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Worldly Happiness and Sorrow

:Shree Hari:

Ashwin Shukla Sharad Purnima, Vikram Samvat 2063, Shanivar

One who is entangled in worldly pleasures and happiness, cannot know the bliss and joy of God. If you do not desire unhappiness and sorrow, then do not become the enjoyer of worldly pleasures.

Worldly Happiness and Sorrow – Both are only Sorrow

Worldly happiness and sorrow – both are only sorrow – “Dukhmeva sarva vivekinaha” (Yogadarshan 2:15). Both are like skin disease. The relief that one gets in scratching when the skin itches, that too is nothing but a disease.

Until that time that a man continues to seek pleasure from this world, till that time he remains immersed in the world, whether he is a ascetic, or a householder, or who ever he may be. As long as this world appears enjoyable and appealing, till that time he remains trapped in worldly affairs, even if he is an ascetic. If the mind remains attracted and gravitates towards worldly affairs, name-fame is pleasing, then the world has won over us, and we have lost. The man who is entangled in worldly pleasures and happiness, cannot know the bliss and joy of God.

If he desires and longs for God, then he will attain that bliss and joy that even the greatest scholars, thinkers and philosophers did not experience.

If you do not desire unhappiness and sorrow, then do not become the enjoyer of worldly pleasures.

Worldly Happiness and Sorrow is from “Saagar ke Moti” in Hindi (page 113) by Swami Ramsukhdasji which was published in Yahoo Sadhaka group, learn more about Sadhaka.

Questions About God

: Shree Hari :

Shravan Shukla Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Shanivar

Gist: God IS. He is ever present, ever existent and devoid of all activity. Where is God, what is God like, can God be be perceived, all these are unnecessary. God cannot be described, but He can be realized by the Self. Our inclination towards this body and world prevents us from realizing God. The quest for Real (God), devours the unreal (world / body).

Questions About God

Question: Where is God?

Swamiji? God IS. There is no where, here, there, that is, God is completely beyond a country, time, thing, individual, etc. There is no deficiency of God anywhere, but there is a shortage of ardent seekers who long to see Him. One whose attention goes on this world, he says that “Where is God“? and the one whose sight remains on God, he says “Where is God not present?

Question: If He is everywhere why is He not perceived ?

Swamiji: God IS everywhere, however a storekeeper needs a shopper. Just like there are many pillars but one needs a Prahlad to manisfest God from a pillar. Until there is influence of the world on the inner faculties, till then it is difficult to understand or percieve God. God is known not by the mind, intellect and senses, but by the Self. The mistake we make is that instead of considering “Is-ness” (Existence) which is our true essence, to be that of God’s, we consider it to be of this Nature, this World. Believing in the ever changing (world), is the main reason why we do not believe or perceive God.

This body is even more distant than all those things that we believe to be very far away from us. Whereas God is even more closer than all those things that we consider closest to us.

Just like the Sun is not really covered by clouds, but the clouds are covering our sight or view of the Sun, similarly, God is never concealed, it is our intellect that is concealed. God exists, such acknowledgement is sufficient. What is God like and whether He can be perceived is unnecessary. God cannot be described, but He can be realized.

Question: What happens in the process of realizing God?

Swamiji: A spiritual aspirant initially sees God as distant, then he sees God close by, then he sees God in himself, and finally he sees only God, the only reality.

Question: Why do you say that the world is unreal and only God is real?

Swamiji: Yes! God (the Universal Soul) is real, and the rest is all unreal. God is devoid of all activity and is ever Existent. We attribute the “Is-ness” to the world, not to God and that is a mistake. Real is not opposed to the unreal, rather Real is what gives existence to the unreal. It is the quest for Real, which devours the unreal.

Ram Ram

From “Drops of Nectar” in English by Swami Ramuskhdasji

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How to Improve Family Life

:Shree Hari:

Ashwin Krishna Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Somvar

Give up the insistence of wanting things to happen your way, according to your mind, and do what other’s desire. As long as, what the other person wants is rightful, just and you have the ability to do it. Doing so, you will become gratified for life. Decide today, we are only going to give to the family and the world, not take from it.

How to Improve Family Life

How to maintain love, happiness and peace in the family?

Swamiji:The main impediments in any relationship is when a person wants things to happen his way. He wants his words to hold weight, his desires to be fulfilled or all are for his own self interest.

When one thinks about the other person, and doing good to other persons, by honoring and providing comfort to them, and wishing them well and imbibing in thoughts of their welfare, then all members of the family become happy.

What is the primary reasons for fights in a household?

Swamiji: Generally within every household there are fights primarily due to two reasons:-

1) The other person should do all the work, earn a living, making a living and bearing all the expenses and

2) I will do the spending, shopping etc.

I am to receive all the rest, respect, and all glories come to me. From these two points, most of the troubles begin. If these were to be reversed, that is, I do all the work and you relax and rest. That respect, hospitality, admiration, happiness are not taken, rather they are given. If such things are done amongst each other – giving of respect, admiration, rest, relaxation, carrying out orders, making others happiness etc., then love will surely

How to be truly gratified in a family life?

Swamiji: Man’s nature is such that he likes the fulfillment of his desires. When things happen according to his desires, he feels happy. There is desire for wealth, respect, fame, and to live a full life. But of all of these desires,
the main desire is that what ever my mind desires, that should happen. This is not something that one should feel good about.

If we give up the insistence of our mind, and if we do what other’s desire, then we will become gratified for
life. Only two things we have to watch out for, that whatever others are asking us to do, is rightful and just (nyaayukt) and we have the ability to fulfill that desire.

What must one do to attain this gratification, this peace and harmony in family life?

Swamiji: For this, there is a straightforward solution. Just decide once and for all, that we are not going to take anything from this world – we are only going to serve this world. The reason to serve this world is because we have taken a lot from this world in the past, so now it is time to give back in return. We have to give the family, to the world, not take from it.

If members live lovingly with one another, the atmosphere will be full of peace and happiness and love evolves automatically by renunciation of selfishness and pride.

From “Jivan Upyogi Pravachan ” in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

This article “How to Improve Family Life” was originally published by Yahoo Sadhaka Group, learn more about Sadhaka.