Understanding of A Modern Man

Posted on March 15, 2008
Understanding of A Modern Man - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

Understanding of A Modern Man

We have reached new heights in science and technology, today we know more about our body, our society, our surrounding, our universe and things within it. We think we have achieved information and tools which nobody would have ever thought were possible or even dream t of ever.

Our Understanding and Achievements Exist In A Time Frame

All this that we have today and we known will be even better tomorrow is just an object within a time frame. A time frame that we can think of, a time frame we can keep a record of, a time frame within which our whole resources and processing power gets exhausted. This include the maximum and minimum time that we can think of or calculate or even achieve or realize using our modern high-tech processing power.

I’m not questioning understanding of modern man. I just want to know that whether it’s a complete picture, does it really covers everything that is or can be or have been there. Are we really reaching a conclusion, something which really depicts a true picture or this just a part of wild fantasy using modern gadgets.

How Much Do We Know of What Actually Exists in Universe

The time that we have on record or in our system is really the time for which universe has existed. Is the time we calculated for existence of anything inside and outside this planet earth, or within human body an accurate depiction of a true picture or at least a distant approximation. I just want to know that even if these are wrong are they still pointing towards a true picture, towards a real direction.

Are we aware of the fact that all that we are doing or finding or thinking is itself somewhere related to just a time in a time frame. Can we or do we have enough resources even today ( or for that matter after a few years or centuries) to measure the infinite. Enough resources which can make it possible for any individual to live a whole life in a fraction of a second or minute.

I don’t think so, although these are there in our thoughts or depiction in different forms of art like movies, paintings, novels, literature and researches. It has been there not only now but since this civilization was born. Don’t you think that all these things are just an effort to somehow touch the reality, to somewhere somehow touch the sky.

We are just being wild, making an assumption and then breaking it for a new assumption. Its like shooting in dark, are we understanding or misunderstanding things. Is this direction of our movement the right direction or we have already moved far away from what is a reality, a truth and our beliefs have become so obscure now that we don’t want to be disturbed and will like to stay in this obscurity for the rest of our time, which is of course a time within a time frame.

Two Paths to Expand Our Understanding

There are two different and opposite paths to explore the universe, delve deep in the infinite, one is external on physical plane and another is internal looking inside our own self, both these paths leads to infinite possibilities.

Physics of our modern science looks into the external world, astronauts try to explore the space, while metaphysics, a branch of philosophy explores the internal world.

Our understanding in any case is not even enough to be expressed in some percentage as universe is infinite and our knowledge is finite and we cannot compare finite with infinite as there is no mathematical formula for it which can help to express understanding of a modern man.