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Philosophy of Work Part-II

Why do we work?

Just like philosophy of money, there is a philosophy of work too. We work for money and get money for our work. This is true when we glance at the picture casually. We all think and know that we have to work because it is the only source for earning money, but it isn’t always true. Money can’t always be the reason for working, doing jobs. This can be easily understood when we look further into this issue.

We Are Naturally Inclined to Work

Actually we are naturally inclined to work, to do something which is physical or mental. We always need to engage our-self, if we are unable to find something to get hooked to, we will try to run away from that situation, place or time. We have a natural built-in tendency to work, we cannot survive without work. Even a child who has nothing to do with money tries to do some work. We like to engage our self in something to such an extent that we can even pay or spend our hard earned money to keep our self busy or involved. So, I think and feel that it is wrong to think that we have to work because we need money and money is the only factor for which we have to work.

Confusion of Money and Work

There is a confusion between working, working for money, money for work. Most of us get dissatisfied and unhappy because we are occasionally trapped in this confusion. We have our-self turned a simple natural phenomenon into a complex unmanageable problem. We think we need money and therefore we have to work i.e., we give more importance to money then to work. We decide a work in terms of money, what we do and how we do depends on how much money it will make. Isn’t it necessary to give more importance to work then to money, which will automatically solve most of our problems. This may look like a theory with no practical consequence but it isn’t so.

More views on the subject discussed above were posted in the post titled “Modern Philosophy of Work and Moneyd”.

Modern Philosophy of Work and Money – Part I

Working for Money or money for work?

We all work for money and there is no philosophy in it. It is just a way of life, and nobody has time to think or understand any philosophy or view on it. In ordinary life money is usually the prime factor which makes us work, they only reason we seek work. If we are unemployed and searching for work then we are not searching for work because we are unemployed or have enough spare time which can be used for some useful purpose. Our search for job or work is primarily a search for money which we think is the sole root of comforts in life, job or work is a medium through which we lay hands on money. We may or may not be interested in the job or work we are searching for or that we have to do but we are definitely interested in the money that it will fetch.

Why do we need money?

I know it is a stupid question in modern economic scenario. Money is today the only standard scale which is used to scale virtually everything in modern life whether its rank, prestige, name, fame or game. Today everyone and everything is measured in this unique scale, which automatically decides how much happiness or well-being we ought to get with these stats. Money is no more treated the way it used to be, artificially printed stationary has overtaken natural laws and instincts. Money is no more a basic requirement to fulfill basic needs of survival. Today our requirement for money gets more serious when these basic requirements get fulfilled to a satisfactory level or even beyond that.

Modern necessities are actually artificial beyond a limit. Any amount of money is little in modern world, we can spend any amount not in years or months but in hours or minutes, which can even happen without leaving our chair. Nothing visible to our eyes or any of our physical senses can eat up an amount which may have taken years or months to accumulate. This type of necessities or hobbies for activities with money were either non existing or unavailable to a common man earlier. There availability means anyone can make a costly mistake and then hop hopelessly for life, if he is unable to recover throughout the rest of his life.

Today when we initially start to work (for the first time) and make some money, we have only few things to manage with this money. When we start earning more, our artificial necessities also increase in proportion a bit more than what we can pay for. Its like a seed we sow, which turns into a plant and then ever expanding tree with ever increasing demand for more air, water and nutrition in the form of money but without any fruitful fruit.

Making money and more money to satisfy ever increasing demand for money to fulfill our artificial necessities can also be compared to a fire we lit for light. We feed this fire of desire with fuel of money. Now, this fire of desire becomes more aggressive or responsive and demands more fuel. This cycle continues until we reach a condition where there is either no fire or no fuel. When we reach this condition, if we are fortunate we inter speculate and rethink our strategy for life and if we are not then we may blame some external source and try to lit the fire again to reach the same conclusion one more time.

Today we are a actually participating in a vicious circle, where we are worried and spending on both ends like we don’t have to do things physically anymore, we can use modern gadgets to complete these tasks while on the other hand we use other gadgets to stay in shape and physically fit (in other words we have to perform physical activities).

More on philosophy of work and philosophy of money in other posts. This post was about the illusion we have today on work for money or money for work.

Yoga of Wisdom

: Shree Hari :

Shravan Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2063, Shukravar

Gist: A devotee of the God has no desires besides to love only God. They have only one work – to remain ever absorbed in the Lord, which means all their work becomes God’s work. God makes them ever steadfast, gives them the wisdom of equanimity, where there remains no desires for mundane worldly pleasures. Nothing remains for them in realizing the Lord. They attain oneness, completeness, and a state of perfection.

Yoga of Wisdom to A Devotee (Gita 10:10)

Tesaam satatayuktaana bhajataam pritipurvakam
Dadaami Buddhiyogam tam yena maamupayaanti te (Gita 10:10)

Upon them, ever devout and worshipping Me always with love, I confer that Yoga of wisdom (equanimity),  by which they attain Me. (Gita 10:10)

A devotee of the Lord, has no desire to gain wisdom or equanimity or anything else, besides the Lord. They have only one work – to remain ever absorbed in the Lord. Besides being engaged and absorbed in God, there is no other work for them. Thereafter, all their work, their entire responsibility becomes the responsibility of the Lord. Rather whatever the Lord wishes to have done, whatever He wishes to give etc., all work becomes Lord’s work. They become mere instruments in His hands. So the Lord confers, the Yoga of wisdom, the Yoga of equanimity on them.

Tesaam satatayuktaana – “Ever Steadfast”

Those whose minds and very being are fixed on the Lord, who sing and share the passtimes, secrets, qualities, and glories of the Lord and who remain ever contented and delighted in loving
Him only, such devotees that are always and constantly absorbed in the Lord are called “ever steadfast”.

Bhajataam pritipurvakam

- Such devotees desire neither spiritual knowledge nor dispassion. When they desire neither spiritual knowledge nor dispassion, then how could they desire mundane pleasures, prosperity or occult powers. Their sight never goes to such things. In their hearts there is no significance or importance of occult powers etc. With deep love and devotion, believing only God to be theirs, they automatically without any effort remain absorbed in God. They have no relationship of any sort with any thing or any individual. Their only desire, only worship is that at every breath, to be ever absorbed in the Lord. Within they are so much in love with the Lord, that besides the Lord there is no other desire, even in their dreams.

Dadaami Buddhiyogam tam

- When their is no change in mental state, on meeting or separating from any object, individual, situation, circumstance, etc., rather whether worldly objects are acquired or not, whether there is profit or loss, whether there is honor or dishonor, praise or blame, whether one remains healthy or not, inspite of encountering various different situations, one remains equanimous – such Yoga of wisdom or equanimity, the Lord gives to His devotees.

Maamupayaanti te

- When the devotee’s mind, and entire being is fully absorbed in God, and they remain ever satisfied, and love only God, then what else is remaining in realizing the Lord, that God finds it necessary to say that they will then attain Me? Realizing God here implies that those loving devotees, that feel the deficiencies in themselves, those are no longer lacking, rather they will attain oneness, completeness, and a state of perfection.

Ram Ram

From “Sadhak Sanjivani” in English by Swami Ramuskhdasji

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