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What Is The Meaning of The Life

In Search of Life and Its Meaning

What is the meaning of the life, why do we exist, what is the purpose are philosophical questions that often come to my mind every now and then. A question which has no definite answer or a question which can have several answers depending on our current circumstances, our background, personality and thinking.

There are so many things that life consists of and meaning of life often changes from time to time. A change in its meaning can be noticed whenever we we move from one phase of life to another, when we cross one barrier of life to reach another, our age and changing priorities seems to be responsible. Things that we want now or something that we may love now are often very different from what they used to be some time back.

So, one thing seems to be clear that life is a phenomena, a variable with ever changing values.

Why Sometimes Life Seems Meaningless

Our life can look meaningless at some point of life on one or more occasions, when we loose sight of our objectives, our goals, when we find that there is nothing new that we have to do. We do not find enough motivations which can keep us attracted to life.

Stagnation at any point in our life can make it seemingly meaningless. Stagnation or stillness doesn’t represent life and this happens when we reach a point where we see nothing new happening or challenging for us, we lose our interest in life and we feel as if life is tasteless, meaningless.

A stage where life looses its meaning can be reached when we have reached almost everywhere we wanted to take our self i.e., a highly successful profile. It can also mean that after reaching a most endeavored goal successfully, we find that it is not fascinating or we discover something which we least expected to be here.

A feeling of meaninglessness can also be felt in-between two tasks when we manage to complete one and another task is yet not decided or there are still no plans to start another task.

When we have nothing to do due to any reason (which can also mean laziness) we feel mentally exhausted and life seems meaningless to us.

Simple Meaning of Life

In simple terms we can easily find a meaning of life, the best answer of this question is obviously available with nature. When we talk about life, meaning what it stands for, it includes all living forms whether they are plants or animals and we can easily drive the meaning of life from there activities i.e., how they live, what they do and why?

All forms of life perform most activities to protect themselves, there families, there children and to make a living(food), in simple words just to survive and if they are able to fulfill these basic requirements they live in a happy and blissful state, this is also true for humans (only if we remove this new phenomenon of money and market which has deviated human activities away from nature).

The Meaning of Life in Today's EnvironmentToday we are moving away from a meaningful life towards a meaningless life, we have far exceeded our natural limits(we travel with our modern vehicles at a speed which is naturally not available in any living beings, we work during odd hours using modern facilities, our yield of vegetables and fruits is today more then what was naturally available, we kill more forms of lives unintentionally today then is naturally possible for us) and now think in these new terms but at times we have to fall back to our natural limits and at that time we are unable to cope cause we are mislead to believe what is in-existent.

So, simply life is about living, loving and coexisting happily, that its true meaning and just to meet our materialistic requirements (not needs) we may give it a different hue, use our natural positive energy to make money (manifesting money is also an interesting topic), destroy natural resources to make a profitable business.

What Is the meaning of the life ….. to be continued in …. next post about “How to make a meaningful life“.

What is the Philosophical Meaning of Life

Life can have a number of meanings and philosophical meaning is just one of them. I recently found a good answer to this question on Yahoo Answers. It was not only about the philosophical meaning of life but also covered this meaning in other terms like, temporal success and survival, its meaning in terms of wisdom and knowledge, ethical, religious, spiritual and other ways.

I liked the best answer so much that I’m publishing it here, if you wish to see the original page then visit the links at the bottom of this page.

Ways to find Meaning of Life

The philosophical question “What is the meaning of life?” means different things to different people. The vagueness of the query is inherent in the word “meaning”, which opens the question to many interpretations, such as: “What is the origin of life?”, “What is the nature of life (and of the universe in which we live)?”, “What is the significance of life?”, “What is valuable in life?”, and “What is the purpose of, or in, (one’s) life?”. These questions have resulted in a wide range of competing answers and arguments, from scientific theories, to philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations.

These questions are separate from the scientific issue of the boundary between things with life and inanimate objects.

Popular beliefs
“What is the meaning of life?” is a question many people ask themselves at some point during their lives, most in the context “What is the purpose of life?” Here are some of the many potential answers to this perplexing question. The responses are shown to overlap in many ways but may be grouped into the following categories:

Survival and temporal success

…to live every day like it is your last and to do your best at everything that comes before you
…to be always satisfied
…to live, go to school, work, and die
…to participate in natural human evolution, or to contribute to the gene pool of the human race
…to advance technological evolution, or to actively develop the future of intelligent life
…to compete or co-operate with others
…to destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance
…to gain and exercise power
…to leave a legacy, such as a work of art or a book
…to eat
…to prepare for death
…to spend life in the pursuit of happiness, maybe not to obtain it, but to pursue it relentlessly.
…to produce offspring through sexual reproduction (alike to participating in evolution)
…to protect and preserve one’s kin, clan, or tribe (akin to participating in evolution)
…to seek freedom, either physically, mentally or financially
…to observe the ultimate fate of humanity to the furthest possible extent
…to seek happiness and flourish, experience pleasure or celebrate
…to survive, including the pursuit of immortality through scientific means
…to attempt to have many sexual conquests (as in Arthur Schopenhauer’s will to procreate)
…to find and take over all free space in this “game” called life
…to seek and find beauty
…to kill or be killed
…No point. Since having a point is a condition of living human consciousness. Animals do not need a point to live or exist. It is more of an affliction of consciousness that there are such things as points, a negative side to evolutionary development for lack of better words.

Wisdom and knowledge

…to master and know everything
…to be without questions, or to keep asking questions
…to expand one’s perception of the world
…to explore, to expand beyond our frontiers
…to learn from one’s own and others’ mistakes
…to seek truth, knowledge, understanding, or wisdom
…to understand and be mindful of creation or the cosmos
…to lead the world towards a desired situation
…to satisfy the natural curiosity felt by humans about life


…to express compassion
…to follow the “Golden Rule”
…to give and receive love
…to work for justice and freedom
…to live in peace with yourself and each other, and in harmony with our natural environment
…to protect humanity, or more generally the environment
…to serve others, or do good deeds

Religious and spiritual

…to find perfect love and a complete expression of one’s humanness in a relationship with God
…to achieve a supernatural connection within the natural context
…to achieve enlightenment and inner peace
…to become like God, or divine
…to glorify God
…to experience personal justice (i.e. to be rewarded for goodness)
…to experience existence from an infinite number of perspectives in order to expand the consciousness of all there is (i.e. to seek objectivity)
…to be a filter of creation between heaven and hell
…to produce useful structure in the universe over and above consumption (see net creativity)
…to reach Heaven in the afterlife
…to seek and acquire virtue, to live a virtuous life
…to turn fear into joy at a constant rate achieving on literal and metaphorical levels: immortality, enlightenment, and atonement
…to understand and follow the “Word of God”
…to discover who you are
…to resolve all problems that one faces, or to ignore them and attempt to fully continue life without them, or to detach oneself from all problems faced


…to give life meaning
…to participate in the chain of events which has led from the creation of the universe until its possible end (either freely chosen or determined, this is a subject widely debated amongst philosophers)
…to know the meaning of life
…to achieve self-actualisation
…all possible meanings have some validity
…life in itself has no meaning, for its purpose is an opportunity to create that meaning, therefore:
…to die
…to simply live until one dies (there is no universal or celestial purpose)
…nature taking its course (the wheel of time keeps on turning)
…whatever you see you see, as in “projection makes perception”
…there is no purpose or meaning whatsoever
…life may actually not exist, or may be illusory )
…to contemplate “the meaning of the end of life”

Other Meanings

…to contribute to collective meaning (“we” or “us”) without having individual meaning (“I” or “me”)
…to find a purpose, a “reason” for living that hopefully raises the quality of one’s experience of life, or even life in general
…to participate in the inevitable increase in entropy of the universe
…to make conformists’ lives miserable
…to make life as difficult as possible for others (i.e. to compete)

This is the answer¬† provided by Jayaraman at Yahoo Answers.¬† I hope you would have liked the answer and its depth as much as I’ve enjoyed reading.

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Life An Illusion of Mind

Mind is a privilege of Living Beings, its an indication of liveliness. It helps us to grasp our surrounding with the help of our senses. Whatever we perceive or understand is outcome of an illusion which is created by our mind. Each one of us expresses every circumstance, situation differently, even if we see the same picture we’ll notice different views.

Life and nature behaves somewhat similar with each one of us, still it may not carry the same meaning for each one of us. We can notice different reactions and reporting on an incident in TV, newspapers and blogs, although they are all reported by professional journalists.

Life Is A Illusion

Life is an illusion, there is no unanimous conclusion on life, our views, thoughts, experiences, education, circumstances all effect our definition of life. It can be a place to enjoy a happy life or place where you have to struggle every day.

We cannot anyone for anything, but there is surely a way to improve this picture of life, give it more vibrant colors, make it an interesting journey. All this can be achieved easily without even taking the help of any external source with positive views, thinking in right direction.

Data provided by our senses is manipulated by our mind according to his own philosophy or attitude. Even senses work under his guidelines, they work in confidence of mind. Eyes see what mind has instructed it to see, if eves have been instructed not to see an object or such an object doesn’t exist at all for us to see, then eyes will simply refuse to find it around as if nothing as such exists before it.

Spirituality, faith and positive thinking are ways to mend problems associated with mind. Once our mind learns these techniques its state of illusion is eliminated immediately. This world becomes a beautiful place to be around. Life seems good and happier than ever before, with all the games of life leading to a positive experience. Eyes too start seeing a new ray of light in every object it comes across.

Powerful Mind is Responsible for Virtual Reality

Mind is very powerful so is the illusion created by mind. it may make you think & grasp things in a way which isn’t true. Something that no one else will agree except the one who has got his mind in illusion. Illusion created by mind can make you believe in something that doesn’t exists at all. This is something that scientist know as ‘Virtual Reality‘. Virtual reality isn’t anything other than an illusion created by mind.

This virtual reality or illusion of mind can exist in one of the two forms. We can think in any direction as per our perception or illusion created by mind. We can think or believe that what others are calling a ‘virtual reality’ or ‘illusion of mind’ is in fact a fact and not a myth or illusion of mind. We may also feel that what others think to be real is actually a myth a virtual image of objects, which actually aren’t existing but are simply there because of mass illusion existing among people.

If a survey is conducted on the above question of virtual reality and illusion of mind on an issue or object, I’m sure we’ll get answer in favor of each of the concepts i.e. for some people an object or issue is real and for others its virtual or distraction. This is because ‘Life An Illusion of Mind‘ or ‘virtual reality’ aren’t a concept or philosophy of life but a reality, a truth which exists with the life on this planet.