when we make it stronger and stronger it will not net us stay calm it will motivate us to perform, to do something, to make it more mightier and thus we loose our balance in life. Our life is only limited to money making process, we call it career, a path towards achievements, a way to reach our cherished goals in life.


Making money isn’t a bad thing but if we do it at the cost of our life, working without taking care of our responsibilities, our family, even our society then its not good. We’ll loose something in life, which we won’t be able to get back with our material success after reaching our desired destination. Money is very powerful until you have it but once you have more then enough then you start realizing its weakness. It can only buy food but fails to create appetite. It is able to pay for expensive beds but fails in getting good night sleep.

Money is both our best friend and a dreaded enemy. If we are unable to control our needs and desires, unable to balance our life and work we can get entrapped in its vicious circle. I’m not against making money but I’ve myself noticed its influence, its addiction (also known as money addiction) and how it can influence a persons behavior. A person who has currently possessing enough money will not find peace in philosophy but economics. Natural foods will not satisfy his appetite but packaged foods, restaurants. He/she will not find peace at home but in hotels, clubs etc. He/she will not like to enjoy happiness but will like to buy objects for pleasure.

Most people actually fail to enjoy all the boons of life in chasing money, they do not get enough time to think, intro-inspect. They are part of a never ending process and when the time is up, they either face some health problem or family problem and some of them do not even end up having enough money to make later years of there life a bit easy, comfortable.


When we are fully involved in a business (called money making) we hardly get enough time to think, to look around, if it is working then we don’t even know the direction we are moving. It takes our whole time and efforts and if it happens to be a wrong direction, wrong way of living then we will not understand this until its all over, until we reach the end of the tunnel.  Most social problems, family problems, problems related to health, issues with environment degradation, mental illness are actually to some extent created by our blind chase for (virtual) development, social progress, raising living standards, economic wellness. I’m sometimes surprised by the market news they say that a region/nation is progressing when there is an increase in production or demand for industrial goods. They say that economy is progressing, its moving in positive path. Well, may be it is true to some extent but what about the products (whether they are really needed, will they really help or make a deteriorating situation grim). I think that most products that are produced and play a key role in economic figures of modern world are actually not required in that number of form, they are actually giving birth to other problems and thus giving birth to a new market for some new products to solve that problem and thus add one more figure to economic development.

Today our market forces (industries) are so powerful that they control almost everything, our governments, our societies, our health, global politics, foreign policies. We think, we are powerful, we have power to neglect anyone of them but we are misguided/misinformed. We only have a choice as a consumer, we only have power to choose any one of them (we cannot neglect all of them). We are today truly controlled by market forces, by media that depends on them, governments too are not financially independent they depend on taxes from these companies/industries, politicians are politicians (dealers in hope) and what about each one of us, we too are directly or indirectly dependent on them for our job, our business or anything. Even internet and web based jobs/freelancing is not free from the clutches of market forces. We are all now in some part of this vicious circle. There is no way out at least in regions which are so called well developed because they do not have any natural source to depend on, they cannot survive without it

Today our social welfare, environment program-mes, scientific research too depends on there funds nobody can say no to all of them, tell each one of them to only develop, produce or sell the goods/services that are actually helpful and needed like everything provided by mother nature. We have actually entered an infinite loop and if it is so then it will take some time to realize this and to correct all mistakes one after the other. I can feel these types of developments taking place, a similar feeling evolving and spreading at a slow pace. (it seems as if I’ve drifted away from main topic but I know its also interconnected)

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Modern Philosophy of Work and Money – Part I

Working for Money or money for work?

We all work for money and there is no philosophy in it. It is just a way of life, and nobody has time to think or understand any philosophy or view on it. In ordinary life money is usually the prime factor which makes us work, they only reason we seek work. If we are unemployed and searching for work then we are not searching for work because we are unemployed or have enough spare time which can be used for some useful purpose. Our search for job or work is primarily a search for money which we think is the sole root of comforts in life, job or work is a medium through which we lay hands on money. We may or may not be interested in the job or work we are searching for or that we have to do but we are definitely interested in the money that it will fetch.

Why do we need money?

I know it is a stupid question in modern economic scenario. Money is today the only standard scale which is used to scale virtually everything in modern life whether its rank, prestige, name, fame or game. Today everyone and everything is measured in this unique scale, which automatically decides how much happiness or well-being we ought to get with these stats. Money is no more treated the way it used to be, artificially printed stationary has overtaken natural laws and instincts. Money is no more a basic requirement to fulfill basic needs of survival. Today our requirement for money gets more serious when these basic requirements get fulfilled to a satisfactory level or even beyond that.

Modern necessities are actually artificial beyond a limit. Any amount of money is little in modern world, we can spend any amount not in years or months but in hours or minutes, which can even happen without leaving our chair. Nothing visible to our eyes or any of our physical senses can eat up an amount which may have taken years or months to accumulate. This type of necessities or hobbies for activities with money were either non existing or unavailable to a common man earlier. There availability means anyone can make a costly mistake and then hop hopelessly for life, if he is unable to recover throughout the rest of his life.

Today when we initially start to work (for the first time) and make some money, we have only few things to manage with this money. When we start earning more, our artificial necessities also increase in proportion a bit more than what we can pay for. Its like a seed we sow, which turns into a plant and then ever expanding tree with ever increasing demand for more air, water and nutrition in the form of money but without any fruitful fruit.

Making money and more money to satisfy ever increasing demand for money to fulfill our artificial necessities can also be compared to a fire we lit for light. We feed this fire of desire with fuel of money. Now, this fire of desire becomes more aggressive or responsive and demands more fuel. This cycle continues until we reach a condition where there is either no fire or no fuel. When we reach this condition, if we are fortunate we inter speculate and rethink our strategy for life and if we are not then we may blame some external source and try to lit the fire again to reach the same conclusion one more time.

Today we are a actually participating in a vicious circle, where we are worried and spending on both ends like we don’t have to do things physically anymore, we can use modern gadgets to complete these tasks while on the other hand we use other gadgets to stay in shape and physically fit (in other words we have to perform physical activities).

More on philosophy of work and philosophy of money in other posts. This post was about the illusion we have today on work for money or money for work.