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Spirituality is The Basis for Happiness

When you do not need Anything, you have Everything.  – Lord Buddha

In the present times of gloom and doom, when values are declining and morals are reclining and the celebrated values like honesty, integrity, nobility, morals, ethics, virtues, justice and righteousness are proving hollow giving way to corruption that has impoverished the whole societal set up, solace lies in spirituality.

Spirituality brings out the divinity in every individual. Spirituality is a love affair with God. It focuses a person’s attention to the divine effulgence radiating from one’s own heart. God is not something external, he is inside us. The mind is the key instrument in a human being’s body, a proper regulation of which, with meditation and spiritual guidance, can help one evolve spiritually to the highest.

Only spirituality can initiate the process of inner expansion and eventual freedom from finite existence and supreme self realization. True spirituality could be achieved through selfless service to humanity and leading a life of righteousness.

The core message of the Vedas is for man to strive for liberation from the perpetual cycle of birth and death. This is achieved when the living being realises its true self, the soul and re-establishes its forgotten relationship with Super-soul or God.

Manifest Infinity with Spirituality

When we liberate ourselves from the limitations of phenomenal existence and obtain oneness with the absolute, we attain infinite freedom, power, peace, joy and perfection. Transformation of our entire inner nature, of our thoughts, emotions, energies is a wonderful way of acquiring tremendous spiritual powers.

Problems & Set-backs Are Lessons from Life

Spiritually, all our problems and set-backs are merely lessons for us from life, acted out through people, events and places and leading our self evolution. There are no full stops in life, only commas. And sooner we learn our lessons, the faster our life moves forward in a more harmonious manner. Treat life not as an imposition but as a gift from God to be loved and to be cherished.  Move on the pathway of life with faith and courage, and the confidence that He is with you. Accept life with all its trials and tribulations. Acceptance of whatever is, will solve half of your problems.

Love, mercy, forgiveness, peace, compassion etc., are the essence of the Sattavic path. It is important to use them to attain the ultimate goal -salvation.

The Four-fold principles of human existence are

  1. The body is for benevolent living,
  2. The mind for contemplating on God,
  3. Discriminative intellect for distinguishing between right and wrong and
  4. Life itself for acquisition of divine knowledge leading to self-realization.

Being spiritual minded is practical, as it helps a person develop a proper mental attitude towards the changing circumstances and problems of life. Through science deals with energy and matter, there is a spiritual science which deals with the ‘beyond mind’ state of a human being. While material science enhances ego, spiritual science annihilates it.

“Enjoy every moment of life and live it to the fullest. Live the ‘present moment’ with zest and not worry about the past or future.”

Peace of mind arises out of spiritual growth. It is true that spiritual growth is an inward process, that spiritual life is an inward life. But it is equally true that such inward growth is greatly aided by external support and greatly marred by external incompatibles. Hence, importance of Sattvic diet, Sattvic dress, Sattvic reading, Sattvic company, Sattvic habits and Sattvic environment.

We rise above darkness and sin to see the eternal light and realize the presence of the Most Enlightened one. Rise higher and see brighter light; a step still higher and realize omnipresent God who is the pristine source of Enlightenment.

As the new age dawns, materialism will automatically lag behind Spirituality and people will live the Vedanta in their daily lives.

“Faith in God, faith in religion and faith in one’s self make a man an enlightened being. Faith in holy scriptures helps a man rise above darkness and see the Light. Faith is a source of inspiration too. Many a time in life, one feels that one is down in the dumps. Morale sags. One sees and feels darkness all around. It is here that faith in God and the Vedas helps one see light at the end of the tunnel. Faith gives one a breather when it is needed most. Faith can even bring a man back from the fallows.”

Considering its importance, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in a striking contrast organized a Millennium All Faith Summit, which was attended by 1000 religious and spiritual leaders of the world to achieve the objective of coordinating the religious leadership for building tolerance, fostering peace and encouraging inter religious dialogue among all religions. This remarkable gathering was without precedent in its 50 years history of UNGA. Now, with nearly 83% of the world’s population adhering to some religious or spiritual belief system, religion and spirituality would be the dynamic force that the World Peace Summit wanted to seek to develop for peace, advocacy and resolution.

An individual or a nation must strive for material growth and scientific advances but material prosperity can lead to true happiness only if there is a base of spirituality. Secular spirituality helps one to progress in the worldly affairs and still helps one realize at the experiential level that material comforts, worldly pleasures, fame and power are fragile and ephemeral and they alone cannot give lasting happiness. Happiness is present in our life yet because we think that happiness comes from outside we constantly loose touch with it.

Social studies reveal that high spiritual and emotional quotient are normally associated with high degree of integrity, honesty, responsibility and care and concern for others and accounts for nearly 70% of over all rating.

Spirituality is the Basis for Happiness” is written by Dr. B. L. Tekriwal which was published in Kalyan Kalpataru in July 2009.

You can read similar views in Philosophy of eternal bliss-fullness and Role of Difficulties & Problems in Our Life.

Happy New Year 2013

Be Happy Don’t Worry its 2013

Same time during last year we welcomed 2012 and now after spending much time and accumulating new memories we are ready to say goodbye to it.

In our life things come and go and so is the case with difficulties, problems that we face every now and then, nothing stays for ever except our vision, our philosophy, our views on life.

So, be happy and don’t worry because most of the worries will get washed away with time.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2013 to everyone who loves life and its natural nature. May, we all adopt a more positive attitude in everything we do by understanding the simple philosophy of positive thinking i.e.,

  • Understand the ultimate reality of our being here i.e., everything that we do, things that happen to us whether they are good or bad, our struggle in life for whatever reason, our financial situation and whatever it is are only applicable to anyone who survives, who lives a life, these things are meaningless to those who cease to exist in this form called living being. Everything we do is only relevant until we survive and today we do not have enough time, enough resource to understand this simple thing, we are not machines but human beings and we must understand this and at least enjoy some part of our life.
  • Today technology is available at our doorstep, it now plays an important part in our life, in our family and relations, our habits and lifestyle because of which it is also creating problems (sometimes we don’t even understand) because we are not using it, we are misusing it. Don’t let technology take control of our life, we must control our life, the way we actually want it.
  • Our own pride or ego is one of our biggest enemy, it is very difficult to realize the influence of pride or ego, its a silent killer which spoils everything slowly, if we are cautious, spend some time in intro-inspection then we may get more chances to realize this.
  • Everybody gets a fair chance to survive, and this is law of nature, (read more in everybody has a right to survive)we are our self responsible for a number of things that happen in our life but this doesn’t mean that we should start blaming our self. Every difficulty and problem that we face has a role in shaping our life.  A solution to every problem is to work on some solutions and if we really start to work (or even take this seriously) we’ll notice a considerable improvement in our life and things that happen to it.
  • Stop thinking, start working and you’ll find 2013 to be a Happy 2013 because happiness is a personal decision.

Despite several reasons for happiness and unhappiness, joy and sorrow, life goes on, this journey continues and our positive expectations from life make this a pleasing journey.

Philosophy of Life Video

Life is about happiness, its about living our life to our entire satisfaction, without disturbing peace and harmony of the surrounding. A right philosophy can make life easier, there is nothing good or bad that only effects our life, everybody faces something in one form or other and still we find that some people blame circumstances by giving some explanation while others enjoy life without even a single sign of trouble.

I’ve seen this video at Youtube and it touched me somewhere, I don’t believe in reproducing anything (trying to reinvent wheel) people have already worked to prove some point which I’m also trying to say. So, go through this video, may be you too will find something useful to retain for life or an encouragement to face present circumstances. This video is actually a series of still presentation and background music is really good.

This video was uploaded by user Tenaj1969 and Music in background is by Enya. If you cannot watch this video due to any reason then here is the text of each slide:-

  • A man with One watch knows what time it is; A man with two watches is never quite sure.
  • Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped.
  • Look at life through the wind-shield, not the rear-view mirror.
  • Nothing brings you peace but yourself.
  • People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.
  • Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll need them on your way down.
  • Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.
  • Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe it.
  • While seeking revenge dig two graves, one for yourself.
  • Courage is not a lack of fear, but the ability to act while facing fear.
  • You’ve got to do your own growing no matter how tall your father was.

Each one of us can read but until and unless we stop and spend some time we cannot remember anything after few moments. Philosophy of life lies in simplicity, natural movements, keeping our activities close to nature. We must always keep in mind that we are not machines but human beings and emotions and feeling are important to us in whatever we do.