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Adopting Positive Approach In Life Can Improve Positive Thoughts

Positive or Negative thoughts play an important role in every human life. If we have natural or self improved positive thinking we can expect more positive changes in our life while negative thinking will make even good things bad.

I cannot describe its importance in words, as it plays a role in every sphere of life. Definitely we all want to develop positive thinking and improve the existing thought power but is it possible and how long will it last. We all learn new things everyday, but nothing stays for more then a few hours or days. Why?

Well, its depends on the intensity of realization, if we feel strongly about something then it will stay with us, in our memory and actions for a longer duration and if something only touches us lightly then it will soon fade away. Understanding some basic principles of life can help us to adopt positive approach in life, that will last longer and will considerably improve our positive thinking over the time.

Positive Thinking Is An Art of Living

A single negative thought can play a havoc in our life, its like a rotten apple which spoils all other apples in the basket. If we can adopt a positive approach in life we can cross almost all hurdles of life more conveniently. Positive thinking is actually an art of living, a strong support of mutual co-existence on this planet.

We can look at nature, is it positive or negative, does nature help everyone on this planet, is it helping survival on this planet. Are animals, plants and other forms of lives surviving on this planet, spreading a positive signal of peaceful co-existence.

We never knew the answer, nor did we cared about it until we faced sudden issues that are disturbing our comfortable lifestyle on this planet right now and with a higher intensity in future, if they remain unresolved. The issue were global warming, health problems, social issues, mental problems, unrest in society, pointed to our negative approach, our negative tendency to do things by keeping our welfare in mind without looking at the welfare of our planet, its nature, diversified lives.

Problems we face today have roots in our past actions, our approach at that point of time, positive thinking is not a personal welfare scheme its about global wellness. How can we think of developing a positive approach in life for personal welfare with a narrow mindedness. “Live and let live” is the basic principle of life and if do not understand it, we should not expect development of a permanent real positive thinking.

Peaceful Co-existence Is Possible

We must understand and learn that peaceful coexistence is possible and necessary for survival of this planet and its living beings in its existing form. If we have some doubt (about this) then we may not be able to proceed any further as subconsciously our mind will try to create hurdles in one form or another. Peaceful coexistence is not a theory, its not a philosophical principle alone, its a fact and now we even have scientific proofs in its favor.

Our own personal happiness and well-being depends on others, our ecosystem is a natural society. A happy society creates a positive atmosphere which improve confidence and positive thinking, on the other hand if things are not well around us then it will effect our mentality and ultimately our own well-being.

Positive Thinking Develops by Adopting Positive Approach

Reading top 10 tips to a stronger positive thinking or listing to music and playing games will definitely help us to stay calm and positive but they will last soon as they are based on an activity which is not based on any lasting logic. A permanent, habitual positive thinking can only take place if we adopt a positive approach in life, understand things as they are. It will not only change our life but it will change life of our family and friends. A positive approach starts working subconsciously, we may not notice but it works and spreads itself to other nook and corners.

Modern Hypnosis is An Art of Developing Positive Thoughts

Today people are more interested in learning hypnosis as they see a number of immediate benefits from learning this art. There are a number of books, videos and other material which is commercially available everywhere teaching hypnosis for positive thinking, still people fail to reach anywhere after reading, watching and practicing those lessons. Most of them do not get anything they fail to develop any positive approach, instead they get a negative feeling, that it was just a marketing trap.

We must understand that hypnosis is a art of developing positive views, positive thoughts because they are very important to discover a successful life. Learning hypnosis with a narrow mindedness without adopting a universal approach will not work, because its against the basic principle of life, its principle of peaceful co-existence. We cannot think about personal progress at the cost of others.

These were some basic principles to improve positive thinking and adopt a positive approach in life. This article is not about any product or service but about life, our lives. Understanding and appreciation of these basic principles can develop a magnetic personality, an attractive personality as everyone votes for the success of a positive thinker.

This article on Self Improvement with Positive Attitude was published by me in some article directories and ezine and now I’ve republished it here on this philosophy blog.

Philosophy of Positive Thinking

What is Positive Thinking or Optimism?

Positive thinking or optimism is an art of looking at things with a bright prospective, discovering light in darkness, seeing beauty in ugliness. Every thing that exists in nature has two sides, two opposite directions and those who always look at the one which supports life, nature and creativity are known as optimistic or positive thinkers.

In our day to day life we always have some choices before us like to do or not to do, is it possible or impossible, things are good or bad. Most of these choices depend on our own confidence level, our individual perspective on how we look at things, our mood, our present circumstances (which are temporary).

Whenever someone finds himself/herself in a difficult situation a positive thinker or optimist will start looking for solution, without worrying about the problem, its size and consequence that can be faced if it is not solved. On the other hand a negative thinker or pessimist will look and think about the problem, will even try to find some guaranteed solution (which are hardly available) and will start worrying.

Positive and Negative Thoughts Co-exist

Positive Thoughts & Negative Thoughts Co-existOur mind is always able to draw a positive or negative picture of everything that it comes across as both positive as well as negative thoughts co-exist in our mind. The moment we gain confidence our thoughts and action show sign of positivism and the moment we loose confidence or control, feel depressed our mind gets filled with negative thoughts.

We can our-self see and feel the phenomena of painting same circumstance in positive and negative hue by our mind in everyday life. Sometimes when we are down and feeling low we will see that our life is filled with difficulties and there seems to be no way out, after a couple of days when we are more energetic, filled with enthusiasm the same conditions and circumstances will look good and promising.

Improving Our Vision and Thoughts for Success in Life

We can improve the way we visualize things and the way we think and tag things. This is not an automated process which can be initiated by watching some videos or listening to some audios or by simply reading an ebook or undergoing some course in personality development and positive thinking. I don’t thing that such activities will help everyone or even most of us who really need to change our perspective and thoughts. Such commercial products do help to learn and understand the philosophy behind our thoughts, how positive and negative thinking effect our lives, benefits of positive thoughts in our life etc. They will also help those who have already completed there home work i.e., they are already on the path and have already spend some time in intro-inspection and understanding there strengths and weaknesses and how they have effected there lives.

Improving thoughts and drawing a positive conclusion in every circumstance is only possible if are willing to work on it, are keen to improve our self for the welfare of our family, society and nature. Learning something from a selfish motive isn’t positive thinking and isn’t the right way of trying to develop positive thinking, its just like trying to misuse our natural powers. Doing good things, things welfare of our family, neighbor, society and nature are positive approaches. Look at Sun and sunshine which is the only source of power, light, life and everything on this planet. It provides energy to every part of this planet without any prejudice. This is a natural approach and therefore positive approach and when we develop the intelligence to understand all these things, we automatically start developing positive thinking, our mind starts looking for solution without getting perturbed by the size of the problem.

This is the philosophy of positive thinking which can help us to improve our self and our life along with others.